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chimen planta medicinala-caraway herb

Caraway Herb
Typically, caraway occurs after the first mowing orchards,pastures grows on places gravel roadside.
Caraway reach heights of 80-100 cm.
Gathering the fruits (seeds) normally in June, July or August.
Caraway seeds contain essential oil in a ratio of 3 to 7%.
Caraway has a specific smell and taste, which makes the plant to be used in cookery as condiment for soups, sauces and confectionery.
Caraway-Natural Treatments
Caraway tea has the ability to combat feelings of spasms or cramps in the stomach and intestines.
Tea helps in treating menstrual disorders.
Caraway is also used to treat cases of bloating, digestion difficult states after diarrhea (enterocolitis) especially for children.
Diarrhea and colitis may improve or even cure rapidly by administering powder caraway seeds mixed with powdered mint leaves in equal proportions.
Take a daily four six teaspoons of this mixture over a period of two weeks.
The result is amazing especially thanks antiseptic and anti-inflammatory qualities of the two herbs.
If you have problems with the stomach, bile secretion of gastric juice or excess of recommended daily administration of the combination of four teaspoons caraway powder and mint, both in equal proportions.
Plants should be freshly ground, to have a maximum content of volatile oils.
For breastfeeding mothers, the caraway stimulates lactation.
Due to its properties, caraway was recommended during Charlemagne's culture.
Nowadays, most of the necessary Caraway is obtained from crops.
The oil extracted from the seeds of caraway, fennel and coriander mixed uses, taken with sugar recovering dysentery and severe enterocolitis.
The volatile oil content of seeds of caraway, nerve tonic effects, favoring the cerebral circulation and reinstalling state of optimism and mental strength.
Halitosis or bad breath odor is removed using chewing after meals and between meals, a few caraway seeds. … read more…
Chimen Planta Medicinala
In mod obisnuit,chimenul apare dupa primul cosit prin livezi,creste pe pasuni,pe locuri cu pietris,la margine de drum.Chimenul atinge inaltimi de 80-100 cm.
Se culeg fructele (semintele) in mod normal in lunile iunie,iulie sau august.
Semintele de chimen,contin ulei eteric in proportie de 3 pana la 7%.
Chimenul are un miros si un gust specific,ceea ce face ca planta sa fie folosita in arta culinara sub forma de condiment la supe,sosuri,patiserie.
Chimen-Tratamente Naturiste
Ceaiul de chimen are proprietatea de a combate starile de spasme sau crampe in zona stomacului si intestinelor.
Ceaiul ajuta si la tratarea tulburarilor menstruale.
Chimenul se foloseste si pentru tratarea cazurilor de balonari,digestie dificila,stari dupa diaree (enterocolite) in special pentru copii.
Diareea si colita se pot ameliora sau chiar remedia rapid prin administrarea pulberii de seminte de chimen,in amestec cu pulbere de frunze de menta,in proportii egale.
Se iau zilnic cate patru-sase lingurite din aceasta combinatie, pe o perioada de doua saptamani.
Rezultatul este uluitor mai ales multumita calitatilor antiseptice si antiinflamatoare ale celor doua plante medicinale.
Daca aveti probleme cu abdomenul, secretia de bila sau cu excesul de suc gastric se recomanda administrarea zilnica a patru lingurite din combinatia de pulberi de chimen si menta, ambele in proportii egale.
Plantele trebuie sa fie proaspat macinate, pentru a avea un continut maxim de uleiuri volatile.
Pentru mamele care alapteaza, chimenul stimuleaza lactatia.
Datorita proprietatilor sale,chimenul a fost recomandat in timpul lui Carol cel Mare pentru cultura.
Si in zilele noastre, cea mai mare parte din necesarul de chimen se obtine din culturi.
Uleiul extras din semintele de chimen,fenicul si coriandru se foloseste amestecat,luat cu zahar in convalescenta dupa dizenterii si enterocolitele grave.
Uleiul volatil continut de semintele de chimen, are efecte tonice nervoase, favorizand circulatia cerebrala si reinstaland starea de optimism si forta mentala.
Halena sau mirosul urat al respiratiei se inlatura cu ajutorul... mestecarii, dupa masa si intre mese, a cateva seminte de chimen. … citeste mai departe…

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cerentel (cernatel) planta medicinala-herb bennet

Herb Bennet
Latin name is Geum Urbanum (the rose family). Bennet grows in shady places, wetlands in forests.Bennet reaches heights of 30-60 cm.
Bennet has yellow flowers and oblong leaves are serrated,blooming flowers remain from May to September.
It should be noted that in the Middle Ages, when very expensive cloves were brought from India, bennet, rather its root was an admirable replacement of cloves.
This is because it contains a substance called eugenol.
The flavor eugenol is known by many because of the used bandages Dental.
From April to May, before flowering, remove the beets and dry in shady spots.
Bennet-Natural Treatments
Two teaspoons of root bennet crumb put in 250 ml of water then boil for 5-10 minutes.
Tea preparation is used to gargle in oral infections.
Bennet contains a significant amount of tannin which recommends (as a decoction) for liver diseases and diseases of the gallbladder.
In diseases specific to women, bennet, it is recommended to stop the bleeding, relieves menstrual pain.
With disinfectant, root is used for washing wounds, to treat tooth abscesses, bleeding gums.
Patients suffering from hemorrhoids that bleed, it should drink one to two cups of tea daily bennet root.
For cases of tonsillitis in children, gargle decoction of the root, relieves pain and speeds healing. … read more…
Cerentel (cernatel) Planta Medicinala
Denumirea latina este Geum Urbanum (familia Rosaceelor).Cerentelul creste in locuri umbroase,zone umede din paduri.
Cerentelul atinge inaltimi de 30-60 cm.
Cerentelul are flori galbene,frunzele sunt zimtate si lunguiete,infloreste incepand cu luna mai florile raman pana in septembrie.
Trebuie remarcat ca in Evul Mediu, cand cuisoarele costau foarte mult fiind aduse din India,cerentelul
,mai bine zis radacina sa era un inlocuitor admirabil al cuisoarelor.
Aceasta deoarece contine o substanta numita eugenol.
Aroma eugenolului este cunoscuta de multa lume datorita preparatului folosit pentru pansamentele stomatologice.
In perioada aprilie-mai,inainte de inflorire,se scoate radacina plantei si se usuca in locuri umbroase.
Cernatel(cerentel)-Tratamente Naturiste
Doua lingurite de radacina de cernatel (cerentel) maruntita,se pun in 250 ml de apa apoi se pune la fiert timp de 5-10 minute.
Ceaiul preparat ,se foloseste pentru gargara ,in infectiile bucale.
Cerentelul  contine o cantitate importanta de tanin care il recomanda (ca decoct) pentru bolile ficatului si bolile veziculei biliare.
In bolile specifice femeilor,cerentelul,se recomanda pentru oprirea hemoragiilor,calmeaza durerile menstruale.
Avand proprietati dezinfectante,radacina,se foloseste pentru spalarea ranilor,pentru tratamentul abceselor dentare,al gingiilor sangerande.
Bolnavii ce sufera de hemoroizi ce sangereaza,este bine sa bea una,doua cani de ceai din radacina
de cerentel zilnic.
Pentru cazurile de amigdalita la copii,gargara cu decoctul din radacina,calmeaza durerea si accelereaza vindecarea…. citeste mai departe…

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catina planta medicinala-sea buckthorn herb

Sea Buckthorn Herb

Sea Buckthorn grows on the coasts, on gravel or river bank. Increases in the form of bushes that reach a height of 4 to 6 m. Sometimes it looks like a shrub.Has rare thin leaves, thorns, and the fruits have orange they are small and look like pearls. Latin name is hippophae rhamoides. Exclusive use fruit that ripen later, in late September.Although grow up free, are areas in Europe where it is grown conducted.Since ancient fruits were prized for their taste sour,astringent.Fruits are harvested after the first frost falls.The coils have a high content of vitamin C, also contain vitamins B1 and B2, are a natural polivitamin practical and handy.Liked its
flavor, berries are used in the preparation of juices, marmalades and jams.Fruit pits is removed using metal sieves squeeze the berries.
Villagers prepare a fruit drink underbrush that is palatable and which, colds occur (due to its very high vitamin C).One of the recipes say, take 700-800 g of fruits, 5-6 liters of water and 1 kg of granulated sugar.
Boil, let it boil and then simmer on low heat with a wooden spoon chewing.
Strain and cool when it was put in bottles that can be closed tightly.
This juice is given especially children and the elderly before the arrival of cold or spring for strengthening and avoid colds.In dried fruit is prepared teas that have a pleasant flavor, sour, like pineapple.
It stands out in treating liver diseases. 
Sea Buckthorn-Natural Treatments
Sea Buckthorn is used to treat specific diseases of children, feelings of avitaminosis, recovering from measles, whooping cough and colds.A teaspoon of fruit per cup of boiling water, let it pull up to 5 minutes
before drinking, crushing the beans, fruit. The tea can be sweetened with sugar or honey.Two cups of tea daily ration provides sufficient vitamins.Skin diseases, especially hives, tea helps healing. …read more…
Catina Planta Medicinala

Catina creste pe coastele rapoase,pe prundisuri sau la malul raurilor. Creste,sub forma de tufe ce ating o inaltime de 4 pana la 6 m.Uneori arata ca un arbust.Are frunzele subtiri rare,spini,iar fructele au o culoare
portocalie,sunt mici si arata ca niste perle.Denumirea latina este hippophae rhamoides.Se folosesc in exclusivitate fructele ce se coc tarziu,la sfarsitul lunii septembrie.Desi creste liber,sunt zone din Europa unde ea se cultiva dirijat.Inca din vechime,fructele erau apreciate pentru gustul lor acru-astringent.
Fructele,se recolteaza dupa ce cade prima bruma.Bobitele au un continut ridicat de vitamina C,mai contin si
vitaminele B1 si B2,practic sunt o polivitamina naturala si la indemana oricui.Datorita gustului placut,fructele se folosesc la prepararea sucurilor,a marmeladelor si gemurilor.Samburii fructelor se inlatura cu ajutorul sitelor metalice in care se storc bobitele.La sate, se prepara o bautura din fructe de catina,care este
placuta la gust si care, apara de raceli (datorita continutului foarte ridicat de vitamina C).Una din retete spune ca, se iau 700-800 g de fructe,5-6 litri de apa si 1 kg de zahar tos.Se pun la fiert,se lasa sa dea in clocot apoi se mai fierbe la foc mic mestecand cu o lingura din lemn.Se strecoara si cand s-a racit se pune in sticle ce se pot inchide ermetic.Din acest suc,se da in special copiior si batranilor inainte de venirea frigului sau primavara pentru fortificare si evitarea racelilor.Din fructele uscate, se prepara ceaiuri care au un gust placut aromat,acrisor,asemanator ananasului.Se remarca in tratarea bolilor ficatului.
Catina-Tratamente Naturiste
Catina ,este folosita pentru tratarea bolilor specifice copiilor,starile de avitaminoza,convalescenta dupa tuse convulsiva in raceli si pojar.O lingurita cu fructe la o cana de apa clocotita,se lasa sa traga pana la
5 minute,inainte de a se bea,se zdrobesc bobitele de fructe. Ceaiul se poate indulci cu zahar sau miere.Doua cani de ceai,zilnic,ofera o ratie suficienta de vitamine.In bolile de piele,in special la urticarii,ceaiul ajuta la vindecare. …citeste mai departe…