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marți, 29 decembrie 2015

anghinare planta medicinala-artichoke herb

Artichoke Herb
Growth: herb comes from the Mediterranean region where it is consumed frequently (Italians love the law!) And where, coincidentally or not, the rate of obesity and chronic diseases is the lowest in the world, and life expectancy, the highest .
Body plant used:
leaves are fully developed, they have 30-35 cm.
Harvest time:
herb can be harvested from June to September inclusive, and dry immediately.
Artichokes-Natural Treatments
Internal use.
Herbs are used to treat the following conditions: angina,angiocolitis, anorexia, atherosclerosis with or without hypertension, liver cirrhosis, cholecystitis, colic, colitis, constipation, diabetes, biliary dyskinesia, dyspepsia, enteritis, enterocolitis, fever, hemorrhoids, hepatitis chronic hipercolesteromie, hypertension, edema, heart failure, poisoning,nephritis, skin, itching, uremia, hives, vomiting.
Due to the elimination of toxins, we see favorable effects in the treatment of various types of rashes and pruritus (itching).
As a diuretic, artichoke tea is recommended in acute nephritis and chronic nephritis, as it increases the volume of urine and favors while disposing of urea and toxic substances that are formed in the liver and
Good results give tea and digestive diseases manifested by constipation, vomiting, enteric fermentation, colitis, hemorrhoids and lack of appetite.
Tea, is a good adjuvant in certain diseases of the heart,which is manifested by hypertension, atherosclerosis and angina.New research award artichokes antimicrobial properties. … read more…

Anghinare Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:planta medicinala provine din regiunea Mediteraneana unde este consumata frecvent
(italienii o iubesc de-a dreptul!) si unde, coincidenta sau nu, rata obezitatii si a bolilor cronice este cea mai mica din lume, iar speranta de viata, cea mai mare.
Organul vegetal
: frunzele complet dezvoltate, cand au 30-35 cm.
Perioada de recoltare:
planta medicinala se poate recolta din iunie pana in septembrie inclusiv,si se usuca imediat.
Anghinare -Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern.
Planta medicinala se utilizeaza pentru tratarea urmatoarelor afectiuni :angina pectorala, ngiocolita,anorexie,ateroscleroza cu sau fara hipertensiune ,ciroza hepatica,colecistita,colica abdominala,colita,constipatie,diabet,dischinezie biliara,dispepsie,enterita,enterocolita,febra,hemoroizi,hepatita
cronica,hipercolesteromie,hipertensiune arteriala, insuficienta cardiaca cu edem,intoxicatie,nefrita,pielita,prurit,uremie,urticarie,voma.
Ca diuretic,ceaiul de anghinare,se recomanda in nefrite acute si nefrite cronice,deoarece mareste volumul de urina si favorizeaza in acelasi timp eliminarea ureei si a substantelor toxice ce se formeaza la nivelul
ficatului si rinichilor.
Datorita eliminarii de toxine, se observa efecte favorabile in tratamentul urticariilor si a diferitelor forme de prurit (mancarime).
Bune rezultate da ceaiul si in bolile tubului digestiv,manifestate prin constipatie,varsaturi,enterite,fermentatii
intestinale,colite,hemoroizi si lipsa poftei de mancare .
Ceaiul, mai este un bun adjuvant in unele afectiuni ale inimii, care se manifesta prin hipertensiune, ateroscleroza si angina pectorala.Cercetarile mai noi atribuie anghinarei proprietati antimicrobiene. … citeste mai departe…

miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

leustean planta medicinala-lovage herb

Lovage Herb
Lovage Herb
It is a multi-annual plant that grows in the garden (the crop).
A bush grow lovage nice and fast.
The stems are hollow, large leaves have a distinct odor and strong.
In Latin it is called LEVISTICUM OFFICINALE.
In German name is LIEBSTOCKEL (love stick) due aphrodisiac properties, and the roots they call MAGGI (hence the brand known company that offers dishes concentrates, soups, sauces, etc.).
Lovage probably comes from Iran, but in the Middle Ages began to be cultivated in Europe.
It is known that King Charlemagne ordered mandatory lovage cultivation in each garden.
As active substances lovage contain essential oils, butilftalide, isovaleric acid and coumarin derivatives.
Lovage-Natural Treatments
As a medicinal plant (leaves or lovage root) is used to treat the following conditions and diseases: dropsy, rheumatism, heart disease, gout.
Lovage good causes diuresis (removal of water from the body) which helps eliminate kidney stones (kidney sand).Also, the herb helps solubilize the bronchial secretion and relieves expectoration.
Beets help in the treatment of diseases of the stomach.Usually, lovage is used in flavoring in soups purposes, but also as a medicinal plant.For tea, lovage is used in combination with other plants.
The treatment of skin eruptions, use a decoction of the leaves and roots of lovage races.
Douches are portions of diseased skin.After 2 weeks the skin becomes again smooth.
In the treatment of stomach diseases races roots and leaves are used chopped, prepared a tincture is concentrated.In people, tradition says that pregnant women should avoid this herb.
It eats plants causing premature births. ... read more ...
Leustean Planta Medicinala
Leustean Planta Medicinala
Este o planta multianuala ce creste in gradini (planta de cultura).O tufa de leustean se dezvolta frumos si rapid.Tulpinile sunt tubulare,frunzele mari au un miros specific si puternic.In limba latina i se spune LEVISTICUM OFFICINALE.In germana denumirea este de LIEBSTOCKEL (betigasul dragostei) datorita proprietatilor afrodisiace,iar radacinei i se spune MAGGI (de unde si marca firmei cunoscute ce ofera preparate culinare concentrate,supe,sosuri etc.).
Leusteanul provine probabil din Iran,dar in Evul Mediu a inceput sa fie cultivata si in Europa.
Este cunoscut faptul ca regele Carol cel Mare a dispus cultivarea obligatorie a leusteanului in fiecare gradina.Ca substante active leusteanul contine uleiuri eterice,butilftalide,acid izovalerianic si derivati ai cumarinei.
Leustean-Tratamente Naturiste
Ca planta medicinala  (frunzele sau radacina de leustean) se foloseste pentru tratamentul urmatoarelor afectiuni si boli:hidropizie,reumatism,boli de inima,guta.
Leusteanul provoaca o buna diureza (eliminarea apei din corp) ceea ce ajuta la eliminarea litiazei renale (nisip la rinichi).Totodata ca planta medicinala  ajuta la solubilizarea secretiei bronsice si usureaza expectoratia.Radacina plantei ajuta in tratamentul bolilor de stomac.
De obicei,leusteanul se foloseste in scopuri de condimentare la ciorbe,dar si ca planta medicinala.
Pentru ceai,leusteanul se foloseste in amestec cu alte plante.La tratamentul eruptiilor de pe piele,se foloseste un decoct din frunze si radacini rase de leustean.Se fac spalaturi ale portiunilor de piele bolnave.Dupa 2 saptamani pielea redevine neteda.In tratamentul bolilor de stomac se folosesc radacinile rase si frunzele maruntite,fiind preparata o tinctura concentrata.
In popor,traditia spune ca femeile gravide trebuie sa evite consumul acestei plante.
Consumul plantei provoca nasteri premature. ...citeste mai departe......citeste mai departe...