Se afișează postările cu eticheta tincture. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta tincture. Afișați toate postările

duminică, 2 octombrie 2016

fenicul planta medicinala-fennel herb

fennel herbFennel Herb
Growing: herb is cultivated throughout the country, demanding to heat, prefers sandy soils and clay rich in humus and calcium, meadow black soils or soils.
Body plant used: fruit mature fennel.
Fennel-Natural Treatments
In internal use fennel herb is used to treat bloating,abdominal colic, anorexia, larynx-tonsil infections, stimulates diuresis and stimulates the secretion of milk, treats bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough and
spastic cough.
In external use, it is used to treat laryngitis,pharyngitis, tonsillitis and tracheitis.…………………………………… READ MORE..................................................................
Fennel tea
Fennel tea
Fennel tea is recommended for reducing the spasms occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion and increasing the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
Contribute to:
-reducing bloating and spasms that occur in the gut
(children and adults);
- Maintaining normal bacterial flora in the intestine;
- Improve digestion;
- Maintaining the health of the gastrointestinal tract;
- Normalize the secretion of milk in nursing mothers;
- Decongestion of the airways.
Pregnancy, intolerance FENICUL.
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Help improve digestion.
Contribute to:
-Improving digestion and absorption of nutrients;
-Reduces flatulence (gas accumulation in the intestine) and colic evacuation by stimulating intestinal gas (carminative effect)
-Reduces gastric acidity;
- Improves bowel;
-Improving production and secretion of milk in nursing mothers (galactogen effect);
-Improving digestion and reduction of abdominal colic babies (anethole is excreted in breast milk);
-On the menstrual cycle and reduce the symptoms of menopause and its;
-Stimulating the expectoration and bronchial and sinus congestion reduction;
-Maintaining normal eye pressure;
Directions: 1-3 capsules each 2 times / day to the table or under your qualified health consultant.
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Tincture of fennel
Tincture of fennel
Effects: Digestive, carminative, galactogog, expectorant,sedative, diuretic, anthelmintic, laxative, stimulant.
Adjuvant in bloating, indigestion, mild spasms of the digestive tract, colic,expectorant in bronchitis,dyspepsia, diabetes.
Internal administration: 40 drops, 3 times a day, diluted in water or tea, preferably after meals.
Inflammation of the throat, irritation of the eyes, wrinkles.
Administrare extern: gargara,in raceli, comprese (cu 30 de picaturi la un pahar cu apa). 
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Fennel essential oil
Fennel essential oil
Properties: digestive tonic, carminative, antispasmodic,antiseptic, soothing stomach tonic, purifying, revitalizing.
It is used in massage oils for relaxation, cellulite, edema and rheumatic pain, skin becomes more smooth and elastic. It is one of the most effective detoxifying oils being used in lymphatic drainage massage.
If flatulence and digestive disorders is recommended local massage in combination with fennel tea.
Do not use undiluted!
Keep out of reach of children!
Avoid contact with eyes!
Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people who are allergic to this product.
Some oils can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people,so it is necessary to test the sensitivity
For external use only!
Pregnancy, intolerance FENICUL.

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fenicul planta medicinala
Raspndire: planta este cultivata in toata tara,pretentioasa la caldura,prefera solurile nisipo-argiloase bogate in humus si calciu,cernoziomuri sau soluri de lunca.
Organul vegetal utilizat:fructele mature de fenicul.
Fenicul-Tratamente Naturiste
In uz intern ,planta medicinala  fenicul,este folosita pentru tratarea balonarilor, colicilor abdominali,anorexiei,infectiilor laringo-amigdaliene,stimuleaza diureza si stimuleaza secretia de lapte,trateaza bronsita,astmul bronsic,tusea convulsiva si tusea spastica.
In uz extern,este folosit pentru pentru tratarea laringitei,faringitei,amigdalitei si traheitei.
Ceaiul de fenicul
Ceaiul de fenicul
Ceaiul de fenicul este recomandat pentru reducerea spasmelor care apar la nivelul tractului gastrointestinal, imbunatatirea digestiei si cresterea secretiei de lapte la lauze.
Contribuie la:
-reducerea balonarii si a spasmelor, care apar la nivel intestinal (la copii şi adulti);
-mentinerea in limite normale a florei bacteriene din intestin;
-imbunatatirea digestiei;
-mentinerea sanatatii tractului gastrointestinal;
-normalizarea secretiei de lapte la lauze;
-decongestionarea cailor respiratorii.
Contraindicatii:Sarcina,intoleranta la FENICUL.



Ajuta la
imbunatatirea digestiei

Contribuie la:
-imbunatatirea digestiei si a absorbtiei substantelor
-reduce meteorismul (acumulare de gaze în intestin) si
colicile abdominale prin stimularea evacuarii gazelor intestinale (efect
-reduce aciditatea gastrica;
-imbunatateste tranzitul intestinal;
-imbunatatirea productiei si secretiei de lapte a mamelor
care alapteaza (efect galactogen);

-imbunatatirea digestiei si reducerea colicilor abdominale
ale bebelusilor (anetolul este excretat in laptele matern);
-reglarea ciclului menstrual si reducerea simptomelor
acestuia si ale menopauzei;
-stimularea expectoratiei si la reducerea congestiei
bronhiilor si a sinusurilor;
-mentinerea tensiunii oculare normale;
Administrare:cate 1-3 capsule de 2 ori/zi la masa sau
conform recomandarii consultantului de specialitate.

Tinctura De Fenicul
Tinctura De Fenicul
Efecte: Digestiv, carminativ, galactogog, expectorant,
sedativ, diuretic, vermifug, laxativ, stimulent.
Intern: Adjuvant in balonari, indigestie spasme usoare ale
tubului digestiv, colici, expectorant in bronsite, dispepsii, diabet.

Administrare intern: 40 de picaturi, de 3 ori pe zi, diluate in putina apa sau ceai, de preferabil dupa mese.
Extern: Inflamatii ale gatului, iritatii ale ochilor, riduri.
Administrare extern: gargara, in raceli,comprese (cu 30 de picaturi la un pahar cu apa).

Ulei Esential Fenicul
Ulei Esential Fenicul
Proprietati:tonic digestiv,carminativ, antispastic, antiseptic, calmant gastric, tonic general, purifiant,
revitalizant. Este folosit în uleiuri de masaj pentru relaxare, eliminarea celulitei, edemelor şi a durerilor reumatice, pielea devenind mai netedă şi elastică. 

Este unul dintre cele mai eficiente uleiuri detoxifiante, fiind utilizat în masajul de drenaj limfatic. 
În cazul flatulenţei şi a tulburărilor digestive este recomandat masajul local în combinaţie cu ceaiul de fenicul.
A nu se utiliza nediluat!
A nu se lăsa la îndemâna copiilor!
A se evita contactul cu ochii!
Nerecomandat femeilor gravide, mamelor care alăptează, persoanelor alergice la acest produs.
Unele uleiuri pot provoca reacţii alergice la persoanele sensibile, de aceea este necesară testarea sensibilitaţii
Numai pentru uz extern!

miercuri, 23 decembrie 2015

Angelica Planta Medicinala-Angelica Herb

Angelica Herb
Growth: herb grows spontaneously in mountain and subalpine floor between 500 and 1500 m elevation through rocky places and wet gorge, the shores of streams, in bogs,on the edge of the forest.
Body plant used:
for natural treatments are used: the leaves, stem and root rhizomes.
Harvesting period:
angelica can harvest spring from March to June inclusive, in late summer or early fall, from late August to September inclusive.
Angelica-Natural Treatments
Internal use: in internal use angelica is used to treat anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence,enteritis, cough and treating hysteria, cure neuralgia, rheumatism, skin rash,asthenia, anemia.
The plant, is also used to provoke vomiting.
External use: in external use medicinal herb is used to treat joint pain rheumatic nature,trauma, oral diseases, dog bites, snake bites.
Angelica tincture:in a glass jar with lid (airtight) place a half liter of refined alcohol 70º.
It adds, still green herb, and crumbled, the equivalent of 10 teaspoons.
Let it soak for 2-3 weeks in hot spots, sunny.
Then filter the liquid, using gauze (made in 2-3 layers to be more dense).
Tincture thus obtained is put into storage in dark bottles (containers be of glass, NOT plastic), preferably in cool, dark rooms.
In internal use tincture is used for:
- skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, scleroderma, dermatosis of unknown etiology);
- Frequent indigestion, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal inertia;
- Bulimia, anorexia, appetite disturbances are cures for at least 2 months;
- Dyspepsia and mental confusion, hysteria, depression,neurosis, psychosis has adjuvant role;
- Physical and nervous exhaustion;
- Convalescence, weakness, excessive sensitivity to climatic factors.
Dosage and
: 2 teaspoons tincture diluted in a glass of water; drink 2-3 glasses / day.
In external use the
tincture is used for
: skin pore, seborrhea, to maintain youthfulness and skin tone.
Apply on affected areas with a cotton swab or as compresses;
tincture will be applied undiluted. …read more…

Angelica Planta Medicinala
Raspandire: planta medicinala creste spontan in etajul montan si subalpin intre 500 si 1500 m altitudine, prin locuri stancoase si umede,in chei,malul paraielor,in turbarii,la margine de padure.
Organul vegetal
: pentru tratamente naturiste, se folosesc:frunzele,tulpina si rizomul cu radacina.
Perioada de recoltare : angelica se poate recolta primavara din martie si pana in iunie inclusiv,sau
la sfarsitul verii inceputul toamnei-de la sfarsitul lunii august si pana in septembrie inclusiv.
Angelica-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern: in uz intern angelica este folosita pentru tratarea anorexiei,dispepsie,balonarilor,enteritei,tusei si tratarea isteriilor,vindeca nevralgiile,reumatismul,eruptiilor tegumentare,astenia,anemiile.
Planta, mai este folosita si pentru provocarea vomei.
Uz extern: in uz extern planta medicinala, este folosita pentru tratarea durerilor de articulatii de natura reumatismala, traumatisme,afectiuni bucale,muscaturi de caine,muscaturi de sarpe.
Tinctura de  angelica:intr-un borcan de sticla cu capac (inchidere ermetica) se pune o jumatate litru alcool rafinat de 70º.
Se adauga ,planta medicinala inca verde, si maruntita,echivalent a 10 lingurite.
Se lasa la macerat,timp de 2 – 3 saptamani, in locuri calduroase, insorite.
Se strecoara apoi lichidul, folosind tifon (pus in 2-3 straturi pentru a fi cat mai dens).
Tinctura astfel obtinuta se pune spre pastrare in sticle de culoare inchisa (recipientele sa fie din sticla, NU din plastic), in incaperi preferabil intunecoase si racoroase.
In uz intern tinctura este folosita pentru:
-boli de piele (acnee, psoriazis, sclerodermie, dermatoze de
etiologie necunoscuta);
-indigestii frecvente, dispepsie, atonie digestiva;
-bulimie,anorexie, dereglari ale apetitului-se fac cure de minim 2 luni;
-stare de confuzie si dispepsie mentala,isterie, depresie,nevroze, psihoze-are rol adjuvant;
-epuizare fizica si nervoasa;
- convalescenta, debilitate, sensibilitate excesiva la factorii climatici.
Mod de administrare:se dilueaza 2 lingurite tinctura, intr-un pahar cu apa; se beau 2-3 pahare/zi.
In uz extern tinctura este folosita pentru:ten cu pori,seboreic, pentru mentinerea tineretii si tonusului pielii.
Se aplica pe zonele afectate, cu ajutorul unui tampon de vata sau sub forma de comprese; tinctura aplicata va fi nediluata. … citeste mai departe…

duminică, 22 noiembrie 2015

tinctura din plante medicinale-herbal tinctures

Herbal TincturesHerbal Tinctures
Herbal tinctures, is a natural extract hydroalcoholic ,obtained by macerating in alcohol 40º from a single herb or combination of herbs, depending on the nature of the disease we serve.
The active principles of tinctures are in a stronger and retains its therapeutic qualities for a long time.
How to prepare herbal tincture.
A bottle or other container that can be filled, filled with such herbs to the neck without thicken, then pour over a fruit brandy or rye. Glass is allowed to stand, well closed in warm place (about 20 degrees Celsius) 14 days or more, during which frequently shake, then strain and squeeze what remains well resulting tincture.For internal use, mixed with the tea infusions are made in the form of drops.
For external use herbal tincture is recommended for massages or compresses.
Tinctures are herb extracts obtained from combining them with spirits at least 60%: food refined alcohol (diluted with water), fruit brandy, vodka.In the process of obtaining dyes is strictly forbidden to use alcohol and rubbing alcohol.The maceration herbs can be done easily and in the household, in brandy or brandy house.The resulting liquid is stored in dark bottles and the usual dose is 5-10 drops diluted in tea or hot water.The concentration of dyes is given by the amount of herbs used, by volume solution.. ... read more...

Tinctura din Plante Medicinale
Tinctura din Plante Medicinale
Tinctura din plante medicinale,este un extract natural hidroalcoolic obtinut prin macerare naturala in alcool de 40º dintr-o singura planta sau din combinatii de plante medicinale, in functie de natura bolii careia i se adreseaza.Principiile active din tincturi sunt in concentratie mai mare si isi pastreaza calitatea terapeutica timp indelungat.
Cum se prepara tinctura din plante medicinale.
O sticla sau un alt recipient ce poate fi astupat ,se umple cu respectivele plante medicinale pana la gat,fara a se indesa,apoi se toarna peste,un rachiu din fructe sau din secara.Sticla este lasata sa stea,bina inchisa,la loc calduros (cca 20 grade Celsius) 14 zile sau mai mul,timp in care se agita des,apoi se strecoara,iar ceea ce ramane se stoarce bine rezultand tinctura.
Pentru uz intern, amestecata cu ceai, tinctura din plante se iau sub forma de picaturi.
Pentru uz extern tinctura din plante, este recomandata pentru frectii sau comprese.
Tincturile sunt extracte de plante medicinale,obtinute din combinarea lor cu produse alcoolice de cel putin 60%: alcool rafinat alimentar (diluat cu apa), rachiu de fructe, vodka.In procesul de obtinere a tincturilor este strict interzisa folosirea alcoolului etilic si a spirtului medicinal.Macerarea plantelor medicinale, se poate face usor si in gospodarie,in tuica sau palinca de casa.Lichidul obtinut se pastreaza in sticle inchise la culoare iar doza obisnuita este de 5-10 picaturi diluate in ceai sau apa fierbinte.Taria sau concentratia tincturilor este data de cantitatea de plante medicinale folosite, raportata la volumul solutiei.

luni, 28 septembrie 2015

castan salbatic planta medicinala-horse chestnut herb

Horse Chestnut Herb

Chestnut is an ornamental tree, tall up to 30 cm.It has branched root, strong.
Short trunk, globular crown, dense with thick branches.The bark turns gray early death in tissues that fall into thin blades .Stalks and buds young lenticels opposite, large, glossy
brown, gummy.The flowers are grouped in large panicles, erect rich.
They symmetrical, yellowish-white, stained red.The fruits are green capsules, 3-5 cm in diameter large,spiny, open at maturity in March valve, immediately releasing large seeds 1-2,shiny brown with a high hil, yellow.
Parties Used:Hippocastani floral Flores.
Leaves, Folium hippocastani.
Semen hippocastani-seeds.
Bark-Cortex hippocastani.

The flowers are harvested in late April and May, when opened
more than half of them.
Break or cut with scissors tree blossoms, then pinch the
flowers on stalks.
The leaves are harvested in May and June, without petiole,
each folio by breaking or cutting at the union petiole leaf.
The seeds are harvested in September-October, in stages, as the fall.
Bark - start sap spring, when the buds begin to burst, the smooth young branches in the pan forming crown.
It is made by cutting ring to 10-15 cm and a cut in long distance,yielding tubular fragments without quality wood.
Horse Chestnut-Natural treatments
It reduces capillary fragility.
Use complementary treatment: phlebitis, varicose veins,hemorrhoids, prostate hypertrophy, rheumatic pain.
Internal: form of pharmaceutical products, whereas the limit between the therapeutic dose and
toxic dose is small.
Prepare tincture and capsule form.
External: 1 teaspoon bark decoction of 200 ml water;Tincture of bark and fruits 30%.As compresses, local baths ... read more ...
Castan Salbatic Planta Medicinala
Castanul salbatic este un arbore ornamental,inalt de pana la 30 cm.
Are radacina ramificata,puternica.
Trunchiul scurt,coroana globuloasa,densa,cu ramuri groase.
Scoarta cenusie se transforma de timpuriu in ritidom solzos.
Lujerii tineri cu lenticele si muguri
Florile sunt grupate in panicule mari,erecte,bogate.
Au simetrie bilaterala, de culoare alb-galbuie,patate cu rosu.
Fructele sunt capsule verzi,mari de 3-5 cm in diametru,tepoase,se deschid la maturitate in 3 valve, punand in libertate 1-2 seminte mari,brun-lucitoare cu un hil mare,galbui.
Partile Utilizate:
Florile-Flores hippocastani.
Frunzele-Folium hippocastani.
Semintele-Semen hippocastani.
Scoarta-Cortex hippocastani.
Florile se recolteaza la sfarsitul lunii aprilie si in luna mai, cand sunt deschise mai mult de jumatate din numarul lor. Se rup sau se taie cu foarfeca de pomi inflorescentele, apoi se ciupesc florile de pe codite.
Frunzele se recolteaza in lunile mai-iunie, fara petiol,prin ruperea fiecarei foliole sau taierea petiolului la locul de unire cu frunza.Semintele se recolteaza in septembrie-octombrie, esalonat,pe masura ce cad.
Scoarta- primavara la pornirea sevei,cand mugurii incep sa plesneasca, de pe ramurile tinere netede, in cadrul talerilor de formare a coroanei.Se realizeaza prin taieri inelare la 10-15 cm distanta si o
taietura in lung, obtinandu-se fragmente tubulare, fara lemn si de calitate.
Castan Salbatic-Tratamente Naturiste
Diminueaza fragilitatea capilara .Se foloseste complementar pentru tratamentul:flebitelor,varicilor,hemoroizlor,hipertrofiei de prostata,durerilor reumatice.
Mod de Folosire.
Intern:sub forma de produse farmaceutice,intrucat limita intre doza terapeutica si doza toxica
este mica.Se prepara sub forma tinctura si capsule.
Extern:decoct din 1 lingurita scoarta la 200 ml apa;Tinctura din scoarta si fructe 30%.Sub forma de comprese,bai locale...citeste mai departe...

vineri, 6 martie 2015

branca ursului planta medicinala-hogweed herb

Hogweed Herb

Growth: growing in orchards, meadows roadside, near rivers ditches, bushes and clearings.
It prefers soils that contain many nutrients.
Body plant used: leaves and buds fresh plant
Harvesting period: leaves and buds can be harvested from April to October.
Hogweed-Natural Treatments
As a medicinal plant, effects of lowering blood pressure and stimulating digestion.
Hogweed herb, treat the following conditions: diseases of the stomach, liver disease, arthritis, impotence, bruises, sore throat, open sores, bruises, gall bladder disease and digestive disorders.
Hogweed  tea:
Hogweed  tea, is used successfully in treating infertility, menopause and ovarian failure.
Tea may be used as natural aphrodisiac or regulator of blood pressure (not to be administered in parallel with drug treatments).
It administers three course tea per day for 6 weeks.
External - poultices and compresses are decoction in case of rheumatic pains and headaches.
After external applications do not expose the sun.
For sore throat, gargle with hogweed tea (decoction).
For treating diseases of the stomach, liver, gall bladder and digestive disorders in the case, will receive tea (infusion) of hogweed. …read more…
Branca Ursului Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:creste in livezi,pe pajisti la marginea drumurilor,langa rauri in santuri, tufe si luminisuri.
Prefera solurile ce contin multe substante hranitoare.
Organul vegetal utilizat:frunzele proaspete si mugurii plantei
Perioada de recoltare:frunzele si mugurii se pot recolta, din aprilie pana in octombrie.
Branca Ursului-Tratamente Naturiste
Ca planta medicinala ,are efecte de scaderea tensiunii arteriale si de stimulare a digestiei.
Branca ursului, trateaza urmatoarele afectiuni:boli de stomac,boli de ficat,artroza,impotenta,lovituri,dureri in gat,rani deschise,contuzii,boli de vezica biliara si tulburari digestive.
Mod de folosire.
Ceai de branca ursului:
Ceaiul de branca ursului, se foloseste cu succes in tratarea sterilitatii, menopauzei si insuficientei ovariene.
Ceaiul, se poate folosi si ca afrodisiac natural sau reglator al tensiunii arteriale (a nu se administra in paralel cu tratamente medicamentoase).
Se administreaza, 3 ceaiuri pe zi in cure de 6 saptamani.
Extern - se fac cataplasme sau comprese cu decoct, in caz de dureri reumatice si dureri de cap.
Dupa aplicatii externe, zona nu se va expune la soare.
Pentru durerile in gat, se face gargara cu ceai (decoct) de branca ursului .
Pentru tratarea bolilor de stomac,de ficat,de vezica biliara si in cazul tulburarilor digestive,se va administra un ceai(infuzie) din branca ursului. …citeste mai departe…