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vineri, 22 mai 2015

hameiul planta medicinala-hops herb

Hops herb
Hops herb
Herbaceous plant with stems, tender, leafy lot like those of vine, cultivated for the brewing industry.
From hop cones are used (inflorescence) flora females.
The hops grow through meadows, groves, in the plains and hills up to an altitude of 800-1000 m.
Green hop cones are collected by pinch.
Dry in the shade, on paper, and greenish-yellow dust that
shakes with dried herb is used.
Hop cones are collected from special plantations.
To have maximum therapeutic value, hop flowers need to keep green color after drying, have a strong odor and free of brown spots.
The hops-natural treatments
The hops has sedative action and total loss of sexual appetite.
The plant is a soothing menstrual pain, activates blood circulation.
The hops are recommended if general and sexual hyperexcitability, and if insomnia.
The plant has an effect on people suffering from anorexia,anemia, dyspepsia, gastric atony, gout, rheumatism, painful menstruation,circulatory disorders.
For all these conditions be drunk in small sips a cup of tea hop (infusion) 30 min. before bed.
For vaginal trichomoniasis are douches decoction of hops (2 tablespoons per 100 ml water).
In case of mental disorders occurring after overexertion nervous system, it is recommended infusion of plants obtained from the following combination: gang soles 5 parts, one part oregano, hops 2 parts.
Drink 1-2 cups of infusion sweetened with honey, half an hour before bedtime ... read more ...
Hameiul planta medicinala
Planta cu tulpina ierboasa,frageda,cu frunze asemanatore cu cele ale vitei de vie,care se cultiva pentru industria berii.
De la hamei se utilizeaza conurile (inflorescentele)-florile
Hameiul  creste prin lunci,cranguri,in zona de campie si deal,pana la altitudinea de 800-1000 m.
Conurile verzi de hamei se culeg prin ciupire.
Se usuca la umbra,pe hartie,iar praful galben-verzui care se
scutura se foloseste impreuna cu planta uscata.
Conurile de hamei se recolteaza de pe plantatii speciale.
Pentru a avea valoarea terapeutica maxima, florile de hamei
trebuie sa-si pastreze culoarea verzuie si dupa uscare, sa aiba un miros puternic si sa nu prezinte brunificatii.
Hameiul-tratamente naturiste
Hameiul are actiune sedativa,anafrodisiaca.
Planta este un calmant al durerilor menstruale,activeaza circulatia sanguina.
Hameiul se recomanda in cazul hiperexcitabilitatilor generale si sexuale,precum si in cazul insomniilor.
Planta are efect si asupra persoanelor care sufera de anorexie,anemie,dispepsie,atonie gastrica,guta,reumatism,menstre dureroase,tulburari circulatorii.
Pentru toate aceste afectiuni se bea,cu inghitituri mici,o cana de ceai de hamei(infuzie) cu 30 min. inainte de culcare.
Pentru trichomonoza vaginala se fac spalaturi cu infuzie concentrata de hamei (2 linguri la 100 ml apa).
In situatia unor tulburari psihice care apar in urma suprasolicitarilor sistemului nervos,se recomanda infuzia obtinuta din urmatoarea combinatie de plante: talpa gastii 5 parti, sovarf 1 parte,hamei 2 parti.
Se beau cate 1-2 cani de infuzie indulcita cu miere, cu o jumatate de ora inainte de culcare...citeste mai departe...