Se afișează postările cu eticheta asthma. Afișați toate postările
Se afișează postările cu eticheta asthma. Afișați toate postările

marți, 19 septembrie 2017

isopul planta medicinala-hyssop herb

Hyssop Herb
Hyssop Herb
This herb is native to the Mediterranean, and is called the Latin name is Hyssopus officinalis.
Hyssop high increase of almost half a meter.The benefits of hyssop were known to ancient civilizations, the actual name of the plant itself is adapted to a Greek term (hyssōpos = "holy plant") describing its use - the hyssop leaves were used to clean the temples. The plant is also mentioned in the Bible in David's Psalm 50: "Sprinkle me with hyssop and I will cleanse / ... /".
For natural treatments, the entire plant is used.
Hyssop-Naturist Treatments
From a therapeutical point of view, hyssop is an effective expectorant, the popularity of the plant is due in part to this property.The plant enters the composition of anti-ash tea and is a good antispasmodic, carminative, anti-inflammatory and tonic (through its tannins and marubin).Hyssop has diuretic properties, remove water from the tissue.This makes it useful in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases,hypertension, hyperplasia.The content of hesperidine helps dilute vessels and lowers blood pressure.The antiseptic properties of the hyssop lead to the use of the plant in the form of baths and especially compresses in the treatment of wounds.Last but not least, the hyssop,due to the bitter substances it contains, regulates digestion and stimulates appetite, which makes it useful in the treatment of cases of general anemia and weakness. …read more…
Isopul Planta Medicinala
Isopul Planta Medicinala
Aceasta planta originara din zona mediteraneana, poarta denumirea latina de HYSSOPUS OFFICINALISIsopul creste inalt de aproape o jumatate de metru.Beneficiile isopului le erau cunoscute vechilor civilizatii, insusi numele actual al plantei este adaptat dupa un termen grecesc (hyssōpos = „planta sfanta”) ce descrie utilizarea sa – frunzele de isop erau intrebuintate pentru curatarea
templelor. Planta este mentionata si in Biblie, in Psalmul 50, al lui David: „Stropi-ma-vei cu isop
si ma voi curati /…/”.
Pentru tratamente naturiste se foloseste intreaga planta.
Isopul-Tratamente Naturiste
Din punct de vedere terapeutic,isopul este un expectorant eficient, popularitatea plantei datorandu-se in buna parte acestei proprietati a sa.Planta intra in compozitia ceaiurilor antiasmatice si este un bun antispastic, carminativ, antiinflamator si tonic (prin taninurile si marubiina pe care le contine).Isopul are
propriet diuretice,elimina apa din tesuturi. Aceasta o face utila in tratamentul afectiunilor cardiovasculare,hipertensiunii arteriale,hidropizie.Continutul in hesperidina ajuta la dilatarea vaselor si scade tensiunea arteriala. Proprietatile antiseptice ale isopului conduc la folosirea plantei sub forma de bai si mai ales comprese in tratamentul ranilor.Nu in ultimul rand,isopul,datorita unor substante amare pe care le contine, regleaza digestia si stimuleaza pofta de mancare,ceea ce il face folositor in tratamentul cazurilor de anemie si slabiciune generala. …citeste mai departe…

luni, 19 iunie 2017

sovarful planta medicinala-oregano herb

Oregano Herb
Oregano Herb
Oregano is a herb with stems and leaves, tender,grassy, perennial, vertically growing, branched on the upper part.Oregano is also called wild marjoram, basil or oregano forest.The plant has a
height of 50-80 cm, reddish stem, with leaves in opposition, and pink-violet flowers.It is harvested the scabbard part of the plant's top.It can be harvested at the end of August early September.It is harvested in nice, warm weather between morning and midnight, after the last dew drops.Cut the 20-25 cm branch with a scissors or knife, then dry,in a thin layer, in well-ventilated rooms.Plants return 2-3
times a day, otherwise they become black and lose the specific flavor and healing qualities.The plant is more likely to encounter deforested debris and forest edges, bush shrubs, up to the hilly area.
Oregano- Natural Treatments
Oregano is a good expectorant and sedative, disinfectant of the upper respiratory tract and digestive tract, combat spasms, general stimulant, capillary tonic.It is especially recommended for: influenza, laryngitis, tracheitis, asthma, convulsive cough.The herb is also used in case of hypoacid gastritis, fermentation colitis, asthenia.Oregano is given as an infusion (1 teaspoon per cup), 2-3 cups a day, half an hour before meals as tonic-aperitif (gastritis, colitis), after meals as an expectorant (cough, laryngitis) or between meals .Externally, the herb is used in the form of local baths or hot cataplasms with concentrated infusion for wounds, eczema, painful rheumatic seizures. For urinary infections, one of the many recommended plant combinations is the
following: 10 g of sulphin flower, 20 g of horse's tail, 30 g of oregano, 20 g of cement, 10 g of willow, 10 g of valerian.From a spoonful of mixture to a cup of water, prepare an infusion of 1-2 cups a day for one month. …read more…

Sovarful Planta Medicinal
Sovarful Planta Medicinal
Sovarful este o planta medicinala cu tulpini si frunze fragede,ierboase,perena,creste ertical,ramificata pe partea superioara.Sovarful se mai numeste si maghiran salbatic, busuioc de padure sau oregano.Planta are inaltimea 50-80 cm,tulpina rosiatica,cu frunze in opozitie,si flori roz-violacee.Se recolteaza partea frageada din varful plantei.Se poate recolta pe la sfarsitul lunii august inceputul
lunii septembrie.Se recolteaza pe timp frumos, calduros, intre dimineata si miezul zilei, dupa ce dispar ultimele picaturi de roua.Se taie cu un foarfec sau cu cutitul ramurele de 20-25 cm,care se pun apoi la uscat, in strat subtire, in camere bine aerisite.Plantele se intorc de 2-3 ori pe zi, altfel se innegresc si pierd din aroma specifica si din calitatile vindecatoare.Planta se intalneste  mai mult prin taieturi si margini de paduri,tufisuri din campie, pana in zona subalpina.
Sovarful-oregano-Tratamente Naturiste
Sovarful este un bun expectorant si sedativ, dezinfectant al cailor respiratorii superioare si cailor digestive, combate spasmele, stimulent general,tonic capilar.Se recomanda in special pentru:stari gripale, laringite,traheite,astm bronsic,tuse convulsiva.Planta medicinala se mai foloseste si in cazul gastritelor hipoacide,colitelor de fermentatie,astenie.Sovarful se administreaza intern ca infuzie (1 lingurita la cana), 2-3 cani pe zi, cu o jumatate de ora inainte de mese ca tonic-aperitiv (gastrite,colite),dupa mese ca expectorant (tuse, laringite) sau intre mese.Extern,planta
medicinala se utilizeaza sub forma de bai locale sau cataplasme calde cu infuzie concentrata pentru rani, eczeme,crize reumatice dureroase.Pentru infectii urinare,una din multele combinatii de plante
recomandate este urmatoarea: 10 g flori de sulfina, 20 g coada calului, 30g sovarf, 20 g cimbrisor, 10 g salcie, 10 g valeriana.Dintr-o lingura de amestec la o cana de apa,se prepara o infuzie din care se beau 1 -2 cani pe zi, timp de o luna. …citeste mai departe…

duminică, 2 octombrie 2016

fenicul planta medicinala-fennel herb

fennel herbFennel Herb
Growing: herb is cultivated throughout the country, demanding to heat, prefers sandy soils and clay rich in humus and calcium, meadow black soils or soils.
Body plant used: fruit mature fennel.
Fennel-Natural Treatments
In internal use fennel herb is used to treat bloating,abdominal colic, anorexia, larynx-tonsil infections, stimulates diuresis and stimulates the secretion of milk, treats bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough and
spastic cough.
In external use, it is used to treat laryngitis,pharyngitis, tonsillitis and tracheitis.…………………………………… READ MORE..................................................................
Fennel tea
Fennel tea
Fennel tea is recommended for reducing the spasms occurring in the gastrointestinal tract, improving digestion and increasing the secretion of milk in nursing mothers.
Contribute to:
-reducing bloating and spasms that occur in the gut
(children and adults);
- Maintaining normal bacterial flora in the intestine;
- Improve digestion;
- Maintaining the health of the gastrointestinal tract;
- Normalize the secretion of milk in nursing mothers;
- Decongestion of the airways.
Pregnancy, intolerance FENICUL.
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Help improve digestion.
Contribute to:
-Improving digestion and absorption of nutrients;
-Reduces flatulence (gas accumulation in the intestine) and colic evacuation by stimulating intestinal gas (carminative effect)
-Reduces gastric acidity;
- Improves bowel;
-Improving production and secretion of milk in nursing mothers (galactogen effect);
-Improving digestion and reduction of abdominal colic babies (anethole is excreted in breast milk);
-On the menstrual cycle and reduce the symptoms of menopause and its;
-Stimulating the expectoration and bronchial and sinus congestion reduction;
-Maintaining normal eye pressure;
Directions: 1-3 capsules each 2 times / day to the table or under your qualified health consultant.
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Tincture of fennel
Tincture of fennel
Effects: Digestive, carminative, galactogog, expectorant,sedative, diuretic, anthelmintic, laxative, stimulant.
Adjuvant in bloating, indigestion, mild spasms of the digestive tract, colic,expectorant in bronchitis,dyspepsia, diabetes.
Internal administration: 40 drops, 3 times a day, diluted in water or tea, preferably after meals.
Inflammation of the throat, irritation of the eyes, wrinkles.
Administrare extern: gargara,in raceli, comprese (cu 30 de picaturi la un pahar cu apa). 
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Fennel essential oil
Fennel essential oil
Properties: digestive tonic, carminative, antispasmodic,antiseptic, soothing stomach tonic, purifying, revitalizing.
It is used in massage oils for relaxation, cellulite, edema and rheumatic pain, skin becomes more smooth and elastic. It is one of the most effective detoxifying oils being used in lymphatic drainage massage.
If flatulence and digestive disorders is recommended local massage in combination with fennel tea.
Do not use undiluted!
Keep out of reach of children!
Avoid contact with eyes!
Not recommended for pregnant women, nursing mothers, people who are allergic to this product.
Some oils can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people,so it is necessary to test the sensitivity
For external use only!
Pregnancy, intolerance FENICUL.

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fenicul planta medicinala
Raspndire: planta este cultivata in toata tara,pretentioasa la caldura,prefera solurile nisipo-argiloase bogate in humus si calciu,cernoziomuri sau soluri de lunca.
Organul vegetal utilizat:fructele mature de fenicul.
Fenicul-Tratamente Naturiste
In uz intern ,planta medicinala  fenicul,este folosita pentru tratarea balonarilor, colicilor abdominali,anorexiei,infectiilor laringo-amigdaliene,stimuleaza diureza si stimuleaza secretia de lapte,trateaza bronsita,astmul bronsic,tusea convulsiva si tusea spastica.
In uz extern,este folosit pentru pentru tratarea laringitei,faringitei,amigdalitei si traheitei.
Ceaiul de fenicul
Ceaiul de fenicul
Ceaiul de fenicul este recomandat pentru reducerea spasmelor care apar la nivelul tractului gastrointestinal, imbunatatirea digestiei si cresterea secretiei de lapte la lauze.
Contribuie la:
-reducerea balonarii si a spasmelor, care apar la nivel intestinal (la copii şi adulti);
-mentinerea in limite normale a florei bacteriene din intestin;
-imbunatatirea digestiei;
-mentinerea sanatatii tractului gastrointestinal;
-normalizarea secretiei de lapte la lauze;
-decongestionarea cailor respiratorii.
Contraindicatii:Sarcina,intoleranta la FENICUL.



Ajuta la
imbunatatirea digestiei

Contribuie la:
-imbunatatirea digestiei si a absorbtiei substantelor
-reduce meteorismul (acumulare de gaze în intestin) si
colicile abdominale prin stimularea evacuarii gazelor intestinale (efect
-reduce aciditatea gastrica;
-imbunatateste tranzitul intestinal;
-imbunatatirea productiei si secretiei de lapte a mamelor
care alapteaza (efect galactogen);

-imbunatatirea digestiei si reducerea colicilor abdominale
ale bebelusilor (anetolul este excretat in laptele matern);
-reglarea ciclului menstrual si reducerea simptomelor
acestuia si ale menopauzei;
-stimularea expectoratiei si la reducerea congestiei
bronhiilor si a sinusurilor;
-mentinerea tensiunii oculare normale;
Administrare:cate 1-3 capsule de 2 ori/zi la masa sau
conform recomandarii consultantului de specialitate.

Tinctura De Fenicul
Tinctura De Fenicul
Efecte: Digestiv, carminativ, galactogog, expectorant,
sedativ, diuretic, vermifug, laxativ, stimulent.
Intern: Adjuvant in balonari, indigestie spasme usoare ale
tubului digestiv, colici, expectorant in bronsite, dispepsii, diabet.

Administrare intern: 40 de picaturi, de 3 ori pe zi, diluate in putina apa sau ceai, de preferabil dupa mese.
Extern: Inflamatii ale gatului, iritatii ale ochilor, riduri.
Administrare extern: gargara, in raceli,comprese (cu 30 de picaturi la un pahar cu apa).

Ulei Esential Fenicul
Ulei Esential Fenicul
Proprietati:tonic digestiv,carminativ, antispastic, antiseptic, calmant gastric, tonic general, purifiant,
revitalizant. Este folosit în uleiuri de masaj pentru relaxare, eliminarea celulitei, edemelor şi a durerilor reumatice, pielea devenind mai netedă şi elastică. 

Este unul dintre cele mai eficiente uleiuri detoxifiante, fiind utilizat în masajul de drenaj limfatic. 
În cazul flatulenţei şi a tulburărilor digestive este recomandat masajul local în combinaţie cu ceaiul de fenicul.
A nu se utiliza nediluat!
A nu se lăsa la îndemâna copiilor!
A se evita contactul cu ochii!
Nerecomandat femeilor gravide, mamelor care alăptează, persoanelor alergice la acest produs.
Unele uleiuri pot provoca reacţii alergice la persoanele sensibile, de aceea este necesară testarea sensibilitaţii
Numai pentru uz extern!

duminică, 26 aprilie 2015

astm-tratamente naturiste - asthma-natural treatments

asthma-natural treatments
Asthma, is a disease that is manifested clinically by a feeling of lack of air, difficult and prolonged exhalation.
Disease pathology may be allergic in nature, neurogenic or infectious.
During normal breathing air flow freely into and out of the lungs.
When asthma is not controlled, the airways are inflamed and swollen.
They are very sensitive to changes in the environment and asthma attacks can occur.
During this crisis asthmatic airway walls swell, the muscles around them contract and secrete mucus that clog the airways in large amounts,making breathing very difficult.
To treat asthma are used herbs with soothing, anti-allergic,antiseptic, expectorant, sedative general vasodilators such as:field thyme, thyme, horehound, oregano, chamomile, plantain,coltsfoot, fennel, sea grass, hyssop, sweet clover, motherwort, mistletoe,valerian, lavender, elder, mallow ... read more ...
astm-tratamente naturiste
Astmul, reprezinta o afectiune care se manifesta clinic prin senzatia lipsei de aer, cu expiratie dificila si prelungita.
Patologia bolii poate fi de natura alergica, neurogena sau infectioasa.
In timpul unei respiratii normale fluxul de aer intra si
iese liber din plamani.
Atunci cand astmul nu este controlat,caile respiratorii sunt inflamate si edematiate.
Ele devin foarte sensibile la schimbarile din mediul inconjurator si poate aparea criza astmatica.
In timpul acestei crize astmatice, peretii cailor respiratorii se edematiaza, muschii din jurul acestora se contracta, iar mucusul care se secreta in cantitate mare obtureaza caile respiratorii, facand respiratia
foarte dificila.
Pentru tratarea asmului sunt utilizate plantele medicinale cu actiuni calmante, antialergice, antiseptice, expectorante, sedative generale, vasodilatatoare cum ar fi:cimbrisor de camp,cimbru de cultura,unguras,sovarf,musetel,patlagina,podbal,fenicul,iarba mare,isop,odolean,sulfina,talpa gastei,vasc,valeriana,levantica,soc,nalba...citestemai departe...