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marți, 9 august 2016

dracila planta medicinala-barberry herb

Barberry herb
Spreading: The plant is spread from the plains to hilly area.
Body plant used: bark of the roots and stems and ripe fruit.
Harvest time: in April and May.
Barberry-Natural Treatments
Internal use.
In internal use barberry is used to treat diseases such as renal and hepatic drainage, urinary stones, kidney failure, dysuria, rheumatism, gout, hydronephrosis, nephritis, cholangitis.
External use.
External use medicinal herb in treating eczema, ringworm circinate, anal fistulas, hemorrhoids, vaginismus.
Powder from the bark of barberry: barberry bark dry, grind with an electric grinders.Take a pinch each half an hour before eating. Stimulates digestion, combat flatulence, stimulates liver functions.
Tea (decoction) of barberry: boil a teaspoon of powdered bark in a cup of water.Allow to cool and drink 1-2 cups a day half an hour before meals.It is a good tonic bitter combat chronic constipation, contains anti-hemorrhoid.... read more ...
Raspandire: planta este raspandita de la campie pana in zona deluroasa.
Organul vegetal utilizat: scoarta de pe radacini si tulpini,precum si fructele coapte.
Perioada de recoltare:in lunile aprilie si mai.
Dracila-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern.
In uz intern dracila  este folosita pentru tratarea unor afectiuni cum ar ifi:drenarea renala si hepatica,litiaza urinara,insuficienta renala,disurie,reumatism,guta,hidronefroza,nefrita,angiocolita.
Uz extern.
In uz extern planta medicinala trateaza :eczeme,herpesul circinat,fistule anale,hemoroizi,vaginism.
Mod de folosire.
Pulbere din scoarta de dracila: scoarta  uscata de dracila,se macina cu ajutorul unei rasnite electrice.Se ia cate un varf de cutit cu o jumatate de ora inainte de mancare.Stimuleaza digestia, combate balonarile, stimuleaza functiile ficatului.
Ceai (decoct) de dracila: se fierbe o lingurita de pulbere de scoarta,intr-o ceasca de apa.Se lasa sa se raceasca si se beau 1—2 cesti pe zi cu o jumatate de ora inainte de masa.Este un foarte bun tonic amar, combate constipatiile cronice, are actiune antihemoroidala....citeste mai departe...

marți, 4 august 2015

cicoare planta medicinala-chicory herb

Chicory Herb
The chicory is a perennial plant with thin stems, tender, branched basal rosette of leaves elongated, irregularly notched 0.3-1 m high, with azure-blue flowers.
It utilizes the roots and aerial part of the plant.
The chicory grows in pastures and meadows, roadsides, railways and ditches, crop, cultivated in places in the plains until the mountains.
The aerial part is harvested in the first part of flowering.
The roots must be removed spade.

Chicory-Natural Treatments
The chicory stimulates the liver and bile elimination and fluidifica that it is a bitter tonic, laxative easy (especially root), purifies the blood, promotes liver function and soothes thirst glicogenetica characteristic of diabetes.
Chicory therapy is recommended in case of biliary dyskinesia, in biliary diseases, anorexia, constipation (caused by liver disease), furunculosis , acne, diabetes.
For biliary dyskinesia plant uses the following combination: unguras - two parts, chicory root - two parts iris rhizomes - one side dandelion root - two parts.
Prepare a decoction (10 min.) Of a teaspoon of mixture of chicory in a cup of water, drink two cups a day.
A second recipe that had success in the treatment of biliary dyskinesia is:
In the morning, on an empty stomach or 30 minutes. before meals, drink an infusion of - three parts chamomile, shepherd's purse three parts, two parts chicory root,some root gentian, some iris rhizomes.  ... readmore ...
Cicoare Planta Medicinala
Cicoarea este o planta perena, cu tulpina subtire,frageda,ramificata,cu rozeta bazala de frunze alungite,neregulat crestate,inalta de 0,3-1 m,cu flori albastre-azurii.
Se utilizeaza radacinile si partea aeriana a plantei.
Cicoarea creste in pasuni si fanete,pe marginea drumurilor,a cailor ferate si a santurilor,a culturilor,in locuri necultivate, din zona de campie pana in cea montana.

Partea aeriana se recolteaza in prima parte a infloririi.Radacinile se scot cu cazmaua.
Cicoare-Tratamente Naturiste
Cicoarea stimuleaza activitatea ficatului si eliminarea bilei pe care o si fluidifica;este un tonic amar,usor laxativ (indeosebi radacina),depurativ,favorizeaza functia glicogenetica a ficatului si calmeaza setea caracteristica a diabeticilor.
Terapia cu cicoare se recomanda in cazul dischineziei biliare, in colicistopatii,anorexie,constipatie (provocata de afectiuni hepatice),furunculoza,acnee,diabet.
Pentru dischinezie biliara se foloseste urmatoarea combinatie de plante:unguras - doua parti,radacina de cicoare - doua parti,rizomi de stanjenel - o parte,radacina de papadie - doua parti.
Se prepara un decoct (10 min.) dintr-o lingurita de amestec de cicoare,la o cana de apa,se beau doua cani pe zi.
O a doua reteta care a avut mult succes in tratamentul dischineziei biliare este urmatoarea:
Dimineata,pe stomacul gol,sau 30 min. inainte de mesele principale,se bea o infuzie preparata din - trei parti musetel, trei parti traista ciobanului,doua parti radacina de cicoare, o parte radacina de ghintura,o parte rizomi de stanjenel....citestemai departe...

miercuri, 3 iunie 2015

armurariu planta medicinala-milk thistle herb

Milk thistle herb
Milk thistle is a plant that is found in many recipes for liver disease.
In Latin it is called silybum marianum.
The active substance is silymarin.
Milk thistle is a good protector and regenerating liver, stimulates the secretion and release bile into the intestine.
Herb is effective in drug or food poisoning, acute or chronic liver disease, gallstones.
Growth: increase in cultivated, dried, but is also cultivated in gardens.
Body plant used: roots, leaves and plant seeds.
Milk Thistle-natural treatments
Internal use: in internal use herb is used to treat beriberi and alcoholism.
External use: in external use milk thistle is used mainly to combat fatigue vocal cords, treat rheumatism, cure frostbite, allergies and for treating angina pectoris.
Milk Thistle is administered at a dose of 1 g four times a day, in the form of finely ground powder, taken 30 minutes before meals or in the form of alcoholic extract (tincture) tablets, capsules.
Tea is not recommended because boiling water degrades flavonoids in its composition, they losing their antioxidant effect.
Healing Alcoholism: cures are, three weeks, two weeks of rest, with combined infusion of thistle, which drink a liter a day.
Thistle, does not reduce alcohol dependence, but help restore liver (hard tried to use systematic thereof), and, importantly, supports nerve activity, helping even regaining reflexes and coordination of normal, reducing trembling limbs and other symptoms of this gender. ... read more ...

Armurariu planta medicinala
Armurariul este planta pe care o gasim in multe retete pentru afectiunile hepatice.
In limba latina se numeste silybum marianum.
Substanta activă este silimarina.
Armurariul este un bun protector si regenerator hepatic, stimuleaza secretia si eliberarea bilei in intestin.
Planta medicinala, este eficienta in intoxicatii alimentare sau medicamentoase, hepatopatii acute sau cronice, litiază biliara.
Raspandire:creste in locuri necultivate, uscate, dar se cultiva si în gradini.
Organul vegetal utilizat:radacinile,frunzele si semintele plantei.
Armurariu-tratamente naturiste
Uz intern :in uz intern planta este folosita pentru tratarea avitaminozei si alcoolismului.
Uz extern:in uz extern armurariu este folosita cu precadere pentru combaterea oboselii coardelor vocale,in tratarea reumatismului,vindecarea degeraturilor,in alergii si pentru tratarea anginei pectorale.
Armurariu se administreaza in doze de 1 g de 4 ori pe zi,sub forma de pulbere macinata fin, luata inaintea meselor cu 30 de min, sau sub forma de extracte alcoolice (tinctura) tablete, capsule.
Ceaiul nu este recomandat intrucat apa fiarta degradeaza flavonoidele din compozitia sa, acestea pierzand efectul lor antioxidant.
Mod de folosire.
Vindecarea acoolismului: se fac cure, de trei saptamani, cu doua saptamani de pauza, cu infuzie combinata de armurariu, din care se bea un litru pe zi.
Armurariu,nu diminueaza depedenta de alcool, insa ajuta la refacerea ficatului (greu incercat de consumul sistematic al acestei substante) si, foarte important, sustine activitatea nervoasa, ajutand chiar la recapatarea reflexelor si a coordonarii normale, reducand tremurul membrelor si alte simptome de acest gen. ...citeste mai departe...

luni, 18 mai 2015

brusturele planta medicinala-burdock herb

Burdock Herb
Growth:burdock grows near the houses and stables, near roads and heaps of garbage, debris etc.
Body plant used: root and leaves of burdock.
Harvest time: the roots are harvested in March-April spring plants of 2 years and from October to November plants a year.
Burdock leaves without petiole is harvested before flowering in May-June.
Burdock-Natural Treatments
Internal use: for internal use burdock is used to treat acne, gallstones, diabetes, sweating, eczema, enterocolitis, dislocations.
Tea perspiration administered in case of fever, respiratory failure, arthritis, gout, epilepsy.
Drink every day, slowly, 1-2 cups.
External use:in external use, large leaves and fresh burdock, applied as compresses, not just sprains and legs hurt too much walking, but any kind of burning in ulcers, cancerous lesions and stinging wounds.
The roots have anti-pyretic action and were very finder during epidemics of plague.
Burdock root tea:a teaspoon of burdock root, put it soak overnight in a quart of cold water and strain morning heats.
Burdock root tea is recommended in the fight against diabetes, because active substances that regulate contains the blood sugar level.
The domestic consumption cycles of 15 days per month, 3-4 cups per day.
Urinary tract infections can be treated with burdock root tea. ... read more ...
Brusturele Planta Medicinala
Raspandire :brusturele creste pe langa case si grajduri,langa drumuri si gramezi de gunoaie,pe daramaturi etc. Organul vegetal utilizat:radacina si frunzele de brusture.
Perioada de recoltare:radacinile se recolteaza primavara prin martie-aprilie pentru plantele de 2 ani si din octombrie pana in noiembrie pentru plantele  de un an.
Frunzele de brusture se recolteaza fara petiol inainte de inflorire prin lunile mai-iunie.
Brusturele - Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern :in uz intern brusturele este folosit pentru tratamentul acneei,calculului biliar,diabetului,diaforezei,eczeme,enterocolita,luxatii.
Ceaiul sudorific se administreaza in caz de febra,insuficienta respiratorie,artrita,guta,epilepsie.
Se beau zilnic,incetul cu incetul,1-2 cesti.
Uz extern :in uz extern,frunzele mari si proaspete de brusture,se aplica sub forma de comprese,nu doar la entorse,luxatii si picioare ranite de prea mult mers pe jos,ci si la orice fel de arsuri,in leziuni ulceroase,leziuni canceroase si in plagi usturatoare.
Radacinile au actiune antitermica si au fost foarte cautatea in timpul epidemiilor de ciuma.
Mod de folosire.
Ceaiul din radacina de brusture: o lingurita rasa de radacina de brusture,se pune peste noapte la macerat, intr-un sfert de litru de apa rece,se incalzeste dimineata si se strecoara.
Ceaiul din radacina  de brusture,este recomandat in lupta contra diabetului,intrucat contine substante active care regleaza nivelul glicemiei din sange.
Se consuma intern,in cure de 15 zile pe luna, cate 3-4 cani pe zi.
Infectiile tractului uro-genital pot fi tratate cu ceai din radacina de brusture....citeste mai departe...

duminică, 1 februarie 2015

arnica planta medicinala-arnica herb

Arnica Herb
It is a herbaceous perennial plant with slightly hairy stem, about 20-30 cm high, with leaves placed in opposition.
Inflorescence is shaped basket (knob) has yellow-orange petals in the shape of a tongue.
It is easily confused with other plants, so we recommend a petal rubbing between fingers, you will immediately feel its unmistakable fragrance.
Growth: is prevalent in sub-alpine region, rarely in the alpine zone through hayfields and pastures wet clearings and shrubs.
Body plant used: plant flowers.
Harvesting:can harvest from June to August.
It specifically collect petals without basket (knob) that holds them.
The petals should be collected only in good weather and sunny.
Arnica-Natural Treatments
Arnica is a good remedy with anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and healing.
It is especially recommended for bruising and contusions (not used for open wounds), laryngitis, hoarseness.
It is used in compresses tincture (20g petals arnica, macerated 10 days in alcohol diluted 1 / 5-1 / 10 drinking water or water for lead).
For gargling is an infusion of a spoonful of petals to a cup of water.
Tea (infusion) of arnica:
Tea is very good for the treatment of laryngitis.
It is made from 2 teaspoons of arnica flowers, 200 ml of hot water.
With this infusion gargle. … read more…
Arnica Planta Medicinala
Este o planta ierboasa perena,cu tulpina usor paroasa,inalta cam de 20-30 cm,cu frunze asezate in opozitie.
Inflorescenta, este in forma de cosulet (maciulie),are culoarea galben-oranj,cu petale in forma unei limbi.
Este usor de confundat cu alte plante,de aceea va recomand,sa frecati o petala intre degete, veti simti imediat parfumul ei inconfundabil.
Raspandire :este raspandita in regiunea subalpina,rar in zona alpina,prin fanete si pasuni umede,rar prin poieni si tufarisuri
Organ vegetal utilizat:florile plantei.
Recoltare:se poate recolta din iunie pana in august.
Se culeg in mod special petalele, fara cosuletul (maciulia) care le tine.
Petalele trebuiesc culese numai pe vreme buna si insorita.
Arnica-Tratamente Naturiste
Arnica, este un remediu bun, cu actiuni antiinflamatoare, antiseptice si cicatrizante.
Se recomanda in mod special pentru echimoze si contuzii ( nu se foloseste pentru rani deschise),laringita,raguseala.
Se utilizeaza in comprese cu tinctura (20g petale de arnica, macerate 10 zile in alcool diluat 1/5-1/10 cu apa potabila sau apa de plumb).
Pentru gargara se face o infuzie dintr-o lingura de petale la o cana de apa.
Ceai (infuzie) de arnica:
Ceaiul este foarte bun pentru pentru tratamentul laringitei.
Se prepara din 2 lingurite de flori de arnica, la 200 ml de apa fierbinte.
Cu aceasta infuzie se face gargara. … citeste mai departe…