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Se afișează postările cu eticheta remediu. Afișați toate postările

marți, 4 iulie 2017

tintaura planta medicinala-centaury herb

Centaury Herb
Centaury Herb
The herb is called scientific CENTAURIUM  ERYTHRAEA, popularly called the target,the grazing of the earth, the grass of the cold.Its name in German is, AUSENDGULDENKRAUT,which means the plant of the 1000 florins, this shows how important and how valuable this plant is.The plant is perennial, grows 10-40 cm high with a stem that branches only in the flower area.Centaury leaves are slightly oval, more oblong.
Grows in orchards and meadows in humid and lush places in mountain areas up to 1,000-1200 meters altitude.It also grows alive (on the hills), in the deforested areas,under the high voltage lines, etc.
The herb is collected from June to September, but only on sunny days.Otherwise the unfinished plant goes unnoticed.In older books we find that the scientific name CENTAURIUM ERYTHRAEA is related to the
centaur Chiron, who has healed his wounds with this plant.In the Middle Ages, it was used for witchcraft cancellation purposes.The herb contains essential oils, resins, bitter substances.It does not smell, but has a very bitter taste.Bitter substances in the herb, instigating gastric juice, are why we will find the plant in
many tea blends.
Centaury -Naturist Treatments
Centaury is used in the treatment of digestive disorders such as heartburn, stomach disorders, liver diseases, for stimulating the release of bile,etc.It has blood cleansing properties (cleaning) and is useful
in the treatment of skin diseases.The herb helps to reduce fever (it is given as an infusion).The flowers and stems of the plant put in a liter of white wine provide a valuable appetizer that stimulates appetite (it is necessary to put sugar or honey in the extract, it has a strong and very bitter taste).
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Tintaura Planta Medicinala
Tintaura Planta Medicinala
Planta medicinala se numeste stiintific CENTAURIUM ERYTHRAEA, popular i se mai spune tintaula,fierea pamantului, iarba frigurilor.Denumirea ei in limba germana,este-AUSENDGULDENKRAUT, ceea ce tradus inseamna planta celor 1000 de florini, aceasta arata ce importanta si cat de valoroasa este aceasta planta.Planta este perena,creste inalta de 10-40 cm cu o tulpina ce se ramifica doar in zona
florilor.Frunzele de tintaura sunt putin ovale, mai mult lunguiete.Creste in livezi si pajisti in locuri umede si luminoase, in zonele de munte pana la 1000-1200 metri altitudine.Mai creste si in vii (pe dealuri), in zonele defrisate, sub traseele liniilor de inalta tensiune etc.Planta medicinala se culege din luna iunie pana in septembrie, dar numai in zilele insorite.Altfel planta neinflorita trece neobservata.In cartile mai vechi aflam ca denumirea stiintifica CENTAURIUM ERYTHRAEA este legata de centaurul Chiron, care si-a vindecat ranile cu aceasta planta.In Evul Mediu,era folosita in scopuri de anulare a vrajitoriilor.Planta medicinala
contine uleiuri eterice, rasini, substante amare.Nu are miros dar are un gust foarte amar.Substantele amare din planta medicinala, incita formarea sucului gastric, de aceea vom gasi planta in multe amestecuri de ceai.
Tintaura-Tratamente Naturiste
Tintaura se foloseste in tratamentul bolilor aparatului digestiv cum ar fi:pirozisul,tulburari stomacale,in bolile de ficat, pentru stimularea eliberarii secretiei biliare etc.Are proprietati de depurarea sangelui (curatire) si este utila in tratamentul unor boli de piele.Planta medicinala ajuta la scaderea febrei (se
administreaza sub forma de infuzie).Florile si tulpinile plantei puse intr-un litru de vin alb se obtine un aperitiv valoros ce stimuleaza pofta de mancare (este necesar de a pune zahar sau miere in extract, el avand un gust puternic si foarte amar). …citeste mai departe…

sâmbătă, 20 august 2016

dragaica (sanziene) planta medidicinala-lady's bedstraw herb

Lady's Bedstraw Herb
Spreding:Increased found along fields, plains and along fences.Reaches a height 60-160cm.
Body plant used:flowers and leaves.
Harvesting period:can harvest in July.
Lady's Bedstraw-Natural Treatments
Lady's Bedstraw is used to treat diseases of the liver,kidney, spleen, lymphatic system disorders, chlorosis, dropsy, stabbing intercostals, skin diseases, wounds, boils and comedones.
Douches warm withered skin rejuvenation help.
Herb is used in treating epilepsy, hysteria, chorea, nerve disease, urinary retention, kidney stone and sand, thyroid diseases (goiter).
Tea (infusion) of Lady's Bedstraw :
Over two teaspoons of dried herb pour 250 ml boiling water.
Leave to infuse for two minutes.
Drink two or three cups a day, nervousness, epilepsy,hysteria, gravel and impotence.
For cancer of the tongue, larynx, skin and genitals drink four to six cups a day.
Tincture of lady's bedstraw-500ml 

Therapeutic role: regulating thyroid diseases thyroid gland thyroid nodules tonsillitis, laryngitis hysteria epilepsy.
Usage: 3 times a teaspoon in a glass of tea or water.
Shelf life: 5 years from the date on the package. Directions: 1 teaspoon of tincture 3 times daily before meals.The price is 21.72 Lei. BUY NOW HERE ... >>>

Glyceric extract of lady's bedstraw
Natural product recommended for: maintaining normal thyroid gland, detoxify the body, optimal functioning of the gallbladder.
The price is 7.17 RON.Shipping cost: 10 RON.
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Cream of lady's bedstraw
Treating boils, wounds, ulcers old, eczema due to their healing and anti-inflammatory actions.
Lady's bedstraw cream is useful as an adjunct to maintaining the health of the skin.
Composition: Sanziene (Galium verum), sunflower oil, resin, essential oil of lavender, beeswax.
The price is 4.98 Lei.Shipping cost: 10 RON.
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 ...
Dragaica (sanziene) Planta Medidicinala
Raspandire:se gaseste crescuta pe langa ogoare,campii si de-a lungul gardurilor.
Atinge o inaltime 60-160cm.
Organul vegetal utiliza :florile si frunzele.
Perioada de recoltare:se poate recolta in luna iulie.
Dragaica (sanziene)-Tratamente Naturiste
Dragaica este folosita pentru tratarea bolilor de ficat,rinichi,splina,tulburari ale sistemului limfatic,cloroza,hidropizie,junghi intercostali,boli de piele,rani,furuncule si comedoane.
Spalaturile calde ajuta la intinderea tenului ofilit. 
Planta medicinala este folosita si in tratarea epilepsiei,isteriei,coree,boli de nervi,retentie urinara,nisip si piatra la rinichi,bolile tiroidiene (gusa).
Ceai (infuzie) de dragaica :
Peste doua lingurite cu planta uscata se toarna 250 ml apa clocotita.
Se lasa la infuzat doua minute.
Se beau doua-trei cani pe zi,in stari de nervozitate,epilepsie, isterie, litiaze si impotenta.
Pentru cancerul de limba, laringe, piele si organe genitale se beau patru-sase cani pe zi.

Tinctura de Dragaica 500ml Aroma Plant.
Rol terapeutic: boli ale tiroidei reglarea glandei tiroide noduli tiroidieni amigdalita laringita isterie epilepsie. 
Mod de intrebuintare: de 3 ori pe cate o lingurita intr-un pahar cu ceai sau apa.  
Termen de valabilitate:  5 ani de la data inscrisa pe ambalaj Administrare: 1 lingurita de tinctura de 3 ori pe zi, inainte de mesele principale. PRETUL ESTE DE 21,72 Lei. CUMPARA ACUM AICI …>>> 

Crema de Sanziene
Tratarea furunculelor, plagilor, ulceratiilor vechi, eczemelor datorita actiunilor lor cicatrizante si antiinflamatorii. Crema de sanziene este utila ca adjuvant pentru mentinerea starii de sanatate a pielii. Compozitie: Sanziene (Galium verum), ulei de floarea-soarelui, rasina, ulei volatil de lavanda, ceara de albine. PRETUL ESTE DE 4,98 Lei Cost transport: 10 RON.         

Extract gliceric de sanziene
Produs natural recomandat pentru: mentinerea functionarii normale a glandei tiroide, detoxifierea organismului, functionarea optima a vezicii biliare. PRETUL ESTE DE 7,17 Lei. Cost transport: 10 RON.

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luni, 27 iunie 2016

cretisoara planta medicinala-lady's mantle herb

Lady's Mantle Herb
Growing: is found at the edges of forests and roads on slopes and in wet plains and mountainous areas higher.
Body plant used:leaves.
Harvesting period:spring from April to June.
Lady's Mantle-Natural Treatments
Lady's mantle, is called women plant or help women; help with menstrual disorders, vaginal discharge (white lap), diseases of the pelvic organs and ailments at the age of menopause.
Has an astringent and heals very quickly, is used as a diuretic and carodiotonic means, in fevers caused by injuries, festering sores and abscesses neglected.
After a tooth extraction is very advisable to consume tea lady's mantle.
Remove tea weakness in muscles and joints and helps in anemia.
Is very helpful and postnatal lesions, relax the pelvic organs in women who had births heavy or have predispositions to abortion (for determining pregnancy).
Women who have problems with pregnancy and are abortion suspect,you should consumed starting with the third month of pregnancy, Lady's Mantle tea.
Herb helps in treating osteoporosis and inguinal hernia.
In this case we consume during the day, slowly 4 cups of tea prepared from freshly harvested plants.
In addition massage the affected area with tincture of shepherd's purse.
In cases of osteoporosis (uterine prolapse) begins rubbing external vaginal area up.
Here are used additionally sitz baths with yarrow (100 grams herbal bath) are on week three sitz baths.
For obese people, it is recommended to drink 2-3 cups a day of tea from this herb, which grows to heights of over 1,000 m (with the underside of leaves silver).Herb, helps in insomnia, epilepsy, diabetes, muscle atrophy,diseases of the heart muscle. …read more…
Cretisoara Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:este intalnita la margini de paduri si drumuri,pe povarnisuri si in campiile umede din zonele mai inalte si muntoase.
Organul vegetal utilizat:frunzele.
Perioada de recoltare:primavara din aprilie si pana in iunie.
Cretisoara-Tratamente Naturiste
Cretisoara,este numita si planta femeilor sau ajutorul femeilor; ajuta in tulburari menstruale,leucoree (poala alba),afectiuni ale organelor pelviene si indispozitii,la varsta menopauzei.
Are si un efect anstringent si vindeca foarte rapid;este folosita si ca mijloc diuretic si carodiotonic,in febre pricinuite de leziuni,rani purulente si abcese neglijate.
In urma unei extractii dentare este foarte indicat sa se consume ceai de cretisoara.
Ceaiul indeparteaza slabiciunile musculare si articulare si ajuta in anemii.
De mare folos este si in leziunile postnatale,in relaxarea organelor pelviene ale femeilor care au avut nasteri grele sau care au predispozitii spre avort (pentru fixarea sarcinii).
Femeile care au probleme cu sarcina si sunt suspecte de avort,ar trebui sa consume incepand cu luna a treia de sarcina, ceai de cretisoara.
Planta medicinala, ajuta si in tratarea histeoporozei si herniei inghinale.
In acest caz se consuma in timpul zilei,incetul cu incetul ,patru cesti de ceai pregatit din plante proaspat culese.
In plus se maseaza locurile afectate cu tinctura de traista ciobanului.
In cazurile de histeoporoza (prolaps uterin) se incepe frictionarea externa,din zona vaginului in sus.
Aici se folosesc,suplimentar,bai de sezut cu coada soricelului(100 grame plante pentru o baie);se fac pe saptamana trei bai de sezut.
Pentru persoanele obeze, este recomandat a se consuma 2-3 cesti pe zi de ceai, din aceasta planta medicinala, care creste la inaltimi de peste 1000 m (cu partea inferioara a frunzelor argintie).
Planta medicinala, ajuta si in insomnii,epilepsii,diabet,atrofii musculare,afectiuni ale muschiului cardiac.
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