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sâmbătă, 20 februarie 2016

calceaua calului planta medicinala-marsh marigold herb

Marsh Marigold herb
Growth: marsh marigold herb,is found in damp places around marshes, creeks edge of the marshes,
especially in the mountains.
Body plant used:aerial parts of the plant.
Harvesting period: marsh marigold  can harvest from April to June.
Marsh Marigold-Natural Treatments
Use: for internal use marsh marigold  is used to treat gallstones, constipation, calm the nervous system, natural treatment against smoking.
External use: in external use medicinal herb is used against rheumatic pains - as poultices.

Tea (infusion) of marsh marigold : spread a tablespoon of herb per cup of boiling water.
Leave to infuse for 10 minutes.
Consume 2 cups of tea per day.
While it would douches or compresses a decoction in double concentration (two teaspoons).
marsh marigold  is useful especially smokers who want to quit smoking.
Substances contained in this herb, the fight against nicotine in the body, freeing the body from this addiction. … read more…
Calceaua Calului Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:calceaua calului, se gaseste in locuri umede din preajma baltilor, marginea paraielor
prin mlastini,mai ales in zona montana.
Organul vegetal utilitat:partile aeriene ale plantei.
Perioada de recoltare:calceaua
calului se poate recolta din aprilie pana in iunie.

Calceaua Calului-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern: in uz intern, calceaua calului se foloseste pentru tratamentul litiazei biliare,constipatiei,calmarea sistemului nervos,tratament naturist impotriva fumatului.
Uz extern:in uz extern,planta medicinala este folosita contra durerilor reumatismale - sub forma de cataplasme.
Ceai (infuzie) de calceaua calului :se pune o lingura de planta,la o cana de apa fiarta.
Se lasa la infuzat 10 minute.
Se consuma 2 cani cu ceai pe zi.
Se pot face si spalaturi sau comprese cu un decoct in concentratie dubla (doua lingurite).
Calceaua calului este de folos mai ales fumatorilor care doresc sa renunte la acest viciu.
Substantele continute de aceasta planta medicinala,lupta
impotriva nicotinei din organism, eliberand astfel organismul de această
dependenta…. citeste mai departe…

luni, 18 ianuarie 2016

brusturele dulce planta medicinala-butterbur herb

Butterbur Herb
Growth:butterbur, often grows on the banks of streams in shady ravines, wet springs around, in all areas of hills and mountains, sometimes in the plain.
Body plant used:rhizome of the plant.
Harvest time:rhizomes butterbur harvest of early spring through fall in March or September.The
fruit is harvested at full maturation, before it paled by September.
Butterbur- Natural Treatments
Internal use: in internal use fresh butterbur is used to treat epilepsy, asthma, cough,hoarseness, arthritis, fever, and as an adjuvant for cancer treatment.
External use: in external use it is used to treat hemorrhoids, various wounds, leg pain,fighting migraines
twists and sprains.
Butterbur tea: a scoop of fresh butterbur roots, place overnight soak in 1/4 liter of water,heat and strain morning.Teas are used in case of fever, respiratory failure,arthritis, epilepsy, asthma. …read more…
Brusturele Dulce Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:brusturele dulce, creste frecvent pe malul paraielor,in viroage umbroase,umede,in jurul izvoarelor,in toate zonele de deal si munte,pe alocuri si in regiunea de campie.
Organul vegetal utilizat:rizomul plantei.
Perioada de recoltare:rizomii de brusture dulce, se recolteaza primavara de timpuriu prin luna martie sau
toamna prin luna septembrie.Fructele se recolteaza la maturarea lor completa,inainte de a se ingalbeni prin luna septembrie.
Brusturele Dulce-Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern: in uz intern, brusturele dulce, este utilizata pentru tratarea epilepsiei,astmului,tusei,raguseli,artritei,febrei si ca adjuvant pentru tratarea cancerului.
Uz extern: in uz extern este utilizat pentru tratarea hemoroizilor,diferitelor rani,durerilor de picioare,combaterea migrenelor,entorse si luxatii .
Mod de folosire.
Ceai macerat  de brusture dulce: o lingura rasa de radacini  de brusture dulce, se pune peste noapte la
macerat in 1/4 litru de apa, se incalzeste dimineata si se strecoara.Ceaiurile se utilizeaza in caz de febra, insuficienta respiratorie, artrita, epilepsie, astm. …citestemai departe…

miercuri, 4 noiembrie 2015

compresele cu plante medicinale-herbal compresses

Herbal Compresses
To prepare herbal compresses, boil water in a pot, which hangs over a sieve insert fresh or dried herbs and cover.
After some time plants take hot soaking, put in a canvas
fabric rare and apply on suffering.
Everything is then covered with a cloth, wool and rags tied more closely with.
It is not allowed to show any feeling of cold.
Herbal compresses - natural treatments
Chamomile compress:
Pour 1 liter of milk boiling over 2 tablespoons of chamomile, let stand 2-3 minutes, strain and applied as a warm compress.
Warm compress is recommended in eye pain, conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, skin rashes or itchy suppurations, and as a gargle for toothache and washing wounds.
Compress lady's mantle:
Warm compress is recommended in eye pain, conjunctivitis and other eye inflammation, skin rashes or itchy suppurations, and as a gargle for toothache and washing wounds.
Burdock compress:
Fresh leaves are washed, crushed and applied as poultice several times a day until the cause disappears.
Compression is recommended for sprains, walked feet hurt too much, burns, ulcers, wounds bitter.

Compress with narrowleaf plantain:

Fresh leaves are washed, crushed to a paste is formed (porridge), applied to the affected area.
It is recommended wounds, foot cracks, cuts, insect bites, rabid dog bites, poisonous animals.
Leaves in hand rubbed with salt and applied to the neck, goiter cure and heal blisters or chafing feet from shoes.This compression is recommended in the case of cancerous diseases of the glands. ... read more...

Compresele cu Plante  Medicinale

Pentru prepararea compreselor cu plante medicinale,se fierbe
apa intr-o oala,se atarna deasupra o sita in care se introduce plante proaspete
sau uscate si se acopera.
Dupa catva timp se iau plantele calde, inmuiate,se pun
intr-o panza cu tesatura rara si se aplica pe locul suferind .
Totul este acoperit apoi cu un postav de lana si legat
strans cu mai multe carpe.Nu are voie sa apara nici un fel de senzatie de rece.
Compresele cu plante medicinale - Tratamente naturiste
Compresa  cu musetel:
Se toarnă 1 l lapte clocotit deasupra a 2 linguri de musetel,se lasa sa stea 2-3 minute,se strecoara si se aplica sub forma  de compresa calda.
Este recomandata compresa calda in durerile de ochi,conjunctivite,alte inflamatii ale ochilor,in eruptii cutanate care provoaca mancarimi sau supuratii,iar sub forma de gargara in durerile de dinti,precum si la spalarea ranilor.
Compresa cu cretisoara:
Este recomandata compresa calda in durerile de
ochi,conjunctivite,alte inflamatii ale ochilor,in eruptii cutanate care provoaca mancarimi sau supuratii,iar sub forma de gargara in durerile de dinti,precum si la spalarea ranilor.
Compresa cu brusture:
Frunzele proaspete se spala, se zdrobesc si se aplica sub forma  de cataplasma,de mai multe ori pe zi, pana cand cauza dispare .
Compresa este  recomandata in entorse, luxatii, picioare ranite de prea mult umblat,arsuri, leziuni ulceroase, plagi usturatoare.
Compresa cu patlagina ingusta:
Frunzele proaspete se spala, se zdrobesc pana se formeaza o pasta (terci), care se aplica pe zona afectata.
Este recomandata in rani, crapaturi la picioare,taieturi,intepaturi de insecte, muscaturi de caine turbat, animale veninoase.
Frunzele frecate in maini cu sare si aplicate la gat,vindeca gusa, iar la picioare vindeca basicile sau rosaturile de laincaltaminte.Aceasta compresa,este recomandata si in cazul bolilor
canceroase ale glandelor. ...citeste maideparte...

luni, 18 mai 2015

brusturele planta medicinala-burdock herb

Burdock Herb
Growth:burdock grows near the houses and stables, near roads and heaps of garbage, debris etc.
Body plant used: root and leaves of burdock.
Harvest time: the roots are harvested in March-April spring plants of 2 years and from October to November plants a year.
Burdock leaves without petiole is harvested before flowering in May-June.
Burdock-Natural Treatments
Internal use: for internal use burdock is used to treat acne, gallstones, diabetes, sweating, eczema, enterocolitis, dislocations.
Tea perspiration administered in case of fever, respiratory failure, arthritis, gout, epilepsy.
Drink every day, slowly, 1-2 cups.
External use:in external use, large leaves and fresh burdock, applied as compresses, not just sprains and legs hurt too much walking, but any kind of burning in ulcers, cancerous lesions and stinging wounds.
The roots have anti-pyretic action and were very finder during epidemics of plague.
Burdock root tea:a teaspoon of burdock root, put it soak overnight in a quart of cold water and strain morning heats.
Burdock root tea is recommended in the fight against diabetes, because active substances that regulate contains the blood sugar level.
The domestic consumption cycles of 15 days per month, 3-4 cups per day.
Urinary tract infections can be treated with burdock root tea. ... read more ...
Brusturele Planta Medicinala
Raspandire :brusturele creste pe langa case si grajduri,langa drumuri si gramezi de gunoaie,pe daramaturi etc. Organul vegetal utilizat:radacina si frunzele de brusture.
Perioada de recoltare:radacinile se recolteaza primavara prin martie-aprilie pentru plantele de 2 ani si din octombrie pana in noiembrie pentru plantele  de un an.
Frunzele de brusture se recolteaza fara petiol inainte de inflorire prin lunile mai-iunie.
Brusturele - Tratamente Naturiste
Uz intern :in uz intern brusturele este folosit pentru tratamentul acneei,calculului biliar,diabetului,diaforezei,eczeme,enterocolita,luxatii.
Ceaiul sudorific se administreaza in caz de febra,insuficienta respiratorie,artrita,guta,epilepsie.
Se beau zilnic,incetul cu incetul,1-2 cesti.
Uz extern :in uz extern,frunzele mari si proaspete de brusture,se aplica sub forma de comprese,nu doar la entorse,luxatii si picioare ranite de prea mult mers pe jos,ci si la orice fel de arsuri,in leziuni ulceroase,leziuni canceroase si in plagi usturatoare.
Radacinile au actiune antitermica si au fost foarte cautatea in timpul epidemiilor de ciuma.
Mod de folosire.
Ceaiul din radacina de brusture: o lingurita rasa de radacina de brusture,se pune peste noapte la macerat, intr-un sfert de litru de apa rece,se incalzeste dimineata si se strecoara.
Ceaiul din radacina  de brusture,este recomandat in lupta contra diabetului,intrucat contine substante active care regleaza nivelul glicemiei din sange.
Se consuma intern,in cure de 15 zile pe luna, cate 3-4 cani pe zi.
Infectiile tractului uro-genital pot fi tratate cu ceai din radacina de brusture....citeste mai departe...