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duminică, 12 noiembrie 2017

lemnul dulce planta medicinala-licorice herb

Licorice Herb
Licorice Herb
It is a shrub of spontaneous flora, but it is also cultivated for its pharmaceutical properties.Licorice reaches up to 1.5 m, with the appearance of bush, with leaves arranged in pairs on one side and the other of a common shaft.The flowers of the plant are blue-violet. The root of the plant is used for therapeutic purposes. Licorice grows in the leaves of the rivers, the weeds, the uncultivated places. It is harvested in crop three, autumn, after cessation of vegetation or early spring, only secondary roots and lateral rhizomes.
Licorice Natural Treatments
Licorice is a diuretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory and antiulcerous. It has estrogenic action, laxative. It has the effect of fluidizing tracheobronchic and pharyngeal secretions. The herb is especially recommended for hyperacid gastritis and gastric ulcer. It is also used in the following diseases: bronchitis, tracheitis, pharyngitis, cough, urinary disorders, rheumatism, constipation, stimulation of the genital organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Licorice is administered internally as a macerate (1/2 teaspoon per cup) that is drunk during the day. The herb is also used as a powder from which 1-3 g per day is taken, tincture and extract. For short-term treatment of constipation, an infusion of ½ teaspoon of Licorice root can be prepared per 1 cup of water. Drink a cup a day.Also, Licorice root can also be given as a single dose of 1-3 g per day (1 knife tip, 1-3 times a day). ... Read more...

Lemnul Dulce Planta Medicinala
Lemnul Dulce Planta Medicinala
Este un arbust din flora spontana,dar care este cultivat si pentru proprietatile sale farmaceutice.
Lemnul dulce ajunge pana la 1,5 m,avand aspect de tufa,cu frunze dispuse in perechi de-o parte si de
alta a unui ax comun.Florile plantei au culoarea albastru-violet.In scop terapeutic se utilizeaza  radacinile planteiLemnul dulce creste in albiile parasite ale raurilor,in buruienisuri,locuri necultivate. Se recolteaza in anul trei de cultura, toamna, dupa incetarea vegetatiei sau primavara devreme, numai radacinile secundare si rizomii laterali.
Lemnul dulce Tratamente naturiste
Lemnul dulce este un diuretic,antispasmodic,antiinflamator si antiulceros. Are ca efect fluidificarea secretiilor traheobronhice si faringiene.Are actiune estrogena,laxativa.
Planta medicinala se recomanda in special contra gastritei hiperacide si ulcerului gastric. Se mai
foloseste in urmatoarele afectiuni: bronsita, traheita, faringita ,tuse,afectiuni urinare,reumatism  ,constipatie,stimularea organelor genitale si a caracterelor sexuale secundare. Lemnul dulce se administreaza intern sub forma de macerat (1/2 lingurita la cana) care se bea in cursul zilei. Planta
medicinala se mai foloseste si sub forma de pulbere din care se inghite 1-3 g pe zi,tinctura si extract. Pentru tratarea de scurta durata a constipatiei se poate prepara o infuzie din ½ de lingurita de radacina de lemn dulce la 1 cana cu apa. De asemenea, pulberea de radacina de lemn dulce poate fi administrata si ca atare in doza de 1-3 g pe zi (cate 1 varf de cutit, de 1-3 ori pe zi). ...citeste mai departe...

luni, 29 august 2016

dud planta medicinala-mulberry herb

Mulberry Herb
This tree (Morus nigra alba.morusa) comes from Asia, where it was brought by several hundred years ago.
Mulberry is cultivated mainly for its leaves Livestock
Mulberry fruit, white or black, are used to taste pleasant,
slightly sour.
Mulberry- Natural
In folk medicine used mulberry leaves from which tea is
prepared, very useful in the treatment of diabetes.
Dry mulberry leaves, take a spoon and a cup scald with boiling water.Allow up to one minute, strain and take about four tablespoons of this tea daily.
It may be a combination of mulberry leaves, blueberry leaves, bean pods, leaves and walnut nettle, mix equal parts of which will take a spoon and a cup scald with boiling water.Let it brew and drink one day in three innings.Tea is best to treat diabetes. Prepare a root shell steak intestinal worms - One tablespoon per liter of water, boil briefly, strain and taken before meals two tablespoons each.For the case of constipation, prepare a fresh mulberry fruit syrup.Use a fruit cup, two cups of sugar and a liter of water.Bring to the boil, stir with a wooden spoon.After giving several times in hot, let it cool then put in a bottle and take a spoon if necessary.

Mulberry (Morus nigra) extract
Gemoterapie extract is obtained from fresh buds of black
mulberry (Morus nigra).Grain alcohol contains 18% vol.
Metabolism of carbohydrates: glucose levels helps decrease.
The price is 18.39 lei.

Dud Planta Medicinala
Acest arbore (morusa alba.morusa nigra) provine din Asia,de unde a fost adus cu multe sute de ani in urma.
Dudul se cultiva in special pentru frunzele sale folosite la
cresterea viermilor de matase.
Fructele de dud,albe sau negre,sunt folosite pentru gustul
sau placut,usor acrisor.
In medicina populara se folosesc frunzele de dud, din care
se prepara un ceai, foarte util in tratamentul diabetului.Din frunzele de dud uscate, se ia o lingura si se opareste cu o cana de apa clocotita.Se lasa pana la un minut,se strecoara si se iau cam patru linguri din acest ceai zilnic.Se poate face o combinatie din frunze de dud,frunze de afin,teci de fasole, frunze de nuc si urzica,amestec in parti egale,din care se va lua o lingura si se opareste cu o cana cu apa clocotita.
Se lasa sa traga si se bea intr-o zi in trei reprize.Este ceaiul cel mai bun in tratamentul diabetului zaharat.
Din coaja radacinii se prepara o fiertura contra viermilor intestinali - O lingura la litru de apa,se fierbe scurt,se strecoara si se iau inainte de mesele principale cate doua linguri.Pentru cazurile de constipatie,se prepara un sirop din fructele proaspete de dud.Se foloseste o cana cu fructe,doua cesti cu zahar si un litru de apa.
Se pune la fiert,se amesteca cu o lingura de lemn.
Dupa ce a dat de mai multe ori in clocot,se lasa sa se raceasca apoi se pune intr-o sticla si se ia la nevoie cate o lingura.
Extract de dud negru
Extractul gemoterapic este obţinut din muguri proaspeti de
dud negru (Morus nigra).
Contine alcool etilic de cereale 18% vol.
Metabolism glucidic: ajuta la scaderea nivelului glicemiei.
PRETUL ESTE DE 18,39 lei.

marți, 5 iulie 2016

crusin planta medicinala-alder buckthorn herb

Alder Buckthorn Herb
Alder buckthorn, shrub grows as the hilly sunny places, the edges of streams or swampy areas, but only up to altitudes of 1000 meters.
Alder buckthorn , reaches heights of 2-3 meters.
Alder buckthorn, part of the family and is called in Latin Graminaceelor Rhamnus frangula (Frangulea ALNUS).
From Alder buckthorn , is used exclusively peel.
Alder buckthorn , is gathered in March-April periods August and October.
Alder Buckthorn-Natural Treatments
Alder Buckthorn bark, contains a number of substances with emetic effect, anthraquinone principles, with a sharp purgative action.
It has the advantage over other vegetable purgative that can be used long without giving habit.
Purgative properties of alder buckthorn , known for over six centuries.
What therapeutic effects of alder buckthorn  bark, it is effective in adjusting the seat  (it is effective in regulating bowel movements).
Solve states of constipation in cases when the intestine becomes lazy.
Tea is also used preventively gall bladder disease and having a cleansing effect of the blood.
For chronic constipation, use 2-3 grams of powder or 2 tablespoons shredded bark plant, which is put to soak in 250 ml cold water,allow to pull noon, then drink a few sips every two hours.
For urgent cases, a tablespoon of shredded bark, scald with boiling a cup of water, then after half an hour let May boil for ten minutes.
Doses are starting to cure a teaspoon of zest to a cup of tea and titrated up to a tablespoon of zest to the same amount of water.
Low doses are used in mild constipation, and in higher doses in more serious cases.
With effect from the excitement of the ball, Alder Buckthorn bark, mixed with chicory, artichoke and dandelion, used to prepare a tea effective in the treatment of liver diseases and regulation of digestion making
it one of teas often used in cases of obesity.
Taking every morning a pinch of zest Alder buckthorn and drinking a cup of tea chicory people who want to lose weight will succeed so gradually, without fear that usually accompanies diets, namely regaining
weight once the diet weight loss is interrupted.
Alder buckthorn , regulates digestion and seat, leading naturally cleanse the digestive tract and thus eliminate toxins.
One of the important factors that usually accompany being overweight.
To prevent nausea and vomiting that causes the bark is good to bear in mind the following recommendations…read more…
Crusin Planta Medicinala
Crusinul,creste sub forma de arbust pe locuri deluroase insorite,la margini de paraie sau zone mlastinoase,dar numai pana la altitudini de 1 000 de metri.
Crusinul, atinge inaltimi de 2-3 metri.
Crusinul , face parte din familia Rhamnaceelor si se numeste in latina RHAMNUS FRANGULA (FRANGULA ALNUS).
De la crusin, se foloseste in exclusivitate coaja.
Crusinul,se culege in perioadele martie-aprilie august si octombrie.
Crusin-Tratamente Naturiste
Coaja de crusin,contine o serie de substante cu efect vomitiv,principii antrachinonice,avand o actiune purgativa accentuata.
Are avantajul fata de alte purgative vegetale ca se poate folosi mult timp fara a da obisnuinta.
Proprietatile purgative ale crusinului se cunosc de peste sase secole.
Ca efecte terapeutice,coaja de crusin ,are efect in reglarea scaunului.
Rezolva starile de constipatie, in cazurile cand intestinul gros devine lenes.
Ceaiul se mai foloseste preventiv in afectiunile veziculei urinare si avand un efect depurativ al sangelui.
Pentru constipatiile cronice, se folosesc 2-3 g de praf sau 2 lingurite din coaja plantei maruntita,care se pun la macerat la rece in 250 ml de apa,se lasa 12 ore sa traga,apoi se beau cateva inghitituri la fiecare doua ore.
Pentru cazurile mai urgente,o lingura de coaja maruntita, se opareste cu o cana de apa clocotita,apoi dupa o jumatate de ora se lasa sa mai dea in clocot timp de zece minute.
Dozele de inceput a curei sunt de o lingurita de coaja,la o cana de ceai si se creste pana la o lingura de coaja la aceeasi cantitate de apa.
Dozele mici se folosesc in constipatiile usoare,iar in doze mai mari in cazurile mai serioase.
Avand un efect de excitare a bilei,coaja de crusin,amestecata cu cicoare,anghinare si papadie,foloseste la prepararea unui ceai eficient in tratamentul afectiunilor ficatului si a reglarii digestiei fiind astfel unul dintre ceaiurile des folosite in cazurile de obezitate.
Luand in fiecare dimineata un varf de cutit de coaja de crusin si band o cana de ceai de cicoare,persoanele care doresc sa slabeasca vor reusi acest lucru treptat,fara a exista pericolul care de obicei insoteste
curele de slabire si anume recastigarea greutatii imediat ce dieta de slabire este intrerupta.
Cruisnul,regleaza digestia si scaunul,ducand firesc la curatirea tractului digestiv si deci la eliminarea toxinelor.
Unul din factorii importanti care insotesc de obicei supraponderabilitatea.
Pentru a evita starea de greata si voma pe care o provoaca coaja este bine sa se tina cont de urmatoarele recomandari…citeste mai departe…