vineri, 24 martie 2017

iarba sarpelui planta medicinala-viper's bugloss herb

Viper's Bugloss herb
Viper's Bugloss herb
Growing: viper's bugloss herb, is found in places vacant,fallow land, roadsides, embankments track, meadows, from plains to mountainous regions.
Plant organs used: the aerial parts of the plant.
Harvesting period: viper's bugloss herb, is harvested from July to August.
Viper's Bugloss Natural Treatments
Viper's bugloss herb, success treat dysentery, diarrhea and anemia.
Herb, is used only for internal use, as an infusion or decoction.
For the treatment of anemia herb, is given as a tea (decoction or infusion) three times a day (a cup of tea drunk in small sips) after the main meals.For the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery are given tea
cooled (room temperature) on an empty stomach.

Iarba Iarpelui Planta Medicinala
Iarba Iarpelui Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:iarba sarpelui, este intalnita prin locuri virane,parloage,marginea drumurilor,terasamente de cai ferate,fanete,de la campie pana in regiunea montana.
Organul vegetal utilizat:partile aeriene ale plantei.
Perioada de recoltare:iarba sarpelu se recolteaza din iulie si pana in august.
Iarba Sarpelui Tratamente Naturiste
Iarba sarpelui , trateaza cu suces dizenteria,diareea si anemiile.
Planta medicinala, se utilizeaza doar in uz intern, sub forma de infuzie sau decoct.
Pentru tratarea anemiilor planta se administreaza sub forma de ceai(decoct sau infuzie) de trei ori pe zi (o cana de ceai bauta cu inghitituri mici) dupa mesele principale.Pentru tratarea dizenteriilor si a diareelor ceaiul se administreaza racit (la temperatura camerei) pe stomacul gol.

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