Se afișează postările cu eticheta sanatate. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta sanatate. Afișați toate postările

miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2015

compresele cu plante medicinale-herbal compresses

Herbal Compresses
To prepare herbal compresses, boil water in a pot, which hangs over a sieve insert fresh or dried herbs and cover.
After some time plants take hot soaking, put in a canvas
fabric rare and apply on suffering.
Everything is then covered with a cloth, wool and rags tied more closely with.
It is not allowed to show any feeling of cold.
Herbal compresses - natural treatments
Chamomile compress:
Pour 1 liter of milk boiling over 2 tablespoons of chamomile, let stand 2-3 minutes, strain and applied as a warm compress.
Warm compress is recommended in eye pain, conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, skin rashes or itchy suppurations, and as a gargle for toothache and washing wounds.
Compress lady's mantle:
Warm compress is recommended in eye pain, conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, skin rashes or itchy suppurations, and as a gargle for toothache and washing wounds.
Burdock compress:
Fresh leaves are washed, crushed and applied as poultice several times a day until the cause disappears.
Compression is recommended for sprains, walked feet hurt too much, burns, ulcers, wounds bitter.

Compress with narrowleaf plantain:

Fresh leaves are washed, crushed to a paste is formed (porridge), applied to the affected area.
It is recommended wounds, foot cracks, cuts, insect bites, rabid dog bites, poisonous animals.
Leaves in hand rubbed with salt and applied to the neck, goiter cure and heal blisters or chafing feet from shoes.This compression is recommended in the case of cancerous diseases of the glands. ... read more...

Compresele cu Plante  Medicinale

Pentru prepararea compreselor cu plante medicinale,se fierbe
apa intr-o oala,se atarna deasupra o sita in care se introduce plante proaspete
sau uscate si se acopera.
Dupa catva timp se iau plantele calde, inmuiate,se pun
intr-o panza cu tesatura rara si se aplica pe locul suferind .
Totul este acoperit apoi cu un postav de lana si legat
strans cu mai multe carpe.Nu are voie sa apara nici un fel de senzatie de rece.
Compresele cu plante medicinale - Tratamente naturiste
Compresa  cu musetel:
Se toarnă 1 l lapte clocotit deasupra a 2 linguri de musetel,se lasa sa stea 2-3 minute,se strecoara si se aplica sub forma  de compresa calda.
Este recomandata compresa calda in durerile de ochi,conjunctivite,alte inflamatii ale ochilor,in eruptii cutanate care provoaca mancarimi sau supuratii,iar sub forma de gargara in durerile de dinti,precum si la spalarea ranilor.
Compresa cu cretisoara:
Este recomandata compresa calda in durerile de
ochi,conjunctivite,alte inflamatii ale ochilor,in eruptii cutanate care provoaca mancarimi sau supuratii,iar sub forma de gargara in durerile de dinti,precum si la spalarea ranilor.
Compresa cu brusture:
Frunzele proaspete se spala, se zdrobesc si se aplica sub forma  de cataplasma,de mai multe ori pe zi, pana cand cauza dispare .
Compresa este  recomandata in entorse, luxatii, picioare ranite de prea mult umblat,arsuri, leziuni ulceroase, plagi usturatoare.
Compresa cu patlagina ingusta:
Frunzele proaspete se spala, se zdrobesc pana se formeaza o pasta (terci), care se aplica pe zona afectata.
Este recomandata in rani, crapaturi la picioare,taieturi,intepaturi de insecte, muscaturi de caine turbat, animale veninoase.
Frunzele frecate in maini cu sare si aplicate la gat,vindeca gusa, iar la picioare vindeca basicile sau rosaturile de laincaltaminte.Aceasta compresa,este recomandata si in cazul bolilor
canceroase ale glandelor. ...citeste maideparte...

sâmbătă, 31 octombrie 2015

baile cu plante medicinale-herbal baths

Herbal Baths
Herbal baths are useful in a wide range of diseases because
they are absorbed through the skin several active substances, which then enter
the bloodstream and lymphatic circulation throughout the body, thus explaining
their therapeutic action.
Full herbal bath.
For full herbal bath, plants are put to soak overnight in
cold water.
For full herbal bath, you need a bucket full of fresh herbs,
6-8 liters of cold water, or 200 grams of dried plants at 6-8 liters of cold
The next day, the amount that the full bath is heated, and
the extract is poured into the bath water.
Duration of full herbal bath- 20 minutes.The heart must stay out of the water.It will not wipe after bathing, but you are getting in a bath robe or towel to sweat for an hour.
Herbal sitz  bath.
For herbal sitz  bath take only a quarter buckets of fresh herbs or about 100 grams of dried plants
and proceed as full bath.
Water should be mounted above the kidneys.Must be complied directions from each plant.Water reheating a full herbal bath or sitz that may still be used twice..................................................................................
Therapeutic showers.
Another possibility to use water in hydrotherapy is the
therapeutic showers.
Thus, therapeutic showers cold that can be done for 30-60
seconds, strengthen the body and are indicated in debility, anemia and depression.
Cold water has a stimulatory action on both the assimilation process, and the cells katabolism, intensifying detoxification. ……………………………………………………
Steam baths
Steam baths are another form of hydrotherapy, as they, along
hygienic, and have therapeutic properties.... read more ...

Baile cu Plante Medicinale
Baile cu plante medicinale sunt utile intr-o serie larga de
afectiuni datorita faptului ca prin tegument sunt absorbite multe substante
active,care apoi intra prin circulatia limfatica si sangvina in intregul
organism,explicandu-se astfel actiunea lor terapeutica.
Baia completa cu
Pentru baia completa cu plante medicinale, plantele sunt
puse peste noapte la macerat in apa rece.
Pentru baia completa, este nevoie de o  galeata plina cu plante  proaspete, la 6-8 litrii de apa rece, sau de
200 de grame de plante uscate la 6-8 litrii de apa rece.
A doua zi,cantitatea respectiva pentru baia completa  este incalzita,iar extractul este turnat in apa de baie.
Durata baii - 20 de minute.Inima trebuie sa stea in afara apei.Sa nu va stergeti dupa baie,ci sa va bagati in halat sau prosop de baie ca sa transpirati timp de o ora.
Baia de sezut.
Pentru baia de sezut se ia numai un sfert de galeta de plante proaspete sau cca 100 grame de plante uscate si se procedeaza ca la baia completa.Apa trebuie sa ajunga pana deasupra rinichilor.Trebuie respectate indicatiile de la fiecare planta in parte.Apa reincalzita a baii complete sau a celei de sezut poate
Dusurile terapeutice.
O alta posibilitate de utilizare a apei in hidroterapie o reprezinta dusurile terapeutice.
Astfel, dusurile terapeutice reci, care se pot face timp de
30-60 de secunde, fortifica organismul si sunt indicate in debilitate, anemie si stari depresive.
Apa rece  are o actiune stimulatoare atat asupra procesului de asimilare, cat si asupra celui
de dezasimiliare, intensificand meolismul organismului. ……………………………...
Baile cu aburi
Baile cu aburi reprezinta o alta forma de hidroterapie,
intrucat acestea, pe langa proprietatile igienice, au si proprietati
terapeutice....citeste mai departe...

marți, 20 octombrie 2015

alunul planta medicinala-hazelnut herb

Hazelnut Herb

Ecology and growth:increase
the plains to the mountains (in beech floor), the bushes, cuts and edges of
woods, bushes, debris and even clearings.
Body plant used:
leaves (Folium CORYLI), bark (Cortex CORYLI) hazelnut.
Harvesting period:
the hazelnut can harvest in June-July.

The hazelnut-Natural  treatments
Internal use: the
hazelnut is antihemorrhagic and disinfectant for open wounds, perspiration.
In internal use herb is used to treat hemorrhoids, varicose veins, edema of the legs, eczema, vitamin deficiencies, emphysema, silicosis,asthma, hepatitis outbreak.
External use: in external use hazelnut is used for healing ulcers, treatment perifeblitei,pecinginelor, boils eritocianoza sweet and lower limbs.
Infusion buds nuts:  the infusion is prepared from 1 to 2 teaspoons of peanut sprouts in a cup of boiling water.
If consuming a daily vitamin deficiencies 250g fresh peanuts.Peanuts are considered a good remedy against hemolytic anemia (destruction of red blood cells), while leaves and husk extract or young branches is considered effective in periflebite (inflammation of the membrane that covers the external fibrous veins). ... read more ...
Alunul Planta Medicinala
Ecologie si raspandire:  creste de la campie la
munte (in etajul fagului),prin tufisuri, taieturi si margini de padure,tufarisuri, grohotisuri si chiar prin poieni.
Organul vegetal utilizat:frunzele (Folium CORYLI), scoarta (Cortex CORYLI) de alun.
Perioada de recoltare:alunul se poate recolta in lunile iunie-iulie.

Alunul-Tratamente Naturiste 
Uz intern:
Alunul este antihemoragic si dezinfectant pentru ranile
In uz intern,planta medicinala este folosita pentru tratarea
hemoroizilor,varicilor,edemelor de la
picioare,eczemelor,avitaminozelor,emfizemului pulmonar,silicozei,astmului
bronsic,hepatita epidemica.
Uz extern:
In uz extern alunul este folosit pentru vindecarea
ulceratiilor,pentru tratarea perifeblitei,pecinginelor,bubelor dulci si in
eritocianoza a membrelor inferioare.
Infuzie din muguri de
alune: i
nfuzia se prepara din 1-2 lingurite de muguri de alune la o cana cu
apa clocotita.
In cazul avitaminozelor se consuma zilnic cate 250g alune proaspete.Alunele sunt considerate un leac foarte bun impotriva
anemiei hemolitice (distrugerea globulelor rosii din sange), in timp ce
extractul de frunze
si coji sau de ramuri tinere este considerat eficient in periflebite
(inflamatia membranei fibroase externe care acopera venele). ...citeste mai departe...

duminică, 4 octombrie 2015

afinul planta medicinala-bilberry herb

Bilberry Herb
Growth:bilberry is met, mountain forests, clearings of forests, juniper bushes and juniper, mountain and subalpine meadows, the entire Carpathian Mountains, especially on shady slopes and wet.

Body plant used:bilberry leaves and fruits.
Harvesting period:bilberry leaves can be harvested from May to
September inclusive, and the fruit matures from July to September.
Bilberry-Natural Treatments
Internal use:in internal use bilberry is used treat the following conditions:diarrhea, enteritis, diabetes,
uremia, urinary infections, kidney calculus, gout, rheumatism, intestinal worms (pinworms), eczema, hemorrhoids, colitis fermentation of rotting colitis,
acuity, old age.
External use:in external use herb is used to treat pharyngitis,stomatitis and thrush.
Natural treatments with bilberries (fruit).
In the morning on an empty stomach, eat 200g cranberry or more, exclusive cure is two - three kilograms for three or four days.
Bilberries cure is indicated for lowering blood urea value, and as an adjunct in the treatment of tuberculosis.
Even once consumed in greater quantity, bilberries significantly improves visual acuity, especially at night,
and regenerate retinal purple. … readmore…

Afinul Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:afinul este intalnit in paduri
montane rarite,taieturi de padure, tufarisuri de jneapan si ienupar, pajisti montane si subalpine,pe intregul lant Carpatic, si mai ales pe versantii
umbriti si umezi.
Organul vegetal utilizat:frunzele si fructele de afin.
Perioada de recoltare:frunzele de afin se pot recolta din mai pana
in septembrie inclusiv,iar fructele la maturitate din iulie pana in septembrie.

Afin-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern:in uz intern afinul se foloseste tratarea  urmatoarelor  afectiuni:diaree,enterite,diabet,uremie,infectii urinare,calculoza renala,guta,reumatism,oxiuriaza,eczeme,hemoroizi,colite de fermentatie,colite de putrefactie,acuitate,presbitie.
Uz extern:in uz extern planta se administreaza pentru tratarea faringitei,stomatitei si aftelor.
Tratamente naturiste cu afine (fructe).
Dimineata, pe stomacul gol,mancati 200 g de afine sau mai mult,cura exclusiva fiind de doua - trei kilograme, timp de trei sau patru zile.
Cura de afine este indicata si pentru scaderea valorii ureei din sange,precum si ca adjuvant in tratamentul tuberculozei.
Chiar consumate o singura data,in cantitate mai mare,afinele amelioreaza simtitor acuitatea vizuala,mai ales pe
timp de noapte,si regenereaza purpura retiniana. … citeste mai departe…

joi, 24 septembrie 2015

patrunjel planta medicinala-parsley herb

Parsley herb
Besides the use parsley as a vegetable, its remarkable properties make it be used as a medicinal plant.
If the scientific name is PETROSELINUM CRISPUM.
Parsley is said to have the power to strengthen the body's response to disease and that is sustained.
Parsley contains vitamin C.
After being two years in the ground, root becomes thick and
high strain can grow up to 50 centimeters.
Then appear greenish yellow flowers.
Parsley is now rare in the wild and it is best to avoid the gather outside garden, there are possibilities of confusion with plants that have toxic effects.
Parsley contains many active ingredients, essential oils and miristicina.
Parsley-natural treatments
The oil content in leaves sensitizes the kidney and
increases the amount of urine, stimulates sweating and reduces fever.
Parsley is recommended in treating all raw nerve diseases.
Eaten raw or made into a tea help in the treatment of renal
disease, liver treats rheumatism, gout help cure removes kidney stones and treat eczema.
Since the plant are used fresh leaves and roots and seeds from plants older than two years.
Parsley was still in service in the areas of southeastern Europe.
Interestingly parsley in Germany expanded by 820 year ago Charlemagne's order.
PETROSELINUM CRISPUM Latin name means rock-celery and it appears in the writings of Pliny and Dioscorides.
In the writings of ancient healing power of parsley stated in heart disease, stomach and kidneys.
The tea from the roots, seeds or dried leaves is recommended in the treatment of menstrual disorders, digestive disorders, in fever, dropsy,diseases of the bladder, kidney stones.
Fresh juice helps in the treatment of birthmarks (skin blemishes), insect bites and freckles …read more…
Patrunjel Planta Medicinala
In afara de utilizarea patrunjelului ca leguma,proprietatile
sale remarcabile il fac sa fie folosit si ca planta medicinala.
Daca denumirea stiintifica este PETROSELINUM CRISPUM.
Se spune despre patrunjel ca are puterea de a intari reactia
organismului la boli si ca este un fortificant.
Patrunjelul contine multa vitamina C.
Dupa ce este doi ani in pamant,radacina devine groasa si tulpina poate creste inalta de pana la 50 de centimetri.
Atunci apar florile de culoare galben verzuie.
Patrunjelul in stare salbatica este astazi rar si este bine sa evitati a-l culege in afara gradinilor,existand posibilitati de a-l confunda cu plante ce au efect toxic.
Patrunjelul contine multe substante active,uleiuri eterice si miristicina.
Patrunjel-tratamente naturiste
Uleiul continut in frunze sensibilizeaza rinichiul si conduce la cresterea cantitatii de urina,stimuleaza transpiratia si scade febra.
Patrunjelul se recomanda in stare cruda in tratarea tuturor bolilor de nervi.
Consumul crud sau sub forma de ceai ajuta in tratamentul afectiunilor renale,hepatice,trateaza  reumatismul,ajuta la vindecarea gutei,indeparteaza calculii renali si trateaza eczemele.
De la planta se folosesc frunzele proaspete,iar radacinile si semintele de la plantele mai vechi de doi ani.
Patrunjelul se gasea inca din vechime in zonele de sud-est ale Europei.
Interesant este ca in Germania patrunjelul s-a extins prin anul 820 in urma ordinului dat de Carol cel Mare.
Denumirea latina PETROSELINUM CRISPUM inseamna-telina de stanca si ea apare in scrierile lui Plinius si Dioscoride.
In scrierile din antichitate se mentioneaza puterea
tamaduitoare a patrunjelului in bolile de inima,de stomac si de rinichi.
Ceaiul din radacini,din frunzele uscate sau din seminte se
recomanda in tratamentul tulburarilor menstruale,tulburarilor digestive,in stari febrile,hidropizie,afectiuni ale vezicii urinare,calculi renali.Sucul proaspat  ajuta in tratamentul semnelor din nastere (pete pe piele),intepaturi de insecte si pistrui… citeste mai departe…

duminică, 13 septembrie 2015

marar planta medicinala-dill herb

Dill Herb
ANETHUM GRAVEOLENS is the Latin name of dill, which primarily is known as a seasoning herb.
Dill is an annual plant that grows up to a meter high.
Dill stalk is hollow unlike fennel that looks pretty much.
The leaves are very fine.
Dill exudes an aroma, pleasant because it contains essential oil.
Blooms in late August, early September.
Dill should be considered today as the crop as we find in most gardens.
Use freshly picked and dill seeds.
It should be noted that dill is easy to grow, not only in
gardens but also in pots.
Dill-Natural Treatments
As a medicinal herb, dill is used in combat bloating,
disorders and nerves and insomnia.
As dill herb seasoning match preparations with zucchini,stuffed peppers, fish dishes.
Dill seeds have a special property.
Used in raw seeds taken with a glass of water or tea, combat hiccups.
It can also be used as an infusion.
Under the cruel, a cure semintede dill, fennel and anise (all taken in equal parts) induce a state of peace, comfort and stimulates intellectual yield ... read more ...

Marar Planta Medicinala
ANETHUM GRAVEOLENS este denumirea latina a mararului,care,in primul rand,este cunoscuta ca planta condimentara.
Mararul este o planta anuala ce creste inalta de pana la un metru.
Tulpina mararului este tubulara,spre deosebire de fenicul cu care seamana destul de mult.
Frunzele sunt foarte fine. 
Mararul emana o aroma specifica,placuta,datorita uleiului eteric pe care il contine.
Infloreste la sfarsitul lunii august,inceputul lunii septembrie.
Mararul trebuie considerata astazi ca o planta de cultura,deoarece o gasim in mai toate gradinile.
Se foloseste mararul proaspat cules si semintele.
Trebuie remarcat ca mararul se cultiva usor,nu numai in gradini,dar si in ghivece.
Marar-Tratamente Naturiste
Ca planta medicinala ,mararul se foloseste in combaterea balonarilor,a tulburarilor si a starilor de nervozitate si insomnie.
Ca planta condimentara mararul se potriveste la preparatele cu dovlecei,ardei umpluti,mancaruri din peste.
Semintele de marar au o proprietate deosebita.
Folosite in stare cruda semintele luate cu un pahar de apa sau ceai,combat sughitul.
Se pot folosi si sub forma de infuzie.
Sub forma cruda,o cura cu semintede marar,fenicul si anason (toate luate in parti egale) induc o stare de liniste,confort si stimuleaza randamentul intelectual...citeste maideparte...

joi, 10 septembrie 2015

patlagina ingusta planta medicinala-plantain herb

Plantain Herb
Plantain-Natural Treatments
Narrow Plantain is used primarily against respiratory diseases, especially in the case of abundant mucosal secretions, in whooping cough, pulmonary asthma, even in pulmonary tuberculosis.
Clean stomach like no other plant is therefore suitable for those people who have little or bad blood, liver and kidneys sick, pale appearance that make rashes, eczema, which more and coughing less, are hoarse
and weak.
In asthma lung herb works wonders.
Thyme mixed with equal parts and prepared the infusion
serves against asthma and bronchitis lung.
Such an infusion is recommended and liver and bladder
Tea plantain:
Boil a cup of cold water with a slice of lemon (without skin) and a teaspoonful of brown sugar candy, let it give 4/5 hot, remove from heat and only then add a teaspoonful the mixture of herbs (thyme and plantain).
Let rest for 30 seconds.
In severe cases, tea is prepared several times a day (4-5 times).
Drink as warm.
As you can read in old books about herbs, plant seed combat training calculation, if you take 8 grams daily (seeds).
It is a good remedy and cons wounds.
In this case the fresh leaves applied over the wound.
Plantain syrup:
Twice two hands full of washed plantain leaves pass through meat grinders.
Add this porridge leaves little water to not harden, 300 grams of sugar and 250 grams of unrefined honey.
Let everything simmer with continued mixing until it forms a viscous liquid, pour hot jars and store in the refrigerator ... read more ...

Patlagina Ingusta Planta Medicinala
Ingusta-Tratamente Naturiste
Patlagina ingusta se foloseste in primul rand impotriva maladiilor aparatului respirator,mai ales in cazul unor secretii abundente ale mucoasei,in tuse convulsiva,astm pulmonar,ba chiar in tuberculoza pulmonara.
Curata stomacul ca nici o alta planta,este de aceea indicata pentru acei oameni care au sange putin sau prost, ficat si rinichi bolnavi,infatisare palida, care fac eruptii, eczema,care mai si tusesc putin,sunt ragusiti si slabi.
In astmul pulmonar planta face minuni.
Amestecata cu cimbru in parti egale si pregatita ca infuzia serveste impotriva astmului pulmonar si bronsic.
O astfel de infuzie este recomandata si in bolile hepatice si vezicale.
Ceai de patlagina ingusta:
Se pune la fiert o ceasca cu apa rece cu o felie de lamaie (fara coaja) si o lingurita plina de zahar candel maro, se lasa sa dea 4-5 clocote , se ia de pe foc si abia dupa aceea se adauga o lingurita plina de amestec de plante medicinale (patlagina si cimbru).
Se lasa 30 secunde in repaus.
In cazuri mai grave,ceaiul se prepara de mai multe ori pe zi (4-5 ori).
Se consuma cat mai cald.
Dupa cum se poate citi si in vechile carti despre plante
medicinale, samanta plantei combate formarea calculului, daca se iau 8 grame zilnic(seminte).
Este un bun remediu si contra ranilor.

In acest caz frunzele proaspete se aplica peste rana.
Sirop de patlagina ingusta:
De doua ori doua maini pline de frunze de patlagina spalate se trec prin
masina de tocat carne.
Se adauga acestui terci de frunze putina apa ca sa nu se intareasca, 300
grame de zahar nerafinat si 250 grame de miere.
Se lasa totul sa fiarba la foc mic, cu amestecare continua,
pana cand se formeaza un lichid vascos, care se toarna fierbinte in borcane si se pastreaza la frigider ...citeste mai departe...

duminică, 30 august 2015

mur planta medicinala-blackberry herb

Blackberry Herb

This plant, RUBUS FRUCTICOSUS, is known for its fruit flavored sweet black.
The plant grows in the form of bushes leafy green or slightly towards brown.
Rose bushes from 50 to 150 cm above the ground.
Blackberries grow preferentially laying on the ground, crawling.
After blooming in June-July, fruits consist of many black
berries are harvested joined occur in August and September.

Blackberries-Natural Treatments

The leaves are used medicinally and blackberry fruits.
Herbs contain essential oils, tannins substances and
Plant fruits are tasty and very indicated for the treatment
of anemia states, in laryngitis and pharyngitis.
Blackberry A tea (infusion) which has a strong constipating effects (diarrhea).
The tea used for gargling, combat inflammatory conditions of the oral cavity.
For tea use MUR roots and leaves that are harvested in early spring.
The leaves dry in the shade and stored in cloth bag.
Tea is good to treat kidney disease, promotes diuresis.Depurator effect (clean blood) cure many skin diseases ... read more ...

Mur Planta Medicinala

Aceasta planta ,RUBUS FRUCTICOSUS,este cunoscuta pentru fructele sale aromate,dulci,de culoare
Planta creste sub forma de tufe cu frunze mari de culoare verde sau usor spre brun.
Tufele se ridica la 50 pana la 150 cm deasupra pamantului.
Murele de preferinta cresc intinzandu-se pe sol,tarandu-se.
Dupa ce infloreste prin lunile iunie-iulie,fructele formate
din multe bobite negre alipite apar si se recolteaza in lunile

Mure-Tratamente Naturiste

In scopuri medicinale se folosesc frunzele si fructele de mur.
Planta medicinala,contin uleiuri eterice,substante tanine si vitamine.
Fructele plantei, sunt gustoase si foarte indicate in
tratamentul starilor de anemie,in laringite si faringite.
Din mure se prepara un ceai (infuzie) care are un puternic efect constipant (antidiareic).
Acest ceai folosit pentru gargara,combate starile
inflamatorii ale cavitatii bucale.
Pentru ceai se folosesc radacinile si frunzele de MUR ce se recolteaza la inceputul primaverii.
Frunzele se usuca la umbra si se pastreaza in saculete de panza.
Ceaiul este bun in tratarea afectiunilor
rinichilor,favorizeaza diureza.Are efect depurant (curata sangele),vindeca multe boli de

joi, 27 august 2015

porumbarul planta medicinala-blackthorn herb

Blackthorn Herb
Blackthorn bush,which blooms is among the first after snowmelt.
The plant grows up to three meters high.
Blackthorn is called scientifically  Prunus spinosa.
The blooming period is in March-April.
Fruits are spherical, dark blue to black, resembling blueberries.
Blackthorn grows in sunny woods.
Recently observed blackthorn fruit are covered with a layer of wax strongly reflecting ultraviolet rays which makes the birds that receives ultraviolet find these fruits easily between the leaves.
The taste for sour fruit is sour and unpalatable until the first frost falls.
Blackthorn - Natural Treatments
The plant is known from ancient times, is used to prepare a mixture of sloes (blackthorn fruit), honey and wine, very useful in the treatment of gout and stomach disorders.
It is said that whoever eats the first three flowers of
blackthorn will be featured by fever and gout.
In various diseases using both flowers and fruit of the
plant (sloes).
Blackthorn flowers are useful in kidney and bladder
diseases, as well as constipation.
All flowers are used as a laxative, diuretic and relieves pain are easy.
The tea is brewed from a heaped teaspoon of flowers, scalded with boiling water 250 ml, allowed to shoot a minute, strain and drink two or three cups a day.
In homeopathy, flowers are used in preparations blackthorn to combat headaches and heart disease more ...

Porumbarul Planta Medicinala
Porumbarul este un arbust ce infloreste printre primii dupa topirea zapezii.
Planta creste inalta de pana la trei metri.
Porumbarul se numeste stiintific PRUNUS SPINOSA.
Perioada de inflorire este in lunile martie-aprilie.
Fructele sunt sferice,de culoare albastru inchis spre
negru,semanand cu afinul.
Porumbarul creste in zonele insorite,paduri de foioase.
De curand s-a observat ca fructele de porumbar sunt
acoperite cu un strat de ceara care reflecta puternic razele ultraviolete,ceea ce face ca pasarile ce receptioneaza aceste raze ultraviolete gasesc fructele cu usurinta intre frunze.
Gustul fructelor este acrisor spre acru si nu pot fi consumate decat dupa primele caderi de bruma.
Porumbarul -Tratamente Naturiste
Planta este cunoscuta din vechime,fiind folosita la prepararea unui amestec din porumbe  (fructele porumbarului),miere de albine si
vin,foarte util in tratamentul gutei si al afectiunilor de stomac.
Se spune ca cine mananca primele trei flori ale porumbarului
va fi aparat de febra si guta.
In diferite boli se folosesc atat florile cat si fructele plantei (porumbele).
Florile de porumbar sunt utile in bolile de rinichi si vezica, precum si pentru constipatie.
Tot florile sunt folosite ca laxativ,sunt usor diuretice si calmeaza durerile.
Ceaiul se prepara dintr-o lingurita varfuita de flori,oparita cu 250 ml apa clocotita,se lasa sa traga un minut,se strecoara si se beau doua-trei cani de ceai pe zi.
In homeopatie,florile porumbarului se folosesc in
preparatele pentru combaterea durerilor de cap si in afectiunile cardiace...citeste mai departe...

luni, 17 august 2015

pirul planta medicinala-couch grass herb

Couch Grass Herb
Couch grass herb-AGROPYRON REPENS
Couch grass grows on the outskirts, or in cornfields or barley, on the outskirts of trails and footpaths, near fences, on vacant lots.
It reaches a height of one meter (often 20-140 cm).
Blooms in June-July.
It can gather from March to August.
As a herb, it is very useful root.
Couch grass contains glycosides,  protein, ethereal oils and vitamins A and B.
Couch grass-Natural Treatments
Couch grass is used mainly as a tea in diseases of the
bladder and the kidney.
Treatment with couch grass, has a remarkable property:
promotes sweating which made of old to be useful in the treatment of colds and flu states.
As the blood purifier, couch grass is used in the treatment of liver diseases, iron and spleen.
It also has diuretic, which recommend treatment couch grass in dropsy and skin diseases (eczema).
Has a strong diuretic effect,, which recommends for people with gout, rheumatism, hypertension more ...
Pirul Planta Medicinala
Pirul-planta medicinala -AGROPYRON REPENS
Pirul  creste la marginea,sau in lanurile de grau sau orz,la marginea potecilor si drumurilor,langa garduri,pe terenurile virane.
Atinge inaltimea de un metru (frecvent 20-140 cm inaltime).
Infloreste in lunile iunie iulie.
Se poate culege din martie si pana in august.
Ca planta medicinala, foarte utila este radacina.
Pirul contine:glicozide,triticina,albumine,uleiuri si eterice,vitaminele A si B.
Pirul-Tratamente Naturiste
Pirul se foloseste in special ca ceai in bolile de vezica urinara si cele de rinichi.
Tratamentul cu pir,are o proprietate remarcabila:favorizeaza
o transpiratie abundenta ceea ce a facut ca din vechime sa fie utila in
tratamentul starilor gripale si al racelilor.
Fiind depurant al sangelui,pirul este folosit si in tratamentul afectiunilor ficatului, fierei si splinei.
Are si efect diuretic,ceea ce recomanda pirul in tratamentul hidropiziilor si al bolilor de piele (eczeme).
Are un puternicefect diuretic,,ceea ce o recomanda pentru bolnavii de guta,reumatism,hipertensiune arteriala...citeste mai departe...

marți, 11 august 2015

salvia planta medicinala-sage herb

Sage Herb
Growth:sage is cultivated in south east Europe with highdemands against heat, prefers clay soils, permeable, slightly alkaline.
Body plant used:leaves and flowers.
Harvest time:early flowering leaves collected for the May and June.
Sage-Natural Treatments
Internal use: for internal use sage is used to treat vascular disorders, flatulence (abdominal bloating), dysmenorrhea (irregular periods), asthma, biliary dyskinesia,sweating excessive, asthenia nervous overwork intellectual, chronic bronchitis,diabetes, varicose veins, vaginitis atrophic rheumatism.
External use: in external use herb is used to treat gingivitis, dental abscess, oral thrush,tonsillitis, pharyngitis, purulent wounds, ulcers.
Tea drinking more often strengthens the entire body,protects us from seizures and has very favorable effect on paralysis.
Tea is also used in combat night sweats.
Tea has depurative action too abundant remove mucus from the
respiratory and stomach, stimulates appetite and combat intestinal upset and
diarrhea ... read more ...

Salvia Planta Medicinala
Salvia - SALVIA OFFICINALIS - Planta Medicinala.
Raspandire :salvia este cultivata in zona sud est a Europei, avand cerinte ridicate fata de caldura,prefera soluri lutoase,permeabile,usor alcaline.
Organul vegetal utilizat:frunzele si florile .
Perioada de recoltare:frunzele se recolecteaza la inceputul infloriri prin lunile mai si iunie.
Salvia-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern:in uz intern salvia este folosita pentru tratarea afectiunilor vasculare,meteorismului (balonari abdominale),dismenoree (menstre neregulate),astmul bronsic,dischineziei biliare,sudoratia excesiva,astenia nervoasa,surmenajul intelectual,bronsita cronica,diabetul zaharat,varicile,vaginita atrofica,reumatismul.
Uz extern:in uz extern planta  este folosita pentru tratarea gingivitei,abcesului dentar,aftoza bucala,amigdalita,faringita,rani purulente,ulceratii.
Ceaiul baut mai des fortifica intreg organismul,ne fereste
de atacurile de apoplexie si are efect foarte favorabil asupra paraliziilor.
Ceaiul mai este folosit si in combaterea transpiratiei
Ceaiul are actiune depurative elimina mucozitatile prea
abundente din aparatul respirator si stomac,stimuleaza pofta de mancare si
combate tulburarile intestinale si diareea...citestemai departe...

joi, 6 august 2015

iarba mare planta medicinala-elecampane herb

Elecampane Herb
Elcampane meadows are growing in moist places, groves,
meadows, orchards, vineyards, hills and mountainous region lower.
Body plant used: rhizome and roots of the plant.
Elcampane-natural treatments
Internal use:in internal use herb - elcampane - successfully treat bronchitis, asthma, cough,urinary tract disorders, gout, biliary dyskinesia, allergies, ascardioza,anemia, rheumatism, leukorrhea, ankylosing spondylitis.
The plant uses internal use as infusion, tincture or powder.
External use:in external use plant treats varicose ulcers, rheumatism, scabies.The plant is used as an ointment, tincture or added to bath ... read more ...

Iarba Mare Planta Medicinala
Iarba mare vegeteaza pe locuri umede din fanete,zavoaie,lunci,livezi,vii din regiunea dealurilor si montana inferioara.
Organul vegetal utilizat:rizomal si radacinile plantei.
Iarba mare-tratamente naturiste
Uz intern:in uz intern planta medicinala - iarba mare - trateaza cu succes bronsita,astmul bronsic,tusea,afectiuni ale aparatului urinar,guta,dischinezia biliara,alergiile,ascardioza,anemia,reumatismul,leucoreea,spondiloza
Planta se foloseste in uz intern sub forma de infuzie,tinctura sau pulbere.
Uz extern:in uz extern planta trateaza ulcerele varicoase,reumatismul,raia.Planta se foloseste sub forma de alifie,tinctura sau adaos de baie...citeste mai departe...

sâmbătă, 1 august 2015

lumanarica planta medicinala-mullein herb

Mullein Herb

This plant, when in bloom, shines from afar with its yellow flower.
It is also called, King candle light royal (as in German it is told KONIGSKERZE, Candle King).
It grows in sunny areas, preferably on stony ground.
Prefer mountain valleys, creeks banks.
The plant blooms in summer, in July and early August.
Then pick.
It is a biennial herb (Blooms in the second year).
The strain is highly resistant and has a height of 50 to 200 cm.
Yellow flowers, grow in a cluster.

Mullein-Natural Treatments

Yes this herb flowers are used in general.
The plant contains saponins, essential oils and mucilaginous.
Meets and gardens at the edge, to fences, walls or debris.
Candle is an herb that helps almost exclusively for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
The tea is recommended in the treatment of whooping cough,bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma and common cold.
Enema treatment plant is recommended for diseases liver and
spleen ... read more ...

Lumanarica Planta Medicinala

Aceasta planta ,cand este inflorita,lumineaza din departare cu floarea ei galbena.
VERBASCUM PHLOMOIDES este denumirea ei latina.
I se mai spune lumanarea craiului,lumina regeasca (aceasta deoarece in germana i se spune KONIGSKERZE, lumanarea regelui).
Creste in zonele insorite,de preferinta pe pamant pietros.
Prefera vaile de munte,malurile paraielor.
Planta infloreste vara,in luna iulie si inceputul lui august.
Atunci se culege.
Este o planta medicinala bianuala (infloreste in cel de-al doilea an).
Tulpina este deosebit de rezistenta si are o inaltime de la 50 la 200 cm.
Florile galbene,cresc in forma de ciorchine.

Lumanarica-Tratamente Naturiste

Da la aceasta planta medicinala se folosesc in general florile.
Planta contine saponine,uleiuri eterice si substante
Se intalneste si in gradini,la margine,spre garduri,sau
ramasite de ziduri.
Lumanarica este o planta ce ajuta aproape in exclusivitate pentru tratamentul bolilor aparatului respirator.

Ceaiul se recomanda in tratamentul tusei convulsive ,bronsitei,laringitei,astmului bronsic si guturaiului.
Sub forma de clisme planta se recomanda pentru tratamentul afectiunilor ficatului si splinei...citestemai departe...  

luni, 27 iulie 2015

telina planta medicinala-celery herb

Celery Herb

Celery-Apium graveolens
It is a biennial plant has solid stems, grows 50 to 100 cm high.
The plant emits a strong odor, specific and flavored.
The leaves are serrated and the small flowers are white to green.
Its leaves are used especially spherical roots.
It is a plant culture.
I like clay land, salty.
In the wild celery almost no increase.
The plant is grown in gardens about 400 years.
The Greeks and Romans worshiped herb offerings to the dead.
The plant was placed on graves.
Even Homer in the Odyssey, praise this herb.
Celery-natural treatments
In medicinal purposes from celery leaves are used either raw or chopped roots as a diuretic, to treat gout and especially as an aphrodisiac.
No mass wedding in the Middle Ages that this herb does not serve as an incentive for the wedding night.
Essential oils it contains plant to be used as a nervous system tonic and is very good in combat nervous agitation.
At the same time the plant is appreciated in the treatment of gout and rheumatism.
Root race and boiled with sugar cough syrup is used as a ... read more ...

Telina Planta Medicinala

Telina-Apium graveolens
Este o planta bianuala,are tulpini solide,creste inalta de 50 la 100 cm.
Planta emana un miros puternic,specific si aromatizat.
Frunzele sunt zimtate iar florile sunt foarte mici de culoare alb spre verde.
Se folosesc atat frunzele dar mai ales radacinile de forma
Este o planta de cultura.
Ii plac terenurile argiloase,sarate.
In stare salbatica telina aproape ca nu mai creste.
Planta se cultiva in gradini cam de 400 de ani.
Grecii si Romanii venerau planta pentru jertfe aduse celor morti.
Planta se punea pe morminte.Chiar si Homer,in Odiseea,lauda aceasta planta.
Telina-tratamente naturiste
In scopuri medicinale de la telina,se folosesc fie frunzele crude,fie radacinile tocate marunt,ca diuretic,in tratamentul gutei si mai ales ca afrodisiac.
Nu exista in Evul Mediu masa de nunta la care sa nu se serveasca aceasta planta medicinala, ca stimulent pentru noaptea nuntii.
Uleiurile eterice pe care le contine face ca planta sa fie folosita ca tonic al sistemului nervos,fiind foarte buna in combaterea starilor de agitatie nervoasa.
Totodata planta este apreciata in tratamentul gutei si
Radacina  rasa si fiarta cu zahar se foloseste ca sirop contra tusei...citeste mai departe...

marți, 21 iulie 2015

busuioc planta medicinala-basil herb

Basil Herb
Spreading: basil is demanding to heat and light, grow well in places semidarkness.
Body plant used: stems and twigs young, covered with leaves, with or without blossoms.
Harvest time: basil can be harvested from July to September.
Basil-natural treatments
Internal use.
In internal use basil is used to treat anorexia, bloating,
bronchitis, headache, abdominal colic, colitis, diarrhea, enterocolitis, flu,hipogalactiei, edema, heart failure, urinary tract infections, colds, vomiting.
External use.
In external use herb is used to treat thrush, seborrhea, ear
congestion, common cold, pus and wounds to heal rhinitis ... read more ...

Busuioc Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:busuiocul este pretentios la caldura si lumina,se dezvolta bine pe locuri semiumbrite.
Organul vegetal utilizat:tulpinile si ramurelele tinere,acoperite cu frunze,cu sau fara inflorescente.
Perioada de recoltare:busuiocul se poate recolta din iulie si pana in septembrie.
Busuioc-tratamente naturiste 
Uz intern.
In uz intern busuiocul se foloseste
pentru tratarea anorexiei,balonarilor,
hipogalactiei,insuficientei cardiace cu edem,
infectiilor urinare,racelilor,voma.
Uz extern.
In uz extern planta se foloseste pentru tratarea
aftelor,seboreei,congestionarea urechilor,guturaiului,ranilor cu puroi si pentru vindecarea rinitei...citeste maideparte...

miercuri, 15 iulie 2015

porumbul planta medicinala-corn herb

Corn Herb
Grain is both well known and appreciated a natural remedy.
From corn silk is used.
Corn is widespread in the plains, up to that hill.For natural treatments are harvested when the plant is in
milk, when the stigmata (silk) are green.They can harvest and the plant is mature but removes parts
from which blackened, dried.
Corn-natural treatment
Corn is a strong diuretic and bland, slightly sedative
haemostatic properties, stimulating the secretion of liver cell.
It is recommended in diseases of the urinary system (kidney
stones, cystitis, nephritic colic, albuminuria), cardiorenal edema and renal induficienta,rheumatism and gout, cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia, digestive disorders,menstrual disorders.
It is administered as infuzie- (1 teaspoon per cup) 2 cups
per day, diuretic purposes; the dose may be doubled. ... read more ..

Porumbul Planta Medicinala
Cereala bine cunoscuta este in acelasi timp si un apreciat remediu natural.De la porumb se utilizeaza matasea.
Porumbul este larg raspandit in zona de campie, mergand pana la ce de deal.Pentru tratamente naturiste,se recolteaza cand planta este in lapte,cand stigmatele (matasea) sunt verzi.Se poate recolta si de la planta ajuns la maturitate dar de la care se indeparteaza partile innegrite, uscate.
Porumbul-Tratamente Naturiste
Porumbul este un diuretic energic si neiritant, cu proprietati usor sedative hemostatic, stimulator al secretiei celulei hepatice.
Se recomanda in afectiunile aparatului urinar (litiaza
renala,cistita,colici nefritice,albuminurie),edeme cardiorenale si induficienta renala, reumatism si guta,colicistita si dischinezie biliara,tulburari digestive,tulburari menstruale.
Se administreaza ca infuzie-(1 lingurita la cana) 2 cani pe
zi, in scop diuretic; doza se poate dubla ...citestemai departe...

luni, 29 iunie 2015

menta planta medicinala-peppermint herb

Peppermint herb
Who does not know this herb and especially its taste, which gives you the feeling of freshness drink?
Herb teas used both in case of stomach pain or diarrhea.
The scientific name is - MENTHA PIPERITA.
Peppermint grows in gardens and in mountainous areas.
Plant reaches a height of 30-80 cm in bushes.
Blooms in June-July.
Peppermint contains essential oils (menthol) and tannins.
It collects only the shaded areas.
From mint leaves are used.
Peppermint-Natural Treatments
The Egyptians used it to fight cramps, ancient Greek women face rubbed with fresh leaves of mint to smell nice and to have healthy skin.
The oil extracted from mint leaves is used since antiquity to relieve headaches.
Tea is soothing classic abdominal colic and colic gallbladder.
It is used to treat stomach and intestines.
Just in liver diseases, treatment with mint tea is very effective.
Peppermint has an astringent and combat inflammation, has a constipating effect, which is why give in cases of diarrhea.
Help in cases of: bloating, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain.Relieves pain uterus.
It has a refreshing effect on the nervous system and circulatory ... read more ...

Menta planta medicinala
Cine oare nu cunoaste aceasta planta medicinala si mai ales gustul ei,care iti da senzatia de prospetime licoare ?
Planta atat de folosita pentru ceaiuri in caz de dureri stomacale sau diaree.
Denumirea stiintifica este MENTHA PIPERITA.
Menta creste in gradini si in locurile muntoase.
Plant atinge in tufe inaltimea de 30-80 cm.
Infloreste in iunie-iulie.
Menta contine uleiuri eterice (mentol) si taninuri.
Se culege numai din zonele umbroase.
De la menta se folosesc frunzele.
Menta-Tratamente Naturiste
Egiptenii o foloseau pentru combaterea crampelor,in Grecia antica femeile isi frecau fata cu frunze proaspete de izma pentru a mirosi frumos si a avea un ten sanatos.
Uleiul extras din frunzele de menta se folosea inca din vechime pentru calmarea durerilor de cap.
Ceaiul este clasic in calmarea colicilor abdominale si a colicilor vezicii biliare.
Este folosita in tratamentul afectiunilor stomacului si intestinelor.
La fel in bolile ficatului,tratamentul cu ceai de menta este
foarte eficient.
Menta are un efect astringent si combate inflamatiile,are si
un efect constipant,motiv pentru care se da in cazurile de diaree.
Ajuta in cazurile de:balonari,greturi,varsaturi,dureri
abdominale.Calmeaza durerile uterului.
Are un efect reconfortant asupra sistemului nervos si
circulator...citeste mai departe...

duminică, 28 iunie 2015

salcamul planta medicinala-black locust herb

Black locust herb
Black locust is planted selvedges, roadsides, often forming large forests.
From acacia blossoms are harvested are dried in the sun.
Black locust-natural treatments
Black locust soothes feelings of heartburn (heartburn),reduces gastric hyperacidity is respiratory tract antispasmodic, sedative easy.
It is recommended especially for hyperacidity gastritis (heartburn sensations), gastric ulcer, habitual cough, whooping cough and asthma, insomnia and migraines.
Black locust is given as an infusion (a spoon in the cup),
2-3 cups per day, preferably between meals more ...

Salcamul planta medicinala
Salcamul,este plantat la liziere,la marginea drumurilor,formand adesea paduri intinse.
De la salcam,se recolteaza inflorescentele care sunt uscate la soare.
Salcamul-tratamente naturiste
Salcamul calmeaza senzatiile de pirozis (arsuri),diminueaza
hiperaciditatea gastrica,este antispasmodic al tractului respirator,usor sedativ.
Se recomanda mai ales pentru gastrite hiperacide (cu senzatii de pirozis),ulcer gastric,tuse obisnuita,tuse convulsiva si
astmatica,insomnii si migrene.
Salcamul se administreaza sub forma de infuzie(o lingura la
cana), 2-3 cani pe zi, de preferat intre mese...citeste mai departe...

luni, 22 iunie 2015

nucul planta medicinala-walnut herb

Walnut herb
Walnut is popularly called nucara, or walnut skinny,blooming in May.
Fresh leaves of walnut gather in June.
Green walnuts are harvested in mid-July, as long as can be pierced easily.
Green walnut shells can be harvested shortly before ripen and become brown and the fruit ripens in September.
Walnut-Natural  treatments
Walnut leaf tea is an effective in digestive disorders,
constipation and loss of appetite so (lack of appetite), as well as blood cleansing.
Walnut is employed with good results in treating diabetes
and jaundice.
An infusion of walnut leaves in addition to the bath water
is good against scrofula and rickets, osteoporosis and swelling against the bone, like festering nails of the hands and feet.
In case of eczema and shells in the head or in the case of
scabies irrigate the walnut leaves and you will see the result soon.A concentrated infusion of walnut leaves added to bath water cure frostbite.... read more ...

Nucul planta medicinala
Nucul numit in popor si nucar sau nuc costeliv,infloreste in
luna mai.
Frunzele proaspete de nuc se aduna in luna iunie.
Nucile verzi se culeg la mijlocul lunii iulie ,atat timp cat
mai pot fi intepate usor.
Cojile verzi de nuca se pot recolta putin inainte de a se
coace si de a devenii maro, iar fructele coapte in luna septembrie.
Nucul-Tratamente naturiste
Ceaiul din frunze de nuc este un mijloc eficace in tulburarile  digestive,deci in constipatie si in inapetenta (lipsa poftei de mancare), precum si in curatirea sangelui.
Nucul se intrebuinteaza cu rezultate bune in tratarea diabetului si a icterului.
O infuzie cu frunze de nuc ca adaos la apa de baie este buna contra scrofulozei si a rahitismului,contra osteoporozei si a umflaturilor la os, ca si a unghiilor purulente de la maini si de la picioare.
In caz de eczeme si coji in cap sau in cazul scabiei se vor face spalaturi cu frunze de nuc si veti vede curand rezultatul.
O infuize concentrata de frunze de nuc adaugata la apa de baie vindeca degeraturile....citeste mai departe...