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lumanarica planta medicinala-mullein herb

Mullein Herb

This plant, when in bloom, shines from afar with its yellow flower.
It is also called, King candle light royal (as in German it is told KONIGSKERZE, Candle King).
It grows in sunny areas, preferably on stony ground.
Prefer mountain valleys, creeks banks.
The plant blooms in summer, in July and early August.
Then pick.
It is a biennial herb (Blooms in the second year).
The strain is highly resistant and has a height of 50 to 200 cm.
Yellow flowers, grow in a cluster.

Mullein-Natural Treatments

Yes this herb flowers are used in general.
The plant contains saponins, essential oils and mucilaginous.
Meets and gardens at the edge, to fences, walls or debris.
Candle is an herb that helps almost exclusively for the treatment of respiratory diseases.
The tea is recommended in the treatment of whooping cough,bronchitis, laryngitis, asthma and common cold.
Enema treatment plant is recommended for diseases liver and
spleen ... read more ...

Lumanarica Planta Medicinala

Aceasta planta ,cand este inflorita,lumineaza din departare cu floarea ei galbena.
VERBASCUM PHLOMOIDES este denumirea ei latina.
I se mai spune lumanarea craiului,lumina regeasca (aceasta deoarece in germana i se spune KONIGSKERZE, lumanarea regelui).
Creste in zonele insorite,de preferinta pe pamant pietros.
Prefera vaile de munte,malurile paraielor.
Planta infloreste vara,in luna iulie si inceputul lui august.
Atunci se culege.
Este o planta medicinala bianuala (infloreste in cel de-al doilea an).
Tulpina este deosebit de rezistenta si are o inaltime de la 50 la 200 cm.
Florile galbene,cresc in forma de ciorchine.

Lumanarica-Tratamente Naturiste

Da la aceasta planta medicinala se folosesc in general florile.
Planta contine saponine,uleiuri eterice si substante
Se intalneste si in gradini,la margine,spre garduri,sau
ramasite de ziduri.
Lumanarica este o planta ce ajuta aproape in exclusivitate pentru tratamentul bolilor aparatului respirator.

Ceaiul se recomanda in tratamentul tusei convulsive ,bronsitei,laringitei,astmului bronsic si guturaiului.
Sub forma de clisme planta se recomanda pentru tratamentul afectiunilor ficatului si splinei...citestemai departe...  


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  1. other name mullein =guballık
    The liquid obtained from the root is mixed with egg oil and burned ointment is obtained