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luni, 13 aprilie 2015

volumul si frumusetea bustului-tratamente naturiste(breast augmentation and beauty - natural treatments)

Breast augmentation and beauty - natural treatments
Many women want to change the size or shape of their breasts.
The most common way is breast augmentation plastic surgery,but it has many disadvantages, high cost, risk of infection, pain related to any operation.
So it is not recommended to resort to plastic surgery for breast only as a last resort.
There are many other natural methods instead which can be used to increase, breast reduction, to change shape, to increase breast firmness, etc.
These natural methods have side effects and generally have significantly lower costs.
Why resort to dangerous beauty means when nature gives you the means to achieve your ideal: the largest and most beautiful breasts?
Licorice root has a very intense action on the breast.
It is particularly women with a structure,, dry as "than normal body weight.
Helps weight gain, strongly stimulates the increase in breast size.
Licorice is contraindicated in cases of cysts, fibroids,fibroadenoma,  cancer .... read more ...

volumul si frumusetea bustului-tratamente naturiste
Multe femei doresc sa-si modifice marimea sau forma sanilor.
Cel mai cunoscut mod de marire a sanilor este operatia
Estetica, dar aceasta are si multe dezavantaje, un cost ridicat, riscuri de infectie, dureri aferente oricarei operatii.
Asa ca nu este recomandat sa recurgeti la o operatie estetica pentru sani decat ca ultima solutie.
Exista in schimb foarte multe alte metode naturale care pot
fi folosite pentru cresterea, micsorarea sanilor,pentru modificare formei,pentru cresterea fermitatii sanului, etc.
Aceste metode naturale nu au in general efecte secundare si au costuri semnificativ mai mici.
De ce sa apelezi la mijloace de infrumusetare periculoase cand, natura iti ofera mijloace pentru a-ti atinge idealul:sanii mai mari si mai frumosi ?
Radacina de lemn dulce are o actiune foarte intense asupra sanilor.
Este indicat mai ales femeilor cu o structura ,,mai uscata", cu masa corporala sub normal.
Ajuta la cresterea in greutate,stimuleaza puternic marirea in volum a sanilor.
Lemnul dulce este contraindicat in cazurile de chist,fibrom,adenofibrom,mastoza,cancer....citeste mai departe...

sâmbătă, 11 aprilie 2015

uscaciunea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal dryness-natural treatments)

uscaciunea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal dryness-natural treatments)
Vaginal dryness is a major overhaul that covers and protects the lining of the vaginal walls.
Consistency and quantity of the fluid is affected by hormonal changes during the menstrual cycle and age.
The main cause of vaginal dryness is decrease in estrogen,the female hormone that maintains healthy vaginal tissue through a normal vaginal lubrication, and by maintaining tissue elasticity and adequate acidity.
This condition is one of the reasons why sex is done with great pain.
A diet rich in estrogen will help in this case.
Eat foods beans, soya, celery, parsley, anise, nuts.
Enter in your diet foods that contain vitamin E.
Avoid sexual intercourse is not the solution that will solve this problem.
Remember that, by continuing sexual life, helps keep the body in good health condition, including mucous membranes.
Therefore, it is recommended that during intercourse, apply a bit of cream on the vulva.
You can use any cream (burdock, chamomile or calendula etc.).... read more ...
Uscaciunea vaginala reprezinta modificarea consistentei
mucoasei care acopera si protejeaza peretii vaginali.
Consistenta si cantitatea acestor fluide este afectata de
modificarile hormonale din timpul ciclului menstrual, precum si de varsta.
Principala cauza a uscaciunii vaginale este scaderea
nivelului de estrogen, hormon feminin care mentine tesutul vaginal sanatos printr-o lubrifiere vaginala normala, dar si prin mentinerea elasticitatii tesutului si aciditatea adecvata.
Aceasta afectiune este unul dintre motivele pentru care
contactul sexual este efectuat cu mari dureri.
O dieta bogata in estrogeni va ajuta in acest caz.
Consumati alimente fasole, soia,telina, patrunjel, anason,alune, nuci.
Introduceti in dieta alimente care contin vitamina E.
Evitarea raporturilor sexuale nu este solutia care va rezolva aceasta problema.
Nu uitati ca, prin continuarea vietii sexuale , contribuiti la mentinerea organismului intr-o stare buna de sanatate, inclusiv a mucoaselor.
De aceea, se recomanda ca,in timpul raporturilor sexuale,sa aplicati un pic de crema pe vulva.
Se poate folosi orice crema (de brusture, musetel sau galbenele etc.) ....cititi mai departe...

marți, 7 aprilie 2015

tulburari menopauza-tratamente naturiste(menopausal disorders-natural treatments)

tulburari de menopauza-tratamente naturiste(menopausal disorders-natural treatments)
Cessation of menstruation is the first visible sign of menopause.
He is accompanied by other symptoms of variable severity that occur more or less rapidly.
Some disorders occur just before or along with menopause:they are, for most women, hot flashes, sweating frequently accompanied abundant.
Others are installed progressively as fatigue, mood disorders, weight gain, thinning of the skin and, worse, low volume (atrophy) genital tissue, which causes sexual disorders, osteoporosis (decreased bone
matrix) and alteration of blood vessels that favor disease cardiovascular.
These disorders vary greatly from woman to woman.
To prevent and also to combat menopausal disorders, you should be aware of some tips on how to diet.
Thus, eat as little red meat and opt for the chicken, turkey or pork.
Fish is particularly recommended for women of menopausal age.
Also, reduce the consumption of sugar.
Soy is very good, because it contains plant hormones.
Drink as little alcohol and coffee; are horny and will worsen menopausal disorders.
It is very important to sleep well.
Get down before 23.00 and dinner always take 2 hours before you put to bed, to not gain weight.
Drink plenty of fluids to eliminate hot flashes; drink a glass of water before bed .... read more ...
Incetarea menstruatiilor este primul semn vizibil al
El este insotit de alte simptome, de gravitate variabila,
care apar mai mult sau mai putin rapid.
Unele tulburari survin chiar inainte sau o data cu aparitia
menopauzei: acestea sunt, pentru majoritatea femeilor, bufeurile, insotite frecvent de transpiratii abundente.
Altele se instaleaza progresiv, ca astenia, tulburarile de
dispozitie, cresterea in greutate, subtierea pielii si, mai grav,scaderea volumului (atrofie) tesutului genital, care antreneaza tulburari sexuale,osteoporoza (diminuarea matricei osoase) si alterarea vaselor sanguine, care
favorizeaza bolile cardiovasculare.
Aceste tulburari variaza foarte mult de la o femeie la alta.
Pentru prevenirea si in acelasi timp pentru combaterea tulburarilor de MENOPAUZA, trebuie sa tineti cont de cateva sfaturi privind modul de alimentatie.
Astfel, mancati cat mai putina carne rosie si optati pentru cea de pui, de curcan sau chiar muschi de porc.
Pestele este in mod deosebit recomandat femeilor aflate la varsta menopauzei.
De asemenea , diminuati consumul de zahar .
SOIA este foarte buna, deoarece contine fitohormoni. 
Beti cat mai putin alcool si cafea; sunt excitanti si va agraveaza tulburarile cauzate de MENOPAUZA.
Este foarte important sa dormiti bine.
Culcati-va inainte de ora 23.00 si luati intodeauna cina cu 2 ore inainte de a va baga in pat,pentru a nu va ingrasa.
Beti multe lichide pentru eliminarea bufeurilor; beti un pahar cu apa inainte de culcare....citeste mai departe...

duminică, 5 aprilie 2015

nodulii mamari-tratamente naturiste(breast nodules-natural treatments)

nodulii mamari-tratamente naturiste(breast nodules-natural treatments)

Under the generic name of nodules protruding understand those well defined, localized to the breast.
Breast nodules can occur in both sexes and at all ages.
In women, the detection of a node is a sign of alarm.
Breast nodules turn out to be benign (cysts, fibroadenoma,lipoma) that can be successfully treated.
There is also possibility of malignant formations.
When the disease is already installed appear bloody discharge from the nipple, affected breast is sore, persistent pain in the breast occur especially before menstruation or mid-cycle multiply nodules
appear incurable ulcers and eczema on the nipple.
For the treatment of nodules is effective management of natural products with a regulating effect on hormone (estrogen-progesterone ratio), regulate the menstrual cycle, alleviate symptoms of premenstrual
syndrome and products direct effect on tumor benign ... read more ...
Sub denumirea generica de noduli mamari  intelegem acele protuberante, bine delimitate ,localizate la nivelul sanilor.
Nodulii mamari pot aparea la ambele sexe si la orice varsta.
La femei,depistarea unui nodul este un semn de alarma.
Nodulii mamari  se dovedesc a fi tumori benigne (chist,adenofibrom,lipom) ce pot fi tratate cu succes.
Exista insa si posibilitatea de a fi si formatiuni maligne.
Cand boala este deja instalata apar secretii sangerande la
nivelul mamelonului,sanul afectat este inflamat, la nivelul sanului apar dureri persistente mai ales inainte de menstruatie sau la mijlocul ciclului, se inmultesc nodulii, apar ulceratii nevindecabile si eczeme pe mamelon.
Pentru tratamentul nodulilor este eficient administrarea unor produse naturiste cu efect de reglare hormonala (raport estrogen-progesteron), reglarea ciclului menstrual, atenuarea simptomelor in sindromul premenstrual si produse cu efect direct asupra tumorii benigne...citeste mai departe...

sâmbătă, 4 aprilie 2015

menoragia-tratamente naturiste(menorrhagia-natural treatments)

menoragia-tratamente naturiste(menorrhagia-natural treatments)

This name is given menstrual blood leaking profusely,
prolonged and sometimes different haemorrhages occurred.
It differs from uterine bleeding, menstrual bleeding which appears between two menstrual periods; if menorrhagia No blood between periods.
Here you can meet two distinct cases:Cycles occur regularly, but are high in relation to the
quantity of blood;
Quantitatively normal cycles, but longer.
For natural treatment of this disease, you can use these herbs: cornflowers, angelica, alder, thistle, arnica, buckthorn, common bennet,lady's mantle, meadowsweet, horsetail, lobster tail, horn, lotus,  oak, cranberry mountain, carrots, bitter,walnut, pepper pond, corn, sage, fenugreek, expensive oak, rattle, comfrey,
shepherd's purse, red clover, marsh clover, nettle, vines, cherry .... readmore ...
Aceasta denumire este data scurgerilor de SANGE menstrual
abundent, prelungit, iar uneori diferitelor hemoragii ivite.
Se deosebeste de metroragii, care sunt o sangerare
menstruala ce apare intre doua MENSTRUATII; in cazul menoragiilor nu exista SANGE intre MENSTRUATII.
Aici se intalnesc doua cazuri distincte: Ciclurile intervin cu regularitate, dar sunt mari in raport cu cantitatea de SANGE;
Cicluri normale cantitativ, dar de mai lunga durata.
Pentru tratamentul naturist al acestei boli,se pot folosi
urmatoarele plante medicinale: albastrele, angelica, anin negru, armurariu,arnica ,catina, cerentel,cretisoara, cretusca, coada-calului, coada-racului,
corn,  drete, frag, gorun, merisor de munte, morcov, naprasnic, nuc, piperul baltii, porumb, salvie, schinduf,
scumpie,  stejar,sunatoare, tataneasa,traista ciobanului, trifoi rosu, trifoiste de balta, urzica, vita de vie,
visin....citeste mai departe...

vineri, 3 aprilie 2015

lubrifierea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal lubrication-natural treatments)

lubrifierea vaginala-tratamente naturiste(vaginal lubrication-natural treatments)

Insufficient vaginal lubrication is a common disorder that
affects a large number of women, especially of those going through menopause.
The sensations felt in this situation are unpleasant:
irritation in the genital area, burning, itching, pain.
This affects the sexual life.
To maintain a normal vaginal secretions, one of the important factors is the estrogens.
Decreased estrogen levels, regardless of the cause -menopause, childbirth, breastfeeding, surgery on the ovaries - pops this disorder.
To relieve symptoms can be a natural treatment.
You can use these herbs: thyme, yarrow, calendula .... readmore ...

Lubrifierea vaginala insuficienta este o tulburare frecventa care afecteaza un numar mare de femei, mai ales dintre cele ajunse la menopauza.
Senzatiile resimtite in aceasta situatie sunt neplacute:
iritatie in zona genitala, arsura, mancarime, durere.
Acest fapt afecteaza viata sexuala.
Pentru mentinerea unei secretii vaginale normale, unul dintre factorii importanti il constituie estrogenii.
Scaderea nivelului estrogenilor, indiferent din ce cauza -menopauza, nastere, alaptat, interventie chirurgicala asupra ovarelor - face sa apara aceasta tulburare .
Pentru ameliorarea simptomelor se poate face un TRATAMENT naturist.
Se pot folosi urmatoarele plante medicinale:cimbru,coada soricelului, galbenele....citeste mai departe...

luni, 30 martie 2015

incontinenta urinara - tratamente naturiste - bolile femeilor (urinary incontinence - natural treatments - women's diseases)

incontinenta urinara - tratamente naturiste - bolile femeilor (urinary incontinence - natural treatments - women's diseases)

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine with minimal effort (coughing, sneezing), to walk, to  standing.
Whatever the amount lost, a few drops or jet is particularly embarrassing disability that has serious repercussions on the behavior and psyche.
That occurs much more frequently in multiparous women with difficult births with perineal tears, not only allow the award incontinence perineal relaxation.
The first step in treatment is to strengthen the muscles by exercise physiotherapy.
Nearly 6 in 10 cases find their resolve by this method.
It starts chair exercises.
To do the exercises correctly, you can get advice from a physiotherapist.
You can start sitting on chair with knees slightly apart,then tighten the muscle that lies at the entrance to the anus.
Try not to move your feet.
The next step is to imagine that you have to go to the toilet, but try to stop urine.
These exercises should be done daily.
Are made for 10-15 minutes.
The effects will occur after about 8-20 weeks.
Although it is possible to heal after them, these exercises should be done daily for life... read more ...
Incontinenta urinara reprezinta pierderea involuntara de
urina la un efort minim (tuse, stranut), la mers, la ortostatism.
Indiferent de cantitatea pierduta,cateva picaturi sau jet,
este o infirmitate deosebit de jenanta, care are repercusiuni serioase asupra comportamentului si a psihicului.
Faptul ca survine cu mult mai frecvent la multipare, femei
cu nasteri dificile, cu rupturi perineale, nu permite atribuirea incontinentei exclusiv relaxarii perineale.
Primul pas in cadrul tratamentului este intarirea muschilor
cu ajutorul exercitiilor de FIZIOTERAPIE.
Aproape 6 din 10 cazuri isi gasesc solutionarea prin aceasta
Se incep exercitiile pe scaun.
Pentru a face exercitiile corect, puteti apela la sfatul unui fizioterapeut.
Puteti incepe stand pe scaun, cu genunchii putin departati,apoi strangeti muschiul care se afla la intrarea in anus.
Incercati sa nu va miscati picioarele.
Urmatorul pas este sa va imaginati ca trebuie sa va duceti la toaleta, dar incercati sa opriti URINA.
Aceste de exercitii trebuie facute zilnic.
Se fac timp de 10-15 minute.
Efectele vor aparea dupa aproximativ 8-20 saptamani.
Desi e posibil sa va vindecati in urma acestora, aceste
exercitii vor fi facute pentru tot restul vietii zilnic....citeste maideparte...