vineri, 23 octombrie 2015

alifii si uleiurile din plante medicinale-ointments and oils herbal

Ointments and Oils Herbal

Ointments and medicinal herbal oils, greases popularly
called, were known and used as folk remedies long before being prepared industrially.
Such ointments quite expensive now commercially can be obtained easily at home, the old recipes.
The results will be the same, but with minimal expenses.
In addition, we are sure that we use the best quality ingredients.
An ointment prepared home has therapeutic virtues as strong
as in the pharmacy, perhaps even more effective, because it is taken down by your hand.
Preparation of Herbal Ointments
For the preparation of ointments chop twice by two handfuls of herbs.
Heat 500 grams of lard, as it would make fried.
Plants fat mix in this hot, let it sizzle briefly in the
pan, stir further, pull the pan off the heat, cover and leave to cool overnight.
The day warms everything easily filter through gauze and cream thus obtained is introduced previously  prepared hot jars.
Preparation of Herbal Oils.
To prepare oils from herbs, flowers or plants jab without stuffing in a bottle to the neck and pour in olive oil cold pressed, so that the oil is covering plants with a thick layer of two fingers.Allow 14 days the sun or near the stove. ... read more ...

Alifii si Uleiurile din Plante Medicinale
Alifiile si uleiurile pe baza de plante medicinale, numite
popular unsori sau iruri, au fost cunoscute si utilizate ca leacuri populare cu mult inainte de a fi preparate industrial.
Asemenea unguente, destul de scumpe acum in comert, pot fi obtinute cu usurinta si acasa, dupa vechile
Rezultatele vor fi aceleasi, dar cu cheltuieli minime.
In plus, suntem siguri ca am folosit ingrediente de cea mai buna calitate.
O alifie preparata casnic are virtuti terapeutice la fel de puternice ca aceea din farmacie, poate chiar mai eficiente, fiindca e facuta chiar de mana dumneavoastra.
Prepararea Alifiilor din Plante Medicinale
Pentru prepararea alifiilor se maruntesc de doua ori cate doua maini pline de plante medicinale.
Se incinge 500 de grame de untura de porc,ca si cum s-ar pune la prajit.
Plantele se amesteca in aceasta grasime fierbinte,se lasa sa sfaraie scurt in tigaie, se amesteca in continuare, se trage tigaia de pe foc,se acopera si se lasa la rece peste noapte.
Adoua zi se incalzeste totul usor,se filtreaza printr-o
bucata de tifon,iar crema astfel obtinuta se introduce calda in borcanele pregatite dinainte.
Prepararea Uleiurilor din Plante Medicinale.
Pentru prepararea uleiurilor din plante medicinale, florile
sau plantele se baga fara a se indesa intr-o sticla pana la gat si se toarna deasupra ulei de masline presat la rece, in asa fel incat uleiul se acopere plantele cu un strat gros de 2 degete.Se lasa 14 zile la soare sau in apropierea masinii de gatit.

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