Se afișează postările cu eticheta diseases. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta diseases. Afișați toate postările

miercuri, 13 septembrie 2017

inul planta medicinala-flax herb

Flax Herb
Flax Herb
Flax is a herb known for thousands of years.It originates from the regions of the Mediterranean, Crimea,Caucasus and Asia Minor and today it can be found in cultures from Central
Europe, Belgium, the Netherlands, eastern Russia,Egypt, Algeria, eastern India and North America. The root is pivotal, white, long thin and strongly branched. Herb  reaches the height of 20 to 100 cm, and the top is the flowers. The flowers have five petals and are usually blue, and sometimes white. The fruit is a spherical capsule,compartmentalized, each compartment containing glossy, elongated and flat,brownish brown seeds. As a herb, the plant seeds are exclusively used.
Flax-Natural Treatments
Since ancient times, the flax has been used for medicinal purposes.First, the flax as a medicinal herb is used as a purgative, then in the treatment of coughing, the treatment of hoarseness, in bronchitis, in lung disease, for the treatment of asthma and urinary bladder disease, renal colic, nephritis and urinary retention. The plant seeds are also successfully used in the treatment of diarrheal, hemorrhoid,as oil in the treatment of gallbladder cases, but also for cases of gout and rheumatism.Hot compresses with seeds to fight cramps, pains,especially joint pain, kidney colic,
hepatic seizures. Application of seeds or live oil on the skin heals furunculosis, ulcerations,eczema and urticaria. Especially for the treatment of burns, the oil extracted from plant seeds is irreplaceable. Phytoestrogens from seeds have beneficial effects on breast and colon cancer....Read more....
Inul Planta Medicinala
Inul Planta Medicinala
Inul,este o planta cunoscuta de mii de ani.Este originar din regiunile Mediteranei, Crimeei, Caucazului
si Asiei Mici iar astazi poate fi intalnit in culturi din Europa Centrala,Belgia, Olanda, in estul Rusiei, Egipt,Algeria, estul Indiei si America de Nord. Radacina este pivotanta, de culoare alba,lunga
subtire si puternic ramificat. Planta atinge inatimea de 20 pana la 100 cm, iar in varf sunt situate florile. Florile au cinci petale si sunt de obicei de culoare albastra, iar uneori de culoare alba. Fructul este o capsula sferica, compartimentata,fiecare compartiment continand seminte lucioase, alungite si plate, de culoare maro. Ca planta medicinala se foloseste in exclusivitate semintele plantei.
Inul-Tratamente Naturiste
Inca din vechime,inul a fost folosite pentru scopuri medicinale.In primul rand, inul   este folosit ca purgativ,apoi in tratarea tusei,tratarea raguselilor,in bronsite, in boli de plamani,pentru tratarea astmului si a bolilor de vezica urinara, a colicilor renale,nefrite si retentie urinara.Semintele plantei se folosesc cu succes si in tratamentul starilor diareice,a hemoroizilor,ca ulei in tratarea cazurilor de piatra la vezica biliara, dar si pentru cazurile de guta si reumatism. Compresele calde cu seminte de in combat crampele,durerile,in special la dureri de articulatii,colicile renale,crizele hepatice. Aplicarea semintelor sau a uleiului de in direct pe piele vindeca furunculoza,ulceratiile, eczemele si urticariile. In special pentru tratamentul arsurilor, uleiul extras din semintele plantei este de neinlocuit. Fitoestrogenii din seminte au efecte benefice asupra cancerului de san si de colon ...citeste mai departe....

luni, 19 iunie 2017

sovarful planta medicinala-oregano herb

Oregano Herb
Oregano Herb
Oregano is a herb with stems and leaves, tender,grassy, perennial, vertically growing, branched on the upper part.Oregano is also called wild marjoram, basil or oregano forest.The plant has a
height of 50-80 cm, reddish stem, with leaves in opposition, and pink-violet flowers.It is harvested the scabbard part of the plant's top.It can be harvested at the end of August early September.It is harvested in nice, warm weather between morning and midnight, after the last dew drops.Cut the 20-25 cm branch with a scissors or knife, then dry,in a thin layer, in well-ventilated rooms.Plants return 2-3
times a day, otherwise they become black and lose the specific flavor and healing qualities.The plant is more likely to encounter deforested debris and forest edges, bush shrubs, up to the hilly area.
Oregano- Natural Treatments
Oregano is a good expectorant and sedative, disinfectant of the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract, combat spasms, general stimulant, capillary tonic.It is especially recommended for: influenza, laryngitis, tracheitis, asthma, convulsive cough.The herb is also used in case of hypoacid gastritis, fermentation colitis, asthenia.Oregano is given as an infusion (1 teaspoon per cup), 2-3 cups a day, half an hour before meals as tonic-aperitif (gastritis, colitis), after meals as an expectorant (cough, laryngitis) or between meals .Externally, the herb is used in the form of local baths or hot cataplasms with concentrated infusion for wounds, eczema, painful rheumatic seizures. For urinary infections, one of the many recommended plant combinations is the
following: 10 g of sulphin flower, 20 g of horse's tail, 30 g of oregano, 20 g of cement, 10 g of willow, 10 g of valerian.From a spoonful of mixture to a cup of water, prepare an infusion of 1-2 cups a day for one month. …read more…

Sovarful Planta Medicinal
Sovarful Planta Medicinal
Sovarful este o planta medicinala cu tulpini si frunze fragede,ierboase,perena,creste ertical,ramificata pe partea superioara.Sovarful se mai numeste si maghiran salbatic, busuioc de padure sau oregano.Planta are inaltimea 50-80 cm,tulpina rosiatica,cu frunze in opozitie,si flori roz-violacee.Se recolteaza partea frageada din varful plantei.Se poate recolta pe la sfarsitul lunii august inceputul
lunii septembrie.Se recolteaza pe timp frumos, calduros, intre dimineata si miezul zilei, dupa ce dispar ultimele picaturi de roua.Se taie cu un foarfec sau cu cutitul ramurele de 20-25 cm,care se pun apoi la uscat, in strat subtire, in camere bine aerisite.Plantele se intorc de 2-3 ori pe zi, altfel se innegresc si pierd din aroma specifica si din calitatile vindecatoare.Planta se intalneste  mai mult prin taieturi si margini de paduri,tufisuri din campie, pana in zona subalpina.
Sovarful-oregano-Tratamente Naturiste
Sovarful este un bun expectorant si sedativ, dezinfectant al cailor respiratorii superioare si cailor digestive, combate spasmele, stimulent general,tonic capilar.Se recomanda in special pentru:stari gripale, laringite,traheite,astm bronsic,tuse convulsiva.Planta medicinala se mai foloseste si in cazul gastritelor hipoacide,colitelor de fermentatie,astenie.Sovarful se administreaza intern ca infuzie (1 lingurita la cana), 2-3 cani pe zi, cu o jumatate de ora inainte de mese ca tonic-aperitiv (gastrite,colite),dupa mese ca expectorant (tuse, laringite) sau intre mese.Extern,planta
medicinala se utilizeaza sub forma de bai locale sau cataplasme calde cu infuzie concentrata pentru rani, eczeme,crize reumatice dureroase.Pentru infectii urinare,una din multele combinatii de plante
recomandate este urmatoarea: 10 g flori de sulfina, 20 g coada calului, 30g sovarf, 20 g cimbrisor, 10 g salcie, 10 g valeriana.Dintr-o lingura de amestec la o cana de apa,se prepara o infuzie din care se beau 1 -2 cani pe zi, timp de o luna. …citeste mai departe…

duminică, 23 aprilie 2017

ienuparul planta medicinala- juniper herb

Juniper Herb
Juniper Herb
The juniper (JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS) grows
in mountainous areas on mountain pastures, in rocky areas.The juniper bushes do not lose their
acicular leaves.The leaves reach a height of three to four meters.The fruits are dark blue to black, they are bloated once every two years.Around the fruit there are spikes.If the blooming of the juniper is April to May, the fruits are only bake at the end of September - early October (after two years).Fruit (bobbles) have a pleasant smell because of the volatile oil they contain.They also contain sugars, resin, potassium salts and a bitter principle.The taste is sweet with a specific flavor, which makes the fruits(bobbles) to be used as a spice in culinary art together with the scent or coriander.
Juniper Herb Natural Treatments
The juniper, more precisely its fruits,possesses strong diuretic properties, are disinfectant and healing, are also used in kidney and bladder diseases.It is advisable to use the juniper for rheumatism,
gout and in hydropyse (water accumulation in tissues).Many people in mountain villages, especially in Italy, Austria and Germany,cherish the healing power of the juniper in cases of colds and flu,acute or chronic bronchitis.They always have in the house and the juniper brandy called WACHOLDER,this snaps medicinal.The Dutch give the flavor of their GENEVER national brandy using juniper berries, and the English give gin a specific flavor with juniper berries and this since the century. XVII.Eaten raw, juniper berries, stimulates appetite, helps in cases of general weakness in children, and in anemia.At the same time, tea from plant fruit overcomes dyspepsia (diarrhea and vomiting).In the spring, a blood-thinning cure is used using these berries as a decoction.
The oil extracted from the juniper berries and mixed with 38-40% refined alcohol (one milliliter of oil per 100 grams of alcohol) is used for scalp in rheumatic joints pain.The juniper is also used successfully in treating other diseases and diseases such as: stone and sand in the bladder,skin diseases, eczema, scabies, liver diseases. …read more…
Ienuparul Planta Medicinala
Ienuparul Planta Medicinala
Ienuparul (JUNIPERUS COMMUNIS) creste in regiunile muntoase pe pasunile montane,in zone stancoase.Tufele ienuparului nu-si pierd frunzele
aciculare.Frunzele ating o inaltime de trei pana la patru metri.Fructele au o culoare albastru inchis spre negru,ele se coc o data la doi ani.In jurul fructelor sunt tepi.Daca perioada de inflorire a ienuparului este aprilie-mai,fructele se coc abia la sfarsitul lui septembrie - inceputul lunii octombrie (dupa doi ani).Fructele (bobitele) au un miros placut datorita uleiului volatil pe care il contin.
Mai contin zaharuri,rasina,saruri de potasiu si un principiu amar.Gustul este dulceag cu o aroma specifica,ceea ce face ca bobitele sa fie folosite drept condiment in arta culinara impreuna cu ienibaharul sau coriandrul.
Ienuparul Tratamente Naturiste
Ienuparul,mai exact fructele sale,poseda proprietati diuretice puternice,sunt dezinfectante si cicatrizante, sunt folosite si de asemenea in bolile de rinichi si ale vezicii urinare.Este indicat folosirea ienuparului pentru reumatism,guta si in hidropizie (acumularea de apa in tesuturi).Multi locuitori din satele de munte in special din Italia,Austria si Germania pretuiesc puterea tamaduitoare a ienuparului in cazurile de raceala si gripa,bronsite acute sau cronice. Ei au mereu in casa si rachiul de ienupar denumit WACHOLDER,acest snaps medicinal. Olandezii dau aroma rachiului lor national GENEVER folosind boabe de ienupar,iar englezii dau ginului o aroma specifica cu fructe de ienupar si aceasta inca din sec. XVII. Mancate in stare cruda,boabele de ienupar,stimuleaza pofta de mancare,ajuta in cazurile de slabiciune generala la copii,precum si in anemie.Totodata ceaiul din fructele plantei combat dispepsiile (diaree si varsaturi). Primavara se face o cura de depurare a sangelui folosind aceste boabe ca decoct.Uleiul extras din fructele ienuparului si amestecat cu alcool rafinat de 38-40% (un mililitru ulei la 100 grame alcool) foloseste pentru frectii in cazul durerilor articulare provocate de reumatismIenuparul se foloseste cu succes si in tratarea altor afectiuni si boli,cum ar fi:piatra si nisip la vezica urinara,boli de piele,eczeme,scabie,boli de ficat. …citeste mai departe…


Strugurii ursului si ienupar

Strugurii ursului si ienupar
Aceasta formula contine plante ce pot ajuta in cazul infectiilor de tract urinar. Aceste plante au proprietati antimicrobiene si efecte diuretice, fiind de regula administrate pentru a sustine vezica si rinichii.PRETUL ESTE DE  85,85 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI 

Ulei Ienupar Volatil

Ulei Ienupar Volatil
Uleiul esential de ienupar actioneaza ca diuretic, sudorific, expectorant, antitusiv, antispastic si antiseptic. Este indicat in tratarea bronsitei cronice, enterocolitelor, litiazelor renale, afectiunilor pectorale, reumatismului, indigestiilor, edemelor renale si gutei. PRETUL ESTE DE  8,83 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI

Tinctura De Ienupar
Tinctura De Ienupar
Produsul este stimulent digestiv, sustine diureza si reduce riscul de contaminare bacteriana a sistemului renal.Sustinerea secretiilor gastro-intestinale si imbunatatirea digestiei;cresterea poftei de mancare;reducerea riscului de contaminare bacteriana a tractului intestinal.
Reducerea riscului de contaminare bacteriana a cailor urinare;eliminarea lichidelor retinute in exces in organism;eliminarea riscului de formare a calculilor urinari;favorizarea eliminarii acidului uric prin urina;detoxifierea tractului urinar.Normalizarea secretiilor bronsice;decongestionarea tractului respirator

Ceai Ienupar Fructe

Ceai Ienupar Fructe
Actiune:diuretic, dezinfectant puternic al cailor renale, digestive, respiratorii, tinis-stomahic, carminativ, sudorific si depurativ, usor hipoglicemiant, antireumatismal.
Recomandari:afectiuni renale ale cailor urinare (cistite, uretrite) de natura infectioasa si inflamatorie, edeme cardio-renale. PRETUL ESTE DE  2,90 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI 


Sustine functia de detoxifiere a ficatului.Susţine functiile rinichilor; ajuta la eliminarea calculilor oxalo-calcici. PRETUL ESTE DE  20,39 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI


Are actiune hepatoprotectoare, diuretica, uricozurica, antiseptica, antiinflamatorie, hipocolesterolemianta, usor hipoglicemianta, antioxidanta, diuretica. Poate fi utilizat cu efecte pozitive in steatoza hepatica, hepatite cronice virale si toxice, ciroza hepatica, insuficienta hepatica, hipercolesterolemie, ateroscleroza, pielonefrite cronice, glomerulonefrite cronice, nefroza lipoidă, litiaza renala, cistite recidivante, insuficienta renala, guta, obezitate cu hepatopatie steatozica. PRETUL ESTE DE  10,99 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI  

duminică, 20 noiembrie 2016

fragul planta medicinala-alpine strawberry herb

Alpine Strawberry Herb
Alpine Strawberry Herb
FRAGARIA VESCA is the Latin name of fragile forest.
Alpine strawberry  is known to any child, especially for its fruit flavor and sweet-sour red and fragrant.
This plant grows mostly on hills in forest clearings, sunny places.
Alpine strawberry white flowers, shine like stars in the grass, stalks with trifoliate leaves.
Alpine Strawberry-Natural Treatments
Alpine strawberry fruits are rich in vitamin A and many minerals.
Eaten fresh, the fruit has a refreshing effect and for gout patients and the kidney have a special quality, namely property to remove uric acid from the body.
Use of plant leaves and dried flowers, rich in tannins and vitamin C.
Have astringent properties, which helps in the treatment of diarrhea states.
Also used in kidney diseases (increase diuresis) and bactericidal properties due, in intestinal infections.
I liked its flavor, alpine strawberry leaves, raspberry,blackberry and blueberry flavored tea give mixed, liked the food.Tea Leaf Alpine strawberry, cure hepatitis, is good for heart disease, gallbladder disease.
This tea is used to calm nerves in restlessness and agitation…Read more…
Fragul Planta Medicinala
Fragul Planta Medicinala
FRAGARIA VESCA este denumirea latina a fragului de padure.
Fragul ,este cunoscuta de orice copil,mai ales pentru fructele sale aromate si dulci-acrisoare,rosii si parfumate.Aceasta planta, creste mai ales pe dealuri,in luminisuri de padure,locuri insorite.
Florile de frag albe, lumineaza ca niste stelute in iarba,pe tulpinile cu frunze trifoliate.
Fragul-Tratamente Naturiste
Fructele de frag,sunt bogate in vitamina A si multe saruri minerale.
Consumate in stare proaspata,fructele au un efect reconfortant iar pentru bolnavii de guta si cei de rinichi,au o calitate deosebita, anume proprietatea de a elimina acidul uric din corp.
Din planta se folosesc frunzele,si florile uscate,bogate in tanin si vitamina C.
Au proprietati astringente,ceea ce ajuta in tratarea starilor de diaree.
Totodata se folosesc in bolile de rinichi (maresc diureza) si datorita proprietatilor bactericide,in infectiile intestinale.Datorita gustului placut,frunzele de frag ,zmeur,mur si afin dau in amestec un ceai aromat, placut ca aliment.Ceaiul din frunze de frag ,vindeca hepatitele,este bun pentru bolile de inima,afectiunile
veziculei biliare.Acest ceai este folosit si pentru calmarea nervilor in starile de neliniste si agitatie…citeste
Formula complexa pentru detoxifierea si protectia tractului urinar.
Efecte adjuvante
Detoxifiant renal; antibacterian in infectiile tractului urinar cu E. coli, Klebsiella, Enterobacter, Proteus, Pseudomonas,Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Chlamydia, etc. (cistita, pielocistita,pielonefrita, glomerulo-nefrita, uretrita, prostatita, etc.); ajuta la prevenirea recurentei infectiilor.
Antilitiazic renal si vezical prin reglarea ph-ului urinar (urina acida sau alcalina, predispune la formarea de calculi urinari de acid uric, respectiv de fosfat si carbonat de calciu).
Hipotensiv, antiedematos, anticelulitic, adjuvant in curele de slabire prin efect diuretic (cu mentinerea concentratiei sanguine a potasiului si a sodiului); antigutos (reduce nivelul acidului uric).
Reduce ascita prin sustinerea metabolismului renal al sodiului si al apei.
Antianemic (stimuleaza productia eritropoietinei care controleaza formarea globulelor rosii).
Antioxidant; antispastic, astringent, antihemoragic;decongestionant (imbunatateste circulatia sanguina).
Pretul produsului este de 67,99 lei.CUMPARA ACUM AICI>>>

Vermicin (Antiparazitar) 60 Cps FARES

Vermicin (Antiparazitar) 60 Cps FARES
Sustine purificarea tractului intestinal.Antiparazitar,antibacterian,antispastic,favorizează refacerea florei intestinale. Recomandari:parazitoze digestive datorate infestării cu limbrici,oxiuri şi giardia lamblia. Pretul
produsului este de 16,90 lei.CUMPARA ACUM AICI>>>

Contine unele dintre cele mai bune surse de vitamina C – fructele de padure, la care se adauga doua
produse ale stupului – mierea si propolisul, care actioneazăa sinergic pentru sanatatea organismului. VITAMINA C 28DZ are actiune benefica complexa pentru sanatatea intregului organism.
Contribuie la: funcționarea normală a sistemului imunitar; Protejarea celulelor împotriva stresului
oxidativ, conferind protecție antioxidanta; Metabolismul energetic normal; Reducerea oboselii si extenuării;
Functionarea normala a sistemului nervos; Formarea normală a colagenului pentru functionarea normala a sistemului osos, ligamentelor, pielii, dinților si gingiilor; Regenerarea formei reduse a vitaminei E; Absorbția fierului.Vitamina C Naturala se adreseaza atat adultilor, cat si copiilor! Produsul are gust
natural de fructe, usor acrisor! Produsul costa  78,67 lei. CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>>> 

sâmbătă, 11 iunie 2016

coada soricelului planta medicinala-yarrow herb

Yarrow Herb
Growing: meets the meadows, glades, edges of woods, edges of road and railways, sandy soil relatively moist, sunny or shady.From plain until subalpine region.
Body plant used:blossoms, the aerial plant.
Harvest time:medicinal herb can be harvested during the flowering period from June to September.
Yarrow-Natural Treatments
In internal use, yarrow is used to stimulate appetite, to treat anorexia, treats bronchitis, cough, rhinitis,rhinosinusitis allergic allergies, as a sedative, to treat colic hepato-biliary in treating biliary
dyskinesia, for bloating (flatulence ), in the treatment of cystitis, to regulate menstruation and removing pain caused by them, in metroanexitis, ascariasis healing, to treat gastric and duodenal cancer treatment of pelvic organs in strokes, diseases of the eye, against bleeding nose, in osteoporosis and for
the treatment of stomach bleeding.
In external use medicinal herb is used to cure vascular disorders, cure eczema, burns, bruises, purulent wounds, ulcers, treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, to cure abscess tooth in the treatment of asthma,
against vaginal itching in inflammation ovary to treat leucorrhea and uterine prolapse. ... read more ...
Coada Soricelului Planta Medicinala
Raspandire: se intalneste prin fanete,poieni,margini de padure,margini de drum si cai ferate,soluri nisipoase relativ umede,insorite sau umbrite.
De la campie pana in  regiunea subalpina.
Organul vegetal utilizat: inflorescentele,partea aeriana a plantei.
Perioada de recoltare: planta medicinala  se poate recolta in perioada infloririi din iunie si pana in septembrie.
Coada soricelului-Tratamente Naturiste
In uz intern, coada soriceluluieste folosita pentru stimularea poftei de mancare,pentru tratarea anorexiei,trateaza bronsita,tusea,rinita, rinosinuzita alergica,in alergii, ca sedativ,in tratarea colicilor hepato-biliari,in tratarea dischineziei biliare,pentru balonari (meteorism),in tratamentul cistitelor,pentru reglarea menstruatiei si inlaturarea durerilor cauzate de acestea,in metroanexita,in vindecarea ascardiozei,pentru tratarea ulcerului gastric si duodenal,in tratamentul cancerului organelor pelviene,in congestii cerebrale,pentru boli de ochi,contra hemoragiilor nazale,in osteoporoza si pentru tratarea hemoragiilor stomacale.
In uz extern,planta medicinala,este folosita pentru vindecarea afectiunilor vasculare,vindecarea eczemelor, arsurilor,contuziilor, ranilor purulente, ulceratiilor,pentru tratarea hemoroizilor,fisurilor anale,pentru
vindecarea abcesului dentar,in tratamentul astmului bronsic,contra mancarimilor vaginale,in inflamatii ale ovarelor,pentru tratarea leucoreei si a prolapsului
uterin. ...citeste mai departe...

miercuri, 23 decembrie 2015

Angelica Planta Medicinala-Angelica Herb

Angelica Herb
Growth: herb grows spontaneously in mountain and subalpine floor between 500 and 1500 m elevation through rocky places and wet gorge, the shores of streams, in bogs,on the edge of the forest.
Body plant used:
for natural treatments are used: the leaves, stem and root rhizomes.
Harvesting period:
angelica can harvest spring from March to June inclusive, in late summer or early fall, from late August to September inclusive.
Angelica-Natural Treatments
Internal use: in internal use angelica is used to treat anorexia, dyspepsia, flatulence,enteritis, cough and treating hysteria, cure neuralgia, rheumatism, skin rash,asthenia, anemia.
The plant, is also used to provoke vomiting.
External use: in external use medicinal herb is used to treat joint pain rheumatic nature,trauma, oral diseases, dog bites, snake bites.
Angelica tincture:in a glass jar with lid (airtight) place a half liter of refined alcohol 70º.
It adds, still green herb, and crumbled, the equivalent of 10 teaspoons.
Let it soak for 2-3 weeks in hot spots, sunny.
Then filter the liquid, using gauze (made in 2-3 layers to be more dense).
Tincture thus obtained is put into storage in dark bottles (containers be of glass, NOT plastic), preferably in cool, dark rooms.
In internal use tincture is used for:
- skin disorders (acne, psoriasis, scleroderma, dermatosis of unknown etiology);
- Frequent indigestion, dyspepsia, gastrointestinal inertia;
- Bulimia, anorexia, appetite disturbances are cures for at least 2 months;
- Dyspepsia and mental confusion, hysteria, depression,neurosis, psychosis has adjuvant role;
- Physical and nervous exhaustion;
- Convalescence, weakness, excessive sensitivity to climatic factors.
Dosage and
: 2 teaspoons tincture diluted in a glass of water; drink 2-3 glasses / day.
In external use the
tincture is used for
: skin pore, seborrhea, to maintain youthfulness and skin tone.
Apply on affected areas with a cotton swab or as compresses;
tincture will be applied undiluted. …read more…

Angelica Planta Medicinala
Raspandire: planta medicinala creste spontan in etajul montan si subalpin intre 500 si 1500 m altitudine, prin locuri stancoase si umede,in chei,malul paraielor,in turbarii,la margine de padure.
Organul vegetal
: pentru tratamente naturiste, se folosesc:frunzele,tulpina si rizomul cu radacina.
Perioada de recoltare : angelica se poate recolta primavara din martie si pana in iunie inclusiv,sau
la sfarsitul verii inceputul toamnei-de la sfarsitul lunii august si pana in septembrie inclusiv.
Angelica-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern: in uz intern angelica este folosita pentru tratarea anorexiei,dispepsie,balonarilor,enteritei,tusei si tratarea isteriilor,vindeca nevralgiile,reumatismul,eruptiilor tegumentare,astenia,anemiile.
Planta, mai este folosita si pentru provocarea vomei.
Uz extern: in uz extern planta medicinala, este folosita pentru tratarea durerilor de articulatii de natura reumatismala, traumatisme,afectiuni bucale,muscaturi de caine,muscaturi de sarpe.
Tinctura de  angelica:intr-un borcan de sticla cu capac (inchidere ermetica) se pune o jumatate litru alcool rafinat de 70º.
Se adauga ,planta medicinala inca verde, si maruntita,echivalent a 10 lingurite.
Se lasa la macerat,timp de 2 – 3 saptamani, in locuri calduroase, insorite.
Se strecoara apoi lichidul, folosind tifon (pus in 2-3 straturi pentru a fi cat mai dens).
Tinctura astfel obtinuta se pune spre pastrare in sticle de culoare inchisa (recipientele sa fie din sticla, NU din plastic), in incaperi preferabil intunecoase si racoroase.
In uz intern tinctura este folosita pentru:
-boli de piele (acnee, psoriazis, sclerodermie, dermatoze de
etiologie necunoscuta);
-indigestii frecvente, dispepsie, atonie digestiva;
-bulimie,anorexie, dereglari ale apetitului-se fac cure de minim 2 luni;
-stare de confuzie si dispepsie mentala,isterie, depresie,nevroze, psihoze-are rol adjuvant;
-epuizare fizica si nervoasa;
- convalescenta, debilitate, sensibilitate excesiva la factorii climatici.
Mod de administrare:se dilueaza 2 lingurite tinctura, intr-un pahar cu apa; se beau 2-3 pahare/zi.
In uz extern tinctura este folosita pentru:ten cu pori,seboreic, pentru mentinerea tineretii si tonusului pielii.
Se aplica pe zonele afectate, cu ajutorul unui tampon de vata sau sub forma de comprese; tinctura aplicata va fi nediluata. … citeste mai departe…

miercuri, 30 septembrie 2015

leustean planta medicinala-lovage herb

Lovage Herb
Lovage Herb
It is a multi-annual plant that grows in the garden (the crop).
A bush grow lovage nice and fast.
The stems are hollow, large leaves have a distinct odor and strong.
In Latin it is called LEVISTICUM OFFICINALE.
In German name is LIEBSTOCKEL (love stick) due aphrodisiac properties, and the roots they call MAGGI (hence the brand known company that offers dishes concentrates, soups, sauces, etc.).
Lovage probably comes from Iran, but in the Middle Ages began to be cultivated in Europe.
It is known that King Charlemagne ordered mandatory lovage cultivation in each garden.
As active substances lovage contain essential oils, butilftalide, isovaleric acid and coumarin derivatives.
Lovage-Natural Treatments
As a medicinal plant (leaves or lovage root) is used to treat the following conditions and diseases: dropsy, rheumatism, heart disease, gout.
Lovage good causes diuresis (removal of water from the body) which helps eliminate kidney stones (kidney sand).Also, the herb helps solubilize the bronchial secretion and relieves expectoration.
Beets help in the treatment of diseases of the stomach.Usually, lovage is used in flavoring in soups purposes, but also as a medicinal plant.For tea, lovage is used in combination with other plants.
The treatment of skin eruptions, use a decoction of the leaves and roots of lovage races.
Douches are portions of diseased skin.After 2 weeks the skin becomes again smooth.
In the treatment of stomach diseases races roots and leaves are used chopped, prepared a tincture is concentrated.In people, tradition says that pregnant women should avoid this herb.
It eats plants causing premature births. ... read more ...
Leustean Planta Medicinala
Leustean Planta Medicinala
Este o planta multianuala ce creste in gradini (planta de cultura).O tufa de leustean se dezvolta frumos si rapid.Tulpinile sunt tubulare,frunzele mari au un miros specific si puternic.In limba latina i se spune LEVISTICUM OFFICINALE.In germana denumirea este de LIEBSTOCKEL (betigasul dragostei) datorita proprietatilor afrodisiace,iar radacinei i se spune MAGGI (de unde si marca firmei cunoscute ce ofera preparate culinare concentrate,supe,sosuri etc.).
Leusteanul provine probabil din Iran,dar in Evul Mediu a inceput sa fie cultivata si in Europa.
Este cunoscut faptul ca regele Carol cel Mare a dispus cultivarea obligatorie a leusteanului in fiecare gradina.Ca substante active leusteanul contine uleiuri eterice,butilftalide,acid izovalerianic si derivati ai cumarinei.
Leustean-Tratamente Naturiste
Ca planta medicinala  (frunzele sau radacina de leustean) se foloseste pentru tratamentul urmatoarelor afectiuni si boli:hidropizie,reumatism,boli de inima,guta.
Leusteanul provoaca o buna diureza (eliminarea apei din corp) ceea ce ajuta la eliminarea litiazei renale (nisip la rinichi).Totodata ca planta medicinala  ajuta la solubilizarea secretiei bronsice si usureaza expectoratia.Radacina plantei ajuta in tratamentul bolilor de stomac.
De obicei,leusteanul se foloseste in scopuri de condimentare la ciorbe,dar si ca planta medicinala.
Pentru ceai,leusteanul se foloseste in amestec cu alte plante.La tratamentul eruptiilor de pe piele,se foloseste un decoct din frunze si radacini rase de leustean.Se fac spalaturi ale portiunilor de piele bolnave.Dupa 2 saptamani pielea redevine neteda.In tratamentul bolilor de stomac se folosesc radacinile rase si frunzele maruntite,fiind preparata o tinctura concentrata.
In popor,traditia spune ca femeile gravide trebuie sa evite consumul acestei plante.
Consumul plantei provoca nasteri premature. ...citeste mai departe......citeste mai departe...

luni, 21 septembrie 2015

cimbru planta medicinala-thyme herb

Thyme Herb
Spreading: The plant is cultivated on barren land, sand, no stagnant water in the plains until the mountains.
Body plant used: aerial parts of the plant.
Harvest time: thyme harvested before flowering in May.
Thyme-natural treatments
Internal use: for internal use thyme is used to treat the following diseases: enterocolitis, helminitiaze, stimulating liver function, whooping cough.

External use: thyme is used in external use to treat the following conditions: wounds, ulcers, stimulating the peripheral circulation.
Tea (infusion) Thyme:
A heaping tablespoon of herbs brewed with a quart of fresh water and let it sit a bit.
For the treatment of chronic bronchitis (whooping cough and productive cough) - as emergency remedy, give a few sips of hot infusion of thyme, which has bronchodilator effects, soothing expectorant and fast.
For a long-term treatment is recommended powder, which is taken three times a day, a teaspoon.
The treatment lasts four weeks.
In addition, the hot baths with infusion of thyme, which have powerful effects strengthening immunity.
Thyme syrup: flowers and stems collected in the sun, gets wet with wet hands when entering the jar.
Allow all about. 3 weeks in sunny.
As the filtration, flowers and stems dipped in sugar should be washed only with water, then pour the siriop.
The syrup is put on low heat to evaporate without boiling it.The syrup must not become neither too thin nor too thick, so it is allowed to cool once or twice, to probation. ... read more ...
cimbru planta medicinala-thyme herb
Cimbru Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:planta se cultiva pe soluri aride,nisipoase,fara apa stagnanta,din zona de
campie pana in cea montana.
Organul vegetal utilizat:partile aeriene ale plantei.
Perioada de recoltare:cimbrul se recolteaza inainte de inflorire in luna mai.
Cimbru-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern:in uz intern cimbru se foloseste pentru tratarea urmatoarelor afectiuni:enterocolite,helminitiaze,stimularea functiei hepatice,tuse convulsiva.
Uz extern:in uz extern cimbrul se foloseste pentru tratarea urmatoarelor afectiuni:rani,ulceratii,stimularea circulatiei periferice.
Ceai (infuzie) de cimbru:
O lingura cu varf de plante oparite cu un sfert de litru de
apa proaspata si se lasa sa stea putin.
Pentru tratarea bronsitei cronica,(tuse convulsiva si tuse
cimbru planta medicinala-thyme herb
productiva)- ca remediu de urgenta, se administreaza cateva inghitituri de infuzie fierbinte de cimbru, care are efecte bronhodilatatoare, expectorante si calmante rapide.
Pentru un tratament de lunga durata, se recomanda pulberea, din care se ia de trei ori pe zi cate o
lingurita rasa.
Tratamentul dureaza 4 saptamani.
Suplimentar, se fac bai fierbinti cu infuzie de cimbru, care au efecte puternice de intarire a imunitatii...citeste mai departe...

luni, 13 iulie 2015

ghimpele planta medicinala-spiny cocklebur herb

Spiny Cocklebur Herb
Spiny cocklebur is a common herbaceous plant as a weed,50-90 cm high, with rich branched stems with thorns yellow, 2-3 cm, very sharp,placed at armpit of each leaf.
Parties used: is used the air, and generally leaves.
It is found mainly in the plains and hills, grows near human settlements, along roads and railways, in the uncultivated places.
Spiny Cocklebur HerbSpiny cocklebur -natural treatments
It has anti-inflammatory and anticongestiv, disinfectant,
Spiny cocklebur  (cholera) is recommended in cases of prostate adenoma
(preventive and curative, including postoperative) and other inflammatory conditions of the prostate.
Herb is also used when cistopielitei, renal lithiasis (up to
the size of a grain of pepper).
It is administered as a decoction (one gram per cup) to be
drunk before meals half an hour, two cups per day in the first six months of cure, then each one cup a day.
The treatment lasts 6-18 months prostate ailments, and cures
cistopielitei 3-5 months in lifetime maintenance in kidney stones.
During the cure Studded avoid eating spices, sour fruits,dairy products, alcohol ... read more...
ghimpele(holera) planta medicinala
Ghimpele (holera) este o planta ierboasa comuna,ca o buruiana,inalta de 50-90 cm,cu tulpina bogat ramificata,cu spini galbeni,de 2-3
cm,foarte ascutiti,amplasati la subsuoara fiecarei frunze.
Partile utilizate: se utilizeaza partea aeriana,si in general frunzele.
Se gaseste mai ales in zonele de campie si deal,creste in apropierea asezarilor umane,pe langa drumuri si cai ferate,in locuri necultivate.
Ghimpele(holera)-tratamente naturiste
Are efect antiinflamator si anticongestiv,dezinfectant,cicatrizant.
Ghimpele(holera) se recomanda in cazurile de adenom de
prostata (preventiv si curativ,inclusiv postoperator) si alte stari
inflamatorii ale prostatei.Planta medicinala se mai floloseste si in cazul cistopielitei,litiazelor renale (pana la marimea unui bob de piper).
Se administreaza ca decoct (un gram la o ceasca) care se bea
inainte de mese cu o jumatate de ora,doua cani pe zi in primele sase luni de cura,apoi cate o singura cana pe zi.Cura dureaza 6-18 luni in afectiuni de prosatata,3-5 luni in cistopielitei si cure de intretinere toata viata in litiaze renale.Pe timpul curei cu ghimpe se evita consumul de condimente,fructe acre,lactate fermentate,alcoolciteste mai departe...        

Contribuie la:mentinerea sanatatii prostatei, functionarea normala a sistemului urinar, prin ameliorarea diurezei.PRETUL ESTE DE  8,50 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>> 


Actiuni: Antiinflamator, antitumoral (acţioneaza in special asupra aparatului reno-urinar si asupra prostatei), astringent, depurativ, dezinfectant, diuretic, emolient, hemostatic, hipocolesterolemiant, imunostimulator (in special pe segmentul reno-urinar, hepatic si cel genital), regenerator al tesuturilor, antiandrogenic, antiseptic, diuretic puternic, favorizeaza sfaramarea si eliminarea calculilor reno-urinari. PRETUL ESTE DE  16,25 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>> 

Ghimpe 40cps

Ghimpe 40cps
Recomandat in:afectiunile prostatei (adenom, prostatite, tumori ),litiaze renale,infectii urinare,hipertiroidism. PRETUL ESTE DE  10,12 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>>     


joi, 18 iunie 2015

zmeura planta medicinala-raspberry herb

Raspberry herb
Spread: The plant is found in forests, forest clearings, scrubs, rocky coasts, common and abundant in forest cuts in mountainous regions, rarely hills.
The plant prefers alkaline soils, moderately acidic and rich in humus loose.
Body plant used: plant organ used in herbal treatments are the leaves and fruit of the plant.
Harvest time: raspberry leaves are harvested in July and August.
Raspberry-natural treatments
Internal use: in internal use raspberry is used to treat diarrhea, enterocolitis, gastritis with hyperacidity, stomach ulcers, heartburn eliminate, cure rheumatism, relieves cases of anemia, success treat cough, colds and bronchitis.
External use: in external use herb is used to treat skin diseases, eczema, sores heal any kind,treats conjunctivitis, improves dental neuralgia, heal open wounds and skin eruptions ... read more ...

Zmeura planta medicinala
Raspandire: planta este intalnita prin paduri,luminisuri de padure,tufarisuri,coaste stancoase,frecvent si abundent in taieturile de padure din regiunea montana,rar la dealuri.
Planta prefera soluri eubazice,moderat acide,bogate in humus si afanate.
Organul vegetal utilizat:organul vegetal utilizat in tratamentele fitoterapeutice sunt frunzele si fructele plantei.
Perioada de recoltare:frunzele de zmeura se recolteaza in lunile iulie-august.
Zmeura-tratamente naturiste
Uz intern:in uz intern zmeura este folosita pentru tratarea diareei,enterocolitei,gastritei hiperacide,ulcerului gastric,inlatura pirozisul,vindeca reumatismul,amelioreaza cazurile de anemie,trateaza cu suces tusea,raceala si bronsita.
Uz extern:in uz extern planta medicinala este folosita pentru tratarea bolilor de piele,eczemelor,vindeca  bubele de orice
fel,trateaza conjunctivita,amelioreaza nevralgiile dentare,vindeca ranile deschise si eruptiile tegumentare
...citestemai departe...

vineri, 29 mai 2015

pelinul planta medicinala-wormwood herb

Wormwood herb
Wormwood is a perennial herb, robust, 0.5-1.2 m tall,white-gray hairs because although silky, with lance-shaped leaves.
Wormwood flowers are yellow, globular, arranged in a cluster at the tip of stems.
It is used aerial part, stem tops and branches 30-40 cm.
It grows on infertile land, rock, resist drought, are growing in sunny places in the plains and hilly in places cultivated along irrigation canals, roadsides.
For wormwood essential oil is harvested in early flowering and medicinal uses for the plant is good when blooming.
Wormwood-natural treatments
Wormwood is a bitter tonic, disinfectant and anti-inflammatory, digestive, prevent vomiting.
It acts against intestinal worms, is diuretic, slightly laxative, promotes menstruation.
It is especially recommended for hypo gastritis, anorexia (including anemia, convalescence), digestive atony.
It is also used in digestive disorders constipation,digestive for colic, flatulence (air swallowing), vomiting, kidney edema, gout,water reservoirs, menstruation with pain.
Wormwood is given as an infusion (half a teaspoon per cup) of that drink half a cup before meals, or tincture (20 g herb macerated for 7-10 days in 100 ml of alcohol) 15-20 drops before meals ... read more ...

Pelinul planta medicinala
Pelinul este o planta medicinala perena,robusta,inalta de 0,5-1,2 m,alb-cenusie datorita perilor desi si matasosi,cu frunze lanceolate.
Florile de pelin sunt galbene,globuloase,asezate in forma de ciorchine la varful tulpinilor.
Se utilizeaza partea aeriana,varfurile tulpinei de aproximativ 30-40 cm si ramificatiile.
Creste pe terenuri aride,pietroase,rezista la seceta,vegeteaza in locuri insorite in zona de campie si de deal,in locuri necultivate pe langa canalele de irigatii,la marginea drumurilor.
Pentru uleiul volatil pelinul  se recolteaza la inceputul infloririi,iar pentru utilizari medicinale cand planta este bine inflorita.
Pelinul-tratamente naturiste
Pelinul este un tonic amar,dezinfectant si antiinflamator,digestiv,antivomitiv.
Actioneaza impotriva viermilor intestinali,este diuretic cu eliminare de urati,usor laxativ, favorizeaza menstruatia.
Se recomanda in mod special pentru gastrite hipoacide,anorexie (inclusiv in anemie,convalescenta),atonie digestiva.
Se mai foloseste si in cazul tulburarilor digestive cu constipatie,pentru colici digestive,aerofagie(inghitire a aerului),stari de
vomaedeme renale,guta,acumulari de apa,menstruatie insotita de dureri.
Pelinul se administreaza sub forma de infuzie (o jumatate de lingurita la cana) din care se bea o jumatate de cana inainte de masa, sau tinctura (20g de planta macerata timp de 7-10 zile in 100 ml alcool) cate 15-20
picaturi inainte de mese...citeste mai departe...

joi, 28 mai 2015

musetel planta medicinala-chamomile herb

Chamomile herb
Spreading: The plant grows on fields and clay soils, plains, forest clearings, hill slopes, in grain fields, fields of corn, clover, potatoes, and beets.
Body vegetable used are flowers.
Harvest time: chamomile can collect spring by May-June.
Chamomile-natural treatments
Diseases that used chamomile are children colic, bloating,diarrhea, stomach pain, runny stomach, menstrual disorders (such as amenorrhea) and other disorders of the pelvic organs, insomnia, fever, pain from the wound and pain teeth.
Chamomile perspiration effect, calming, antispasmodic,disinfectant and anti-inflammatory in inflammation of all kinds.
In external use is given as chamomile compresses and douche in conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, itchy skin rashes and suppurations.
Baths and douches have a calming effect, with beneficial influences on the entire nervous system.
After heavy diseases or weakly will feel better after a bath with chamomile.
Chamomile is very important in caring girl using douches more ...
Musetel planta medicinala
Raspandire:planta creste pe ogoare,soluri argiloase,campii,luminisuri,costise,pe lanuri de cereale,campuri de porumb,trifoi,cartofi,si sfecla.
Organul vegetal utilizat sunt florile.
Perioada de recoltare :musetelul se poate culege primavara prin lunile mai iunie.
Musetel-tratamente naturiste
Boli in care este utilizat musetelul sunt:colicii la copii,balonari,diaree,dureri de stomac,secretii stomacale,tulburari menstruale(cum ar fi amenoreea) si alte afectiuni ale organelor pelviene,insomnii,febra,dureri de pe urma ranilor si dureri ale dintilor.
Musetelul are efect sudorific,calmant,antispasmodic,dezinfectant si antiinflamator in inflamatii de tot felul.
In uz extern musetelul se administreaza sub forma de comprese si spalaturi in conjunctivite si alte inflamatii ale ochilor, in eruptii cutanate care provoaca mancarimi si supuratii .
Baile si spalaturile au un efect calmant,cu influiente benefice asupra intregului sistem nervos.
Dupa boli grele sau stari de epuizare va veti simti mai bine dupa o baie cu musetel.
Musetelul este foarte indicat in ingrijirea fetei prin utilizarea spalaturilor ...citeste mai departe...

joi, 21 mai 2015

fasolea planta medicinala-beans herb

Beans herb
Beans herb
Beans herb
Beans, annual plant is grown for both food serving purposes,and those medicines.
Beans, like herb has different actions on the human body, among which the best known are: diuretic, cleansing, calming spasms.
Called Phaseolus vulgaris in Latin, the plant is used for centuries not only fresh food, berries and folders, but also as a medicinal plant namely pods without seeds, dried thoroughly.
Beans-Natural Treatments
Bean pods, containing a number of amino acids, minerals and many other substances with diuretics (remove water from the body, promotes passing urine from the body) but especially anti diabetic properties.
These properties pods prepared as tea, are used in, kidney and diseases of the bladder, heart disease (especially pericarditis), states rheumatic treat dropsy (fluid retention in tissues), in all cases beneficial effect it is the removal of fluid from the tissues.
For patients cystitis (bladder disorders, accompanied by strong burning and feeling spasms and anxiety), tea from bean pods, helps a lot.
It relieves pain and normalizes passing urine.
Tea of bean pods, along with flowers and leaves and leaves of blueberry shock and centaury help people with diabetes, lower blood sugar content.
Tea bean pods
Tea bean pods
Tea bean pods
Diuretic, calming the spasms, cleansing, anti-rheumatic, antigout easy hypoglycemic remineralizant.
Major recommendations:
Chronic kidney and urinary tract (including gallstones), dropsy, edema cardiorenal.
Other recommendations:
Acne, eczema, rashes, rheumatism, gout, diabetes, reconstituent for convalescents, pulmonary TBC.
Preparation and Administration:
Decoction (one tablespoon to cup), 2-3 cups / day
Cold soak (4 tablespoons per liter), then decoction until reduced by half, drink it within a day.
The price is 2.63 lei
Delivery cost: 9.90 lei (country free (Romania) shipping for orders over 150,00 lei)

 ... read more ...
Fasolea planta medicinala
Fasolea planta medicinala
Fasolea,planta anuala,este cultivata atat pentru a deservi scopurilor alimentare, cat si celor medicinale.
Fasolea, ca planta medicinala, are diferite actiuni asupra organismului uman, intre care cele mai cunoscute sunt:diuretic,depurativ,calmant al spasmelor.
Denumita in latina PHASEOLUS VULGARIS,planta este folosita
de secole nu numai ca aliment in stare proaspata,boabe si teci,dar si ca planta medicinala si anume pastaile fara seminte,bine uscate.
Fasolea-tratamente naturiste
Pastaile de fasole,contin o serie de aminoacizi,saruri minerale si multe alte substante cu proprietati diuretice (elimina apa din corp,favorizeaza eliminarea urinei din organism)dar si mai ales,proprietati anti-diabetice.
Datorita acestor proprietati,pastaile preparate ca ceai,se folosesc in ,afectiuni ale rinichilor si afectiuni ale vezicii urinare, bolile de inima (in special pericardita),starile reumatice,in tratarea hidropiziilor(retinere de lichid in tesuturi),in toate cazurile efectul benefic este eliminarea lichidului din tesuturi.
Pentru bolnavii de cistita (afectiuni ale vezicii urinare,insotite de usturimi puternice si stare de spasme si neliniste), ceaiul din teci de fasole,ajuta foarte mult.
El calmeaza durerile si normalizeaza eliminarea urinei.
Ceaiul din teci de fasole,impreuna cu flori si frunze de soc si frunzele de afin si tintaura ajuta bolnavii de diabet,la scaderea continutului de zahar in sange.


Ceai din Teci de fasole

Ceai din Teci de fasole

Diuretic, calmant al spasmelor, depurativ, antireumatic, antigutos usor hipoglicemiant, remineralizant. 
Recomandari majore:
Afectiuni cronice ale rinichilor si cailor urinare (inclusiv litiaza), hidropizie, edeme cardiorenale.
Alte recomandari:
Acnee, eczeme, eruptii, reumatism, guta, diabet, reconstituant pentru convalescenti, TBC pulmonar.
Mod de preparare si administrare:
Decoct (o lingura la cana), 2-3 cani/zi
Macerat la rece (4 linguri la litru), apoi decoctie pana scade la jumatate, se bea in decursul unei zile
Pretul este de 2,63 lei
Cost livrare: 9,90 lei (LIVRARE GRATUITA in tara pentru comenzile de peste 150,00 lei)

marți, 19 mai 2015

yarrow herb

Yarrow herb
Growing: meets the meadows, glades, edges of woods, edges of road and railways, sandy soil relatively moist, sunny or shady.From plain until subalpine region.
Body plant used: blossoms, the aerial plant.
Harvest time: medicinal herb can be harvested during the flowering period from June to September.
Yarrow-Natural Treatments
In internal use, yarrow is used to stimulate appetite, to treat anorexia, treats bronchitis, cough, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis allergic allergies, as a sedative, to treat colic hepato-biliary in treating biliary dyskinesia, for bloating (flatulence ), in the treatment of cystitis, to regulate menstruation and removing pain caused by them, in metroanexitis, ascariasis healing, to treat gastric and duodenal cancer treatment of pelvic organs in strokes, diseases of the eye, against bleeding nose, in osteoporosis and for the treatment of stomach bleeding.

In external use medicinal herb is used to cure vascular disorders, cure eczema, burns, bruises, purulent wounds, ulcers, treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, to cure abscess tooth in the treatment of asthma, against vaginal itching in inflammation ovary to treat leucorrhea and uterine prolapse. 
Tea (infusion) Yarrow:
Scald heaping teaspoon of plants quart of water and let little rest.
Yarrow tea has astringent properties that help treat runny nose or eyes moistening caused by mold, pollen or dust.
Against colds, flu and fever, yarrow tea promotes perspiration and lowers the temperature.
It is also useful in treating mild infections.
Yarrow tea improves digestion and help absorb nutrients from food.
Prevents flatulence and improves appetite.