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Se afișează postările cu eticheta plagi canceroase. Afișați toate postările

marți, 21 februarie 2017

iarba de soaldina planta medicinala-biting stonecrop herb

Biting Stonecrop-Herb
Biting Stonecrop-Herb
Biting stonecrop , is found in meadows, sandy and rocky places.
For medicinal purposes harvested aerial part of the plant that are made poultices, infusions, decoction.
Biting stonecrop , can reap in May-July.
Biting stonecrop preparations have important medicinal qualities, being antiepileptic antiscorbutic, antiperspirants, and even anti-ulcer agents.
This herb can help fight scurvy, a fever, certain skin diseases such as skin ulcers, mycosis, freckles, abscesses, wounds difficult to heal.
Biting stonecrop is indicated in the treatment of MS and hypertension.
Herb may be useful in skin cancer.
Biting stonecrop can be used in treating diseases as varied as skin induration, gangrenous wounds, tumors.
In internal use, the plant is used as an infusion for treatment of diuresis and fever.
In external use is used as a decoction or infusion addition of bathroom and treating foot pain, arthritis and scurvy (lack of vitamin C).The plant or plant cuts, apply external therapies and fresh form, directly
to the affected area. ...
Iarba de Soaldina-Planta Medicinala
Iarba de Soaldina-Planta Medicinala
Iarba de soaldina, este intalnita in pajisti,locuri nisipoase si pietroase.
Pentru uz medicinal se recolteaza partea aeriana a plantei,din care se prepara cataplasme, infuzii, decoct.
Iarba de soaldina, se poate culege in lunile mai-iulie.
Preparatele din iarba de soaldina, au importante calitati medicinale, fiind antiepileptice, antiscorbutice, antisudorifice, antiulceroase si chiar anticanceroase.
Aceasta planta,poate contribui la combaterea scorbutului, a starilor febrile, a unor boli de piele, precum ulcerele cutanate, micozele,pistruii, abcesele, ranile greu vindecabile.
Iarba de soaldina este indicata in tratamentul sclerozei şi al hipertensiunii.
Planta medicinala poate fi utila in cancerul de piele.
Iarba de soldina, poate fi utilizata in tratarea unor afectiuni diverse, precum induratii ale pielii,plagi cangrenoase,tumori.
In uz intern, planta este folosita sub forma de infuzie pentru tratarea diurezei si a febrei.
In uz extern se foloseste sub forma de decoct,infuzie sau ca adaos de baie si trateaza durerile de picioare,artrita si scorbutul (lipsa vitaminei C).Planta sau bucati de planta, se aplica in terapii externe si
sub forma proaspata, direct pe zona afectata. ...citeste mai departe...