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miercuri, 13 septembrie 2017

inul planta medicinala-flax herb

Flax Herb
Flax Herb
Flax is a herb known for thousands of years.It originates from the regions of the Mediterranean, Crimea,Caucasus and Asia Minor and today it can be found in cultures from Central
Europe, Belgium, the Netherlands, eastern Russia,Egypt, Algeria, eastern India and North America. The root is pivotal, white, long thin and strongly branched. Herb  reaches the height of 20 to 100 cm, and the top is the flowers. The flowers have five petals and are usually blue, and sometimes white. The fruit is a spherical capsule,compartmentalized, each compartment containing glossy, elongated and flat,brownish brown seeds. As a herb, the plant seeds are exclusively used.
Flax-Natural Treatments
Since ancient times, the flax has been used for medicinal purposes.First, the flax as a medicinal herb is used as a purgative, then in the treatment of coughing, the treatment of hoarseness, in bronchitis, in lung disease, for the treatment of asthma and urinary bladder disease, renal colic, nephritis and urinary retention. The plant seeds are also successfully used in the treatment of diarrheal, hemorrhoid,as oil in the treatment of gallbladder cases, but also for cases of gout and rheumatism.Hot compresses with seeds to fight cramps, pains,especially joint pain, kidney colic,
hepatic seizures. Application of seeds or live oil on the skin heals furunculosis, ulcerations,eczema and urticaria. Especially for the treatment of burns, the oil extracted from plant seeds is irreplaceable. Phytoestrogens from seeds have beneficial effects on breast and colon cancer....Read more....
Inul Planta Medicinala
Inul Planta Medicinala
Inul,este o planta cunoscuta de mii de ani.Este originar din regiunile Mediteranei, Crimeei, Caucazului
si Asiei Mici iar astazi poate fi intalnit in culturi din Europa Centrala,Belgia, Olanda, in estul Rusiei, Egipt,Algeria, estul Indiei si America de Nord. Radacina este pivotanta, de culoare alba,lunga
subtire si puternic ramificat. Planta atinge inatimea de 20 pana la 100 cm, iar in varf sunt situate florile. Florile au cinci petale si sunt de obicei de culoare albastra, iar uneori de culoare alba. Fructul este o capsula sferica, compartimentata,fiecare compartiment continand seminte lucioase, alungite si plate, de culoare maro. Ca planta medicinala se foloseste in exclusivitate semintele plantei.
Inul-Tratamente Naturiste
Inca din vechime,inul a fost folosite pentru scopuri medicinale.In primul rand, inul   este folosit ca purgativ,apoi in tratarea tusei,tratarea raguselilor,in bronsite, in boli de plamani,pentru tratarea astmului si a bolilor de vezica urinara, a colicilor renale,nefrite si retentie urinara.Semintele plantei se folosesc cu succes si in tratamentul starilor diareice,a hemoroizilor,ca ulei in tratarea cazurilor de piatra la vezica biliara, dar si pentru cazurile de guta si reumatism. Compresele calde cu seminte de in combat crampele,durerile,in special la dureri de articulatii,colicile renale,crizele hepatice. Aplicarea semintelor sau a uleiului de in direct pe piele vindeca furunculoza,ulceratiile, eczemele si urticariile. In special pentru tratamentul arsurilor, uleiul extras din semintele plantei este de neinlocuit. Fitoestrogenii din seminte au efecte benefice asupra cancerului de san si de colon ...citeste mai departe....

miercuri, 2 septembrie 2015

coriandru planta medicinala-cilantro herb

Cilantro Herb
Cilantro is a plant whose home is in Asia.
Science is told CORIANDRUM SATIVUM and popular by region of the country, is called coleandra, anise, sulfur weed, fennel, stinking grass, white pepper or sulfur.
Cilantro contains aromatic volatile oil, which makes this plant to be used in the perfume industry, food industry in the preparation of herbal liqueurs and especially as a condiment and preservative preparations of fish and the meat.
The fruits (seeds) cilantro is used as a stimulant of gastric secretions gastrointestinal stimulant, calming and combat bloating.
The seeds were always used in Iran to eliminate anxiety and insomnia.
Cilantro is a perennial plant, which has a resistant strain, growing flowers as bouquets with white or pink.
When fresh, the plant does not smell very pleasant.
Cilantro blooms from June to August.
From the seeds of the plant are used exclusively.
Cilantro-Natural Treatments
The plant is used to removing intestinal worms, to combat bloating, intestinal colic combat.
Tea (infusion) cilantro:
Two tablespoons chopped seeds, 100-150 ml of boiling water.
Let it pull up to 3-5 minutes, strain.
Drink before meals, three times daily so.
For treating diabetes consuming combined infusion of coriander seeds, each one liter daily, instead of drinking water.
Tea, combat intestinal colic, helps stomach lazy, they appear bloating.
Cilantro seed powder:
The powder is prepared from dry seeds ground with a power grinder.
Store in tightly closed jars.
In the treatment of liver cancer is recommended daily administration of four tablespoons of freshly ground Cilantro powder (that day) in long treatments - minimum of 3 months.
The same treatment is recommended in colon cancer…read more ...
Coriandru Planta Medicinala
Coriandrul este o planta  a carei origine se afla in Asia.
Stiintific i se spune CORIANDRUM SATIVUM,iar popular in functie de regiunile din tara,se mai numeste coleandra,anason,buruiana pucioasa,chimen,iarba puturoasa,piper alb sau pucioasa.
Coriandrul contine ulei volatil aromat,ceea ce face ca aceasta planta sa fie folosita in industria parfumurilor,in industria alimentara la prepararea unor lichioruri de plante si mai ales drept condiment si conservant la preparatele de peste si cele de carne.
Fructele (semintele) de coriandru sunt folosite ca stimulent gastric,stimulent al secretiilor gastro-intestinale,cu efect calmant si de combatere a balonarilor.
Semintele erau folosite dintotdeauna in Iran pentru eliminarea anxietatii si a insomniei.
Coriandru este o planta perena,ce are o tulpina rezistenta,cu flori ce cresc ca buchetele avand culoarea alba sau roza.Cand este proaspata,planta nu miroase chiar placut.Coriandrul infloreste in perioada iunie-august.
De la planta se folosesc in exclusivitate semintele .
Coriandru-Tratamente Naturiste
Planta este folosita pentru eliminarea viermilor intestinali,pentru combaterea balonarilor,combate colicile intestinale.
Ceai (infuzie) de coriandru:
Doua linguri cu seminte maruntite, la 100-150 ml de apa clocotita.
Se lasa sa traga pana la 3-5 minute,se strecoara.
Se bea inainte de mesele principale,deci de trei ori zilnic.
Pentru tratarea diabetului se consuma infuzie combinata din seminte de coriandru, cate un litru zilnic, in locul apei de baut.
Ceaiul ,combate colicile intestinale,ajuta stomacul lenes, cand apar balonari.
Pulbere din seminte de coriandru:
Pulberea se prepara din seminte uscate macinate cu ajutorul unei rasnite electrice.Se pastreaza in borcane ermetic inchise.In tratamentul cancerului hepatic se recomanda administrarea zilnica a patru lingurite de pulbere de coriandru proaspat macinat (in ziua respectiva), in cure de lunga durata - minim 3 luni.
Acelasi tratament este recomandat si in cancerul la colon…citeste mai departe...