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patlagina ingusta planta medicinala-plantain herb

Plantain Herb
Plantain-Natural Treatments
Narrow Plantain is used primarily against respiratory diseases, especially in the case of abundant mucosal secretions, in whooping cough, pulmonary asthma, even in pulmonary tuberculosis.
Clean stomach like no other plant is therefore suitable for those people who have little or bad blood, liver and kidneys sick, pale appearance that make rashes, eczema, which more and coughing less, are hoarse
and weak.
In asthma lung herb works wonders.
Thyme mixed with equal parts and prepared the infusion
serves against asthma and bronchitis lung.
Such an infusion is recommended and liver and bladder
Tea plantain:
Boil a cup of cold water with a slice of lemon (without skin) and a teaspoonful of brown sugar candy, let it give 4/5 hot, remove from heat and only then add a teaspoonful the mixture of herbs (thyme and plantain).
Let rest for 30 seconds.
In severe cases, tea is prepared several times a day (4-5 times).
Drink as warm.
As you can read in old books about herbs, plant seed combat training calculation, if you take 8 grams daily (seeds).
It is a good remedy and cons wounds.
In this case the fresh leaves applied over the wound.
Plantain syrup:
Twice two hands full of washed plantain leaves pass through meat grinders.
Add this porridge leaves little water to not harden, 300 grams of sugar and 250 grams of unrefined honey.
Let everything simmer with continued mixing until it forms a viscous liquid, pour hot jars and store in the refrigerator ... read more ...

Patlagina Ingusta Planta Medicinala
Ingusta-Tratamente Naturiste
Patlagina ingusta se foloseste in primul rand impotriva maladiilor aparatului respirator,mai ales in cazul unor secretii abundente ale mucoasei,in tuse convulsiva,astm pulmonar,ba chiar in tuberculoza pulmonara.
Curata stomacul ca nici o alta planta,este de aceea indicata pentru acei oameni care au sange putin sau prost, ficat si rinichi bolnavi,infatisare palida, care fac eruptii, eczema,care mai si tusesc putin,sunt ragusiti si slabi.
In astmul pulmonar planta face minuni.
Amestecata cu cimbru in parti egale si pregatita ca infuzia serveste impotriva astmului pulmonar si bronsic.
O astfel de infuzie este recomandata si in bolile hepatice si vezicale.
Ceai de patlagina ingusta:
Se pune la fiert o ceasca cu apa rece cu o felie de lamaie (fara coaja) si o lingurita plina de zahar candel maro, se lasa sa dea 4-5 clocote , se ia de pe foc si abia dupa aceea se adauga o lingurita plina de amestec de plante medicinale (patlagina si cimbru).
Se lasa 30 secunde in repaus.
In cazuri mai grave,ceaiul se prepara de mai multe ori pe zi (4-5 ori).
Se consuma cat mai cald.
Dupa cum se poate citi si in vechile carti despre plante
medicinale, samanta plantei combate formarea calculului, daca se iau 8 grame zilnic(seminte).
Este un bun remediu si contra ranilor.

In acest caz frunzele proaspete se aplica peste rana.
Sirop de patlagina ingusta:
De doua ori doua maini pline de frunze de patlagina spalate se trec prin
masina de tocat carne.
Se adauga acestui terci de frunze putina apa ca sa nu se intareasca, 300
grame de zahar nerafinat si 250 grame de miere.
Se lasa totul sa fiarba la foc mic, cu amestecare continua,
pana cand se formeaza un lichid vascos, care se toarna fierbinte in borcane si se pastreaza la frigider ...citeste mai departe...

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