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marți, 22 martie 2016

cerentel (cernatel) planta medicinala-herb bennet

Herb Bennet
Latin name is Geum Urbanum (the rose family). Bennet grows in shady places, wetlands in forests.Bennet reaches heights of 30-60 cm.
Bennet has yellow flowers and oblong leaves are serrated,blooming flowers remain from May to September.
It should be noted that in the Middle Ages, when very expensive cloves were brought from India, bennet, rather its root was an admirable replacement of cloves.
This is because it contains a substance called eugenol.
The flavor eugenol is known by many because of the used bandages Dental.
From April to May, before flowering, remove the beets and dry in shady spots.
Bennet-Natural Treatments
Two teaspoons of root bennet crumb put in 250 ml of water then boil for 5-10 minutes.
Tea preparation is used to gargle in oral infections.
Bennet contains a significant amount of tannin which recommends (as a decoction) for liver diseases and diseases of the gallbladder.
In diseases specific to women, bennet, it is recommended to stop the bleeding, relieves menstrual pain.
With disinfectant, root is used for washing wounds, to treat tooth abscesses, bleeding gums.
Patients suffering from hemorrhoids that bleed, it should drink one to two cups of tea daily bennet root.
For cases of tonsillitis in children, gargle decoction of the root, relieves pain and speeds healing. … read more…
Cerentel (cernatel) Planta Medicinala
Denumirea latina este Geum Urbanum (familia Rosaceelor).Cerentelul creste in locuri umbroase,zone umede din paduri.
Cerentelul atinge inaltimi de 30-60 cm.
Cerentelul are flori galbene,frunzele sunt zimtate si lunguiete,infloreste incepand cu luna mai florile raman pana in septembrie.
Trebuie remarcat ca in Evul Mediu, cand cuisoarele costau foarte mult fiind aduse din India,cerentelul
,mai bine zis radacina sa era un inlocuitor admirabil al cuisoarelor.
Aceasta deoarece contine o substanta numita eugenol.
Aroma eugenolului este cunoscuta de multa lume datorita preparatului folosit pentru pansamentele stomatologice.
In perioada aprilie-mai,inainte de inflorire,se scoate radacina plantei si se usuca in locuri umbroase.
Cernatel(cerentel)-Tratamente Naturiste
Doua lingurite de radacina de cernatel (cerentel) maruntita,se pun in 250 ml de apa apoi se pune la fiert timp de 5-10 minute.
Ceaiul preparat ,se foloseste pentru gargara ,in infectiile bucale.
Cerentelul  contine o cantitate importanta de tanin care il recomanda (ca decoct) pentru bolile ficatului si bolile veziculei biliare.
In bolile specifice femeilor,cerentelul,se recomanda pentru oprirea hemoragiilor,calmeaza durerile menstruale.
Avand proprietati dezinfectante,radacina,se foloseste pentru spalarea ranilor,pentru tratamentul abceselor dentare,al gingiilor sangerande.
Bolnavii ce sufera de hemoroizi ce sangereaza,este bine sa bea una,doua cani de ceai din radacina
de cerentel zilnic.
Pentru cazurile de amigdalita la copii,gargara cu decoctul din radacina,calmeaza durerea si accelereaza vindecarea…. citeste mai departe…