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duminică, 19 aprilie 2015

anxietatea (angoasa)-tratamente naturiste - anxiety (anguish)-natural treatments

anxietatea (angoasa)-tratamente naturiste - anxiety (anguish)-natural treatments
Fear is a broad term and is therefore better to somehow
differentiate emotions in the same category: phobia, anxiety, anxiety.
Fear is an emotion caused by the awareness of a real or
imagined danger.
It is normal emotional reaction of the body exposed to real
A phobia is an intense fear manifested by irrational and
tenacious, feel free to certain objects (people, animals or things) or certain situations that do not warrant such a reaction.
Anxiety is an emotional state characterized by anxiety,
insecurity, physical and mental disorders diffuse However generated
undetermined pending danger in front of which the person feels helpless.
Anguish is an unpleasant feeling of malaise deep impression
vague and imminent danger.
It is accompanied by autonomic changes: sweating,palpitations, nausea, tremors, vertigo, impaired transit, etc.
Consciously or not we sometimes restless.
A cup of tea lavender, sweet flag, or valerian, we will restore peace and we will get rid of anxiety.
If you fail the first cup, and drink do not give up easily on a second, very soon she will feel the effect and you get rid of anxiety!
To put an end to a crisis of anguish, lie down horizontally,lift your legs and supports heels against a wall.
Close your eyes, breathe slowly and deeply, focusing on your abdomen which rises with each breath.
Continue until the crisis passes ... read more ...
Frica este un termen larg si de aceea, este bine să
diferentiem oarecum emotiile din aceeasi categorie: fobie, angoasă, anxietate.
Frica  este o emotie
provocata de constientizarea unui pericol real sau imaginar.
Este reactia afectiva normală a organismului expus unei
amenintari reale.
Fobia se manifesta printr-o frica intensa irationala si
tenace, simtita fara de anumite obiecte (persoane, animale sau lucruri) sau anumite situatii care nu justifica o astfel de reactie.
Anxietatea este o stare afectiva caracterizata prin neliniste, nesiguranta,tulburari fizice si psihice difuze, toate acestea generate de asteptarea unui pericol nedeterminat in fata caruia persoana se simte neputincioasa.
Angoasa  este o senzatie neplacută de indispozitie profunda, cu impresia unui pericol  vag si iminent.
Este insotita de modificari neurovegetative: transpiratie,palpitatii, greata, tremuraturi, vertij,tulburari de tranzit, etc.
Constient sau nu suntem uneori nelinistiti.
O cana de ceai de levantica, de obligeana , sau valeriana,ne vor reda linistea si vom scapa de anxietate.
Daca nu reusiti din prima ceasca, nu renuntati usor si beti-o si pe a doua, in foarte scurt timp ii veti simti efectul si veti scapa de anxietate!
Ca sa pui capat unei crize de angoasa,intinde-te la orizontala,ridica picioarele si sprijina calcaiele de un perete.
Inchide ochii,respira lent si profund,concentrandu-te asupra abdomenului care se inalta la fiecare respiratie.
Continua pana cand criza trece...citeste mai departe...

sâmbătă, 18 aprilie 2015

anemia-tratamente naturiste - anemia-natural treatments

anemia-tratamente naturiste - anemia-natural treatments
Characteristic signs of a child, teenager or adult anemic are pale face, general weakness, fatigue, headache, loss of appetite, poor digestion, cold and sometimes wet hands.
If patients with anemia, is characteristic decrease below the normal number of red blood cells and hemoglobin.
The patient is well to rest as much as possible, make walks in the fresh air if possible to stay a while in high mountain environment,because blood is quickly renews mountain atmosphere.
We recommend an easily digestible food, rich in vitamins,with many raw fruits to bring the body iron, vitamins, minerals it needs.
It is best to drink herbal tea blend, fresh milk, fruit juice, a glass of red wine and a meal after a glass of beer.
Every morning on an empty stomach to eat 1-2 apples sweetened with honey races.
At breakfast given a raw egg yolk, fish that have put a few drops of brandy and mix well two or three pieces of liver fried over high heat on both sides, but the means to remain almost cruel.
Then dandelion salad with boiled potatoes bark or leaves early spinach salad ... read more ...
Semnele caracteristice ale unui copil,adolescent sau adult anemic sunt: paloarea fetei,slabiciune generala,stare de oboseala,dureri de cap, lipsa poftei de mancare, o digestie proasta,uneori mainile umede si reci.
In cazul bolnavilor de anemie, este caracteristica scaderea sub valorile normale a numarului de globule rosii si a hemoglobinei.
Bolnavul este bine sa se odihneasca cat mai mult, sa faca plimbari la aer curat, daca este posibil sa stea o perioada in mediul inalt de la munte, deoarece sangele se reinoieste mai repede in atmosfera de munte.
Se recomanda o hrana usor digerabila,bogata in vitamine, cu multe fructe crude pentru a-i aduce organismului fier, vitamine, sarurile minerale de care are nevoie.
Este bine sa bea ceaiuri amestec din plante, lapte proaspat,sucuri de fructe, un paharel de vin rosu, iar dupa cate o masa un pahar de bere.
In fiecare dimineata pe stomacul gol sa se manance 1-2 mere rase indulcite cu miere de albine.
La micul dejun se da un galbenus de ou crud, peste care s-au pus cateva picaturi de coniac si se amesteca bine doua trei bucatele de ficat prajit la foc mare pe ambele fete, dar mijlocul sa ramana aproape crud.
Apoi salata de papadie cu cartoti fierti fara coaja, sau salata din frunze
fragede de spanac...citeste mai departe...

vineri, 17 aprilie 2015

amigdalita-tratamente naturiste - tonsillitis-natural treatments

amigdalita-tratamente naturiste - tonsillitis-natural treatments
Tonsillitis is an infection or inflammation of the tonsils.
Tonsils are masses of lymphatic tissue located on both sides of the neck, above and behind the language, part of the body's immune system.
The most common acute tonsillitis is quite trivial, but causing violent pain in swallowing, high temperature, a headache and muscular.
If tonsillitis (acute or chronic pultacee) appear:difficulty swallowing, sore throat, fever and neck palpation, lateral neck lymph nodes are swollen or painful.
There can be serious complications, nephritis or rheumatism.
You must first combated painful swelling of the lymph nodes.
For this I recommend you apply poultices.
This disease can be treated with a concentrated decoction of marshmallow root.
From the root 20g placed in 200 ml of cold water can prepare a decoction, boil for ten minutes, they gargle.
All this good can help gargle with chamomile, sage, common bennet, fennel, hay, (taken three times a day).
Another treatment for tonsillitis is cold clay poultices with the external applied especially in the evening ... read more ...
Amigdalita este o infectie sau inflamatie a amigdalelor
Amigdalele sunt mase de tesut limfatic situate de o parte si
de alta a gatului, deasupra si in spatele limbii, facand parte din sistemul imun al organismului.
Cea mai frecventa este amigdalita  acuta, destul de banala, dar care provoaca dureri violente la inghitire, temperaturi ridicate, da dureri de cap si musculare.
In cazul amigdalitei (acute, pultacee sau cronica) apar:
greutate la inghitire, dureri in gat,febra, iar la palparea gatului, ganglionii laterali ai gatului sunt durerosi si umflati.
Pot sa apara complicapii grave, nefrite sau reumatism.
Trebuie in primul rand combatuta umflarea dureroasa a ganglionilor limfatici.
Pentru aceasta recomand sa aplicati prisnite.
Acesta boala pot fi tratata cu ajutorul unui decoct concentrate din radacina nalba mare.
Din 20g de radacina pusa in 200 ml de apa rece se poate prepara un decoct, fiert zece minute, cu care se face gargara.
Tot atat de bine poate sa ajute gargara cu ceai de musetel,salvie, cerentel, fenicul, sunatoare, (administrat de trei ori pe zi).
Un alt tratament pentru amigdalita este acela cu cataplasme reci de argila care se aplica extern in special seara...citeste mai departe...

miercuri, 15 aprilie 2015

alcoolismul-tratamente naturiste-alcoholism-natural treatments

alcoolismul-tratamente naturiste-alcoholism-natural treatments
Acute Alcoholism is caused by ingesting a short time a large amount of alcohol (200-600 ml in 4-8 hours in case of a medium resistant to this drug).
Remedy: 150-200 ml decoction 3-4 times daily between meals,sweetened with honey, the wolf's claw, pansy, dandelion leaves, birch leaves,parsley and bean pods in equal parts.
Peppermint oil and juniper oil each 5 to 15 drops of each in warm water for 2-3 weeks.
Clay, charcoal, apple vinegar, soup bran, soak rice, yeast and propolis mixed in equal parts 1-2 weeks.
Chronic alcoholism is the result of daily alcohol consumption.
Alcoholic drunk the first glass of alcohol and remain so after the next 10-20 glasses.
Treatment consists in the gradual reduction of alcohol consumption to cancellation.
For this purpose progressively replaces the first day 1-20,2-20 in the day, 3-20 on the third day and so on in the preferred daily dose of the alcohol with water or medicinal tea flavor, so that in the 20th day, the
alcoholic drink only tea .... read more ...
Alcoolismul acut este provocat de ingerarea intr-un interval scurt de timp a unei mari cantitati de alcool (200-600 ml in 4-8 ore in cazul unei rezistente medii la acest drog).
Remedii:decoct 150-200 ml,de 3-4 ori pe zi,intre
mese,indulcit cu miere,din pedicuta, trei frati  patati,frunze de papadie,frunze de mesteacan,frunze de patrunjel si teci de fasole in parti egale.
Ulei de menta si ulei de ienupar cate 5-15 picaturi din
fiecare, in putina apa calda, timp de 2-3 saptamani.
Argila,carbune de lemn,otet de mere,bors de tarate,macerat de orez,drojdie de bere si propolis amestecate in parti egale 1-2 saptamani.
Alcoolismul cronic este rezultatul consumului zilnic de alcool.
Alcoolicul se imbata de la primul pahar de alcool si ramane asa si dupa urmatoarele 10-20 de pahare.
Tratamentul consta prin diminuarea treptata a consumului de alcool pana la anularea lui.
In acest scop se inlocuieste progresiv cu 1 la 20 in prima zi,2 la 20 in a doua zi,3 la 20 in a treia zi si asa mai departe din doza zilnica de alcool preferat,cu apa sau ceai medicinal aromat, astfel ,incat in a
20-a zi,alcoolicul sa bea numai ceai....citeste mai departe...

marți, 14 aprilie 2015

afta-tratamente naturiste-canker sores-natural treatments

afta-tratamente naturiste-canker sores-natural treatments
Canker sores is a fairly common lesion of the oral mucosa,characterized by the appearance of small blisters at first transparent, and opaque, surrounded by a red border.
After breaking their wounds remain small, round, covered by a yellowish secretion, surrounded by a red spot, very painful.
Canker sores appears on the lips or mucous lining of the cheeks and heal after 2-8 days.
Very good for this disease is gargling with willow concentrated decoction (15 grams shredded bark in 200 ml of water) boiled for 20-30 minutes.
Another recipe with good results in treating this disease is sage tea plus common bennet root .... read more ...
Afta este o leziune destul de frecventa a mucoasei bucale,
caracterizata prin aparitia de mici basici, la inceput transparente, apoi opace,inconjurate de o margine rosie.
Dupa spargerea lor raman rani mici, rotunde, acoperite de o
secretie galbuie,inconjurate de o aoreola rosie, foarte dureroasa.
Afta apare pe partea de mucoasa a buzelor sau pe partea de
mucoasa a obrajilor si se vindeca dupa 2-8 zile.
Foarte buna pentru aceasta boala este gargara cu decoct de
salcie concentrate (15 grame coaja maruntita la 200 ml de apa)fiert timp de 20-30 minute.
O alta reteta cu rezultate bune in tratarea acestei boli
este ceaiul de salvie la care se adauga radacina de cerentel....citeste maideparte...

vineri, 3 aprilie 2015

lubrifierea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal lubrication-natural treatments)

lubrifierea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal lubrication-natural treatments)

Insufficient vaginal lubrication is a common disorder that
affects a large number of women, especially of those going through menopause.
The sensations felt in this situation are unpleasant:
irritation in the genital area, burning, itching, pain.
This affects the sexual life.
To maintain a normal vaginal secretions, one of the important factors is the estrogens.
Decreased estrogen levels, regardless of the cause -menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, surgery on the ovaries - pops this disorder.
To relieve symptoms can be a natural treatment.
You can use these herbs: thyme, yarrow, calendula .... readmore ...

Lubrifierea vaginala insuficienta este o tulburare frecventa care afecteaza un numar mare de femei, mai ales dintre cele ajunse la menopauza.
Senzatiile resimtite in aceasta situatie sunt neplacute:
iritatie in zona genitala, arsura, mancarime, durere.
Acest fapt afecteaza viata sexuala.
Pentru mentinerea unei secretii vaginale normale, unul dintre factorii importanti il constituie estrogenii.
Scaderea nivelului estrogenilor, indiferent din ce cauza -menopauza, nastere, alaptat, interventie chirurgicala asupra ovarelor - face sa apara aceasta tulburare .
Pentru ameliorarea simptomelor se poate face un TRATAMENT naturist.
Se pot folosi urmatoarele plante medicinale:cimbru,coada soricelului, galbenele....citeste mai departe...

luni, 30 martie 2015

incontinenta urinara - tratamente naturiste - bolile femeilor (urinary incontinence - natural treatments - women's diseases)

incontinenta urinara - tratamente naturiste - bolile femeilor (urinary incontinence - natural treatments - women's diseases)

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine with minimal effort (coughing, sneezing), to walk, to  standing.
Whatever the amount lost, a few drops or jet is particularly embarrassing disability that has serious repercussions on the behavior and psyche.
That occurs much more frequently in multiparous women with difficult births with perineal tears, not only allow the award incontinence perineal relaxation.
The first step in treatment is to strengthen the muscles by exercise physiotherapy.
Nearly 6 in 10 cases find their resolve by this method.
It starts chair exercises.
To do the exercises correctly, you can get advice from a physiotherapist.
You can start sitting on chair with knees slightly apart,then tighten the muscle that lies at the entrance to the anus.
Try not to move your feet.
The next step is to imagine that you have to go to the toilet, but try to stop urine.
These exercises should be done daily.
Are made for 10-15 minutes.
The effects will occur after about 8-20 weeks.
Although it is possible to heal after them, these exercises should be done daily for life... read more ...
Incontinenta urinara reprezinta pierderea involuntara de
urina la un efort minim (tuse, stranut), la mers, la ortostatism.
Indiferent de cantitatea pierduta,cateva picaturi sau jet,
este o infirmitate deosebit de jenanta, care are repercusiuni serioase asupra comportamentului si a psihicului.
Faptul ca survine cu mult mai frecvent la multipare, femei
cu nasteri dificile, cu rupturi perineale, nu permite atribuirea incontinentei exclusiv relaxarii perineale.
Primul pas in cadrul tratamentului este intarirea muschilor
cu ajutorul exercitiilor de FIZIOTERAPIE.
Aproape 6 din 10 cazuri isi gasesc solutionarea prin aceasta
Se incep exercitiile pe scaun.
Pentru a face exercitiile corect, puteti apela la sfatul unui fizioterapeut.
Puteti incepe stand pe scaun, cu genunchii putin departati,apoi strangeti muschiul care se afla la intrarea in anus.
Incercati sa nu va miscati picioarele.
Urmatorul pas este sa va imaginati ca trebuie sa va duceti la toaleta, dar incercati sa opriti URINA.
Aceste de exercitii trebuie facute zilnic.
Se fac timp de 10-15 minute.
Efectele vor aparea dupa aproximativ 8-20 saptamani.
Desi e posibil sa va vindecati in urma acestora, aceste
exercitii vor fi facute pentru tot restul vietii zilnic....citeste maideparte...

duminică, 29 martie 2015

prolaps uterin-tratamente naturiste (uterine prolapse-natural treatments)

prolaps uterin-tratamente naturiste (uterine prolapse-natural treatments)
Uterine prolapse is the name given action uterus to descend  into the vagina.
This usually happens after a difficult pregnancy or birth.
Uterine prolapse is more common in women going through menopause, or who had more natural births (especially if children are born heavy).
Other factors may include: constipation, exercise, pelvic surgery or chronic cough.
In some cases, a tumor can cause or promote uterine prolapse.
As symptoms of uterine prolapse include: feeling pain or heaviness in the pelvis, lower back pain, walking, urination, intercourse, in some cases, serious, even uterus can be seen.
Milder cases of uterine prolapse can be treated and natural methods.
Treatment tea lady's mantle.
Lady's mantle from which tea drink throughout the day 4 cups a day is a remedy against uterine prolapse excellence.
Lady's Mantle tea is prepared as follows: put a teaspoon of
plants on top in quart of water, scalding plants and let it sit a more...
Prolapsul uterin este denumirea data actiunii uterului de a
cobori in VAGIN.
Acest lucru se intampla de obicei in urma unei sarcini sau
nasteri dificile.
Prolapsul uterin este mai frecvent la femeile ajunse la
menopauza, sau care au avut mai multe nasteri naturale (in special daca au nascut copii cu greutate mare).
Alti factori pot fi: constipatia, efortul fizic, chirurgia
pelviana sau tusea cronica.
In unele cazuri, o tumoare poate provoca sau favoriza prolapsul uterin.
Ca simptome ale prolapsului uterin, amintim: senzatia de durere sau greutate in pelvis, durere lombara, la mers, la urinare, la contactul sexual, in unele cazuri, mai grave, uterul putand fi chiar vazut.
Cazurile mai usoare de prolaps uterin poate fi tratat si prin metode naturiste.
Tratament cu ceai de cretisoara.
Ceaiul de cretisoara din care se bea pe parcursul zilei 4 cesti pe zi este un remediu excelen contra prolapsului uterin.
Ceaiul  de cretisoara se prepara astfel : se pune o lingurita de plante cu varf la on sfert de litru de apa, se oparesc plantele si se lasa sa stea putin….citeste mai departe…

sâmbătă, 28 martie 2015

greturile-tratamente naturiste (nausea-natural treatments)

greturile-tratamente naturiste (nausea-natural treatments)

Nausea is manifested by feeling of discomfort and restlessness in the upper area of the stomach, and by headache and tend to shed.
Each of us has experienced at least once in life with very unpleasant sensation of nausea and vomiting.
Herbal remedies are useful for reducing nausea or used if nausea occurs as a solitary situation occasional or adjuvant treatments of diseases vomiting as a side effect.
For treatment, you can use these herbs: aloe, angelica,artichoke, basil, thyme, savory, horsetail, cloves, ginger, quince, lemon,lavender, olives, mint, walnut, wormwood, lemon balm, cinnamon, valerian,
melon, lemon balm. ... read more ...

Greata se manifesta prin senzatie de disconfort si neliniste
la nivelul zonei superioare a stomacului, precum si prin dureri de cap si tendinta de a varsa.
Fiecare dintre noi s-a confruntat cel putin o data in viata
cu senzatia foarte neplacuta de greata si varsaturi.
Remediile naturiste sunt utile pentru reducerea starii de
greata , fie folosite solitar daca greata apare ca o situatie ocazionala, fie adjuvante in tratamentele bolilor care au ca efect secundar starea de voma.Pentru tratament,se pot folosi urmatoarele  plante medicinale:aloe,angelica,anghinare,busuioc,cimbrisor,cimbru,coada-calului,cuisoare,ghimbir,gutuie, lamaie, levantica, masline,  menta, nuc,pelin ,roinita,scortisoara,valeriana,pepene galben, roinita . ...citeste mai departe...