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telina planta medicinala-celery herb

Celery Herb

Celery-Apium graveolens
It is a biennial plant has solid stems, grows 50 to 100 cm high.
The plant emits a strong odor, specific and flavored.
The leaves are serrated and the small flowers are white to green.
Its leaves are used especially spherical roots.
It is a plant culture.
I like clay land, salty.
In the wild celery almost no increase.
The plant is grown in gardens about 400 years.
The Greeks and Romans worshiped herb offerings to the dead.
The plant was placed on graves.
Even Homer in the Odyssey, praise this herb.
Celery-natural treatments
In medicinal purposes from celery leaves are used either raw or chopped roots as a diuretic, to treat gout and especially as an aphrodisiac.
No mass wedding in the Middle Ages that this herb does not serve as an incentive for the wedding night.
Essential oils it contains plant to be used as a nervous system tonic and is very good in combat nervous agitation.
At the same time the plant is appreciated in the treatment of gout and rheumatism.
Root race and boiled with sugar cough syrup is used as a ... read more ...

Telina Planta Medicinala

Telina-Apium graveolens
Este o planta bianuala,are tulpini solide,creste inalta de 50 la 100 cm.
Planta emana un miros puternic,specific si aromatizat.
Frunzele sunt zimtate iar florile sunt foarte mici de culoare alb spre verde.
Se folosesc atat frunzele dar mai ales radacinile de forma
Este o planta de cultura.
Ii plac terenurile argiloase,sarate.
In stare salbatica telina aproape ca nu mai creste.
Planta se cultiva in gradini cam de 400 de ani.
Grecii si Romanii venerau planta pentru jertfe aduse celor morti.
Planta se punea pe morminte.Chiar si Homer,in Odiseea,lauda aceasta planta.
Telina-tratamente naturiste
In scopuri medicinale de la telina,se folosesc fie frunzele crude,fie radacinile tocate marunt,ca diuretic,in tratamentul gutei si mai ales ca afrodisiac.
Nu exista in Evul Mediu masa de nunta la care sa nu se serveasca aceasta planta medicinala, ca stimulent pentru noaptea nuntii.
Uleiurile eterice pe care le contine face ca planta sa fie folosita ca tonic al sistemului nervos,fiind foarte buna in combaterea starilor de agitatie nervoasa.
Totodata planta este apreciata in tratamentul gutei si
Radacina  rasa si fiarta cu zahar se foloseste ca sirop contra tusei...citeste mai departe...

marți, 21 iulie 2015

busuioc planta medicinala-basil herb

Basil Herb
Spreading: basil is demanding to heat and light, grow well in places semidarkness.
Body plant used: stems and twigs young, covered with leaves, with or without blossoms.
Harvest time: basil can be harvested from July to September.
Basil-natural treatments
Internal use.
In internal use basil is used to treat anorexia, bloating,
bronchitis, headache, abdominal colic, colitis, diarrhea, enterocolitis, flu,hipogalactiei, edema, heart failure, urinary tract infections, colds, vomiting.
External use.
In external use herb is used to treat thrush, seborrhea, ear
congestion, common cold, pus and wounds to heal rhinitis ... read more ...

Busuioc Planta Medicinala
Raspandire:busuiocul este pretentios la caldura si lumina,se dezvolta bine pe locuri semiumbrite.
Organul vegetal utilizat:tulpinile si ramurelele tinere,acoperite cu frunze,cu sau fara inflorescente.
Perioada de recoltare:busuiocul se poate recolta din iulie si pana in septembrie.
Busuioc-tratamente naturiste 
Uz intern.
In uz intern busuiocul se foloseste
pentru tratarea anorexiei,balonarilor,
hipogalactiei,insuficientei cardiace cu edem,
infectiilor urinare,racelilor,voma.
Uz extern.
In uz extern planta se foloseste pentru tratarea
aftelor,seboreei,congestionarea urechilor,guturaiului,ranilor cu puroi si pentru vindecarea rinitei...citeste maideparte...

miercuri, 15 iulie 2015

porumbul planta medicinala-corn herb

Corn Herb
Grain is both well known and appreciated a natural remedy.
From corn silk is used.
Corn is widespread in the plains, up to that hill.For natural treatments are harvested when the plant is in
milk, when the stigmata (silk) are green.They can harvest and the plant is mature but removes parts
from which blackened, dried.
Corn-natural treatment
Corn is a strong diuretic and bland, slightly sedative
haemostatic properties, stimulating the secretion of liver cell.
It is recommended in diseases of the urinary system (kidney
stones, cystitis, nephritic colic, albuminuria), cardiorenal edema and renal induficienta,rheumatism and gout, cholecystitis and biliary dyskinesia, digestive disorders,menstrual disorders.
It is administered as infuzie- (1 teaspoon per cup) 2 cups
per day, diuretic purposes; the dose may be doubled. ... read more ..

Porumbul Planta Medicinala
Cereala bine cunoscuta este in acelasi timp si un apreciat remediu natural.De la porumb se utilizeaza matasea.
Porumbul este larg raspandit in zona de campie, mergand pana la ce de deal.Pentru tratamente naturiste,se recolteaza cand planta este in lapte,cand stigmatele (matasea) sunt verzi.Se poate recolta si de la planta ajuns la maturitate dar de la care se indeparteaza partile innegrite, uscate.
Porumbul-Tratamente Naturiste
Porumbul este un diuretic energic si neiritant, cu proprietati usor sedative hemostatic, stimulator al secretiei celulei hepatice.
Se recomanda in afectiunile aparatului urinar (litiaza
renala,cistita,colici nefritice,albuminurie),edeme cardiorenale si induficienta renala, reumatism si guta,colicistita si dischinezie biliara,tulburari digestive,tulburari menstruale.
Se administreaza ca infuzie-(1 lingurita la cana) 2 cani pe
zi, in scop diuretic; doza se poate dubla ...citestemai departe...

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ghimpele planta medicinala-spiny cocklebur herb

Spiny Cocklebur Herb
Spiny cocklebur is a common herbaceous plant as a weed,50-90 cm high, with rich branched stems with thorns yellow, 2-3 cm, very sharp,placed at armpit of each leaf.
Parties used: is used the air, and generally leaves.
It is found mainly in the plains and hills, grows near human settlements, along roads and railways, in the uncultivated places.
Spiny Cocklebur HerbSpiny cocklebur -natural treatments
It has anti-inflammatory and anticongestiv, disinfectant,
Spiny cocklebur  (cholera) is recommended in cases of prostate adenoma
(preventive and curative, including postoperative) and other inflammatory conditions of the prostate.
Herb is also used when cistopielitei, renal lithiasis (up to
the size of a grain of pepper).
It is administered as a decoction (one gram per cup) to be
drunk before meals half an hour, two cups per day in the first six months of cure, then each one cup a day.
The treatment lasts 6-18 months prostate ailments, and cures
cistopielitei 3-5 months in lifetime maintenance in kidney stones.
During the cure Studded avoid eating spices, sour fruits,dairy products, alcohol ... read more...
ghimpele(holera) planta medicinala
Ghimpele (holera) este o planta ierboasa comuna,ca o buruiana,inalta de 50-90 cm,cu tulpina bogat ramificata,cu spini galbeni,de 2-3
cm,foarte ascutiti,amplasati la subsuoara fiecarei frunze.
Partile utilizate: se utilizeaza partea aeriana,si in general frunzele.
Se gaseste mai ales in zonele de campie si deal,creste in apropierea asezarilor umane,pe langa drumuri si cai ferate,in locuri necultivate.
Ghimpele(holera)-tratamente naturiste
Are efect antiinflamator si anticongestiv,dezinfectant,cicatrizant.
Ghimpele(holera) se recomanda in cazurile de adenom de
prostata (preventiv si curativ,inclusiv postoperator) si alte stari
inflamatorii ale prostatei.Planta medicinala se mai floloseste si in cazul cistopielitei,litiazelor renale (pana la marimea unui bob de piper).
Se administreaza ca decoct (un gram la o ceasca) care se bea
inainte de mese cu o jumatate de ora,doua cani pe zi in primele sase luni de cura,apoi cate o singura cana pe zi.Cura dureaza 6-18 luni in afectiuni de prosatata,3-5 luni in cistopielitei si cure de intretinere toata viata in litiaze renale.Pe timpul curei cu ghimpe se evita consumul de condimente,fructe acre,lactate fermentate,alcoolciteste mai departe...        

Contribuie la:mentinerea sanatatii prostatei, functionarea normala a sistemului urinar, prin ameliorarea diurezei.PRETUL ESTE DE  8,50 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>> 


Actiuni: Antiinflamator, antitumoral (acţioneaza in special asupra aparatului reno-urinar si asupra prostatei), astringent, depurativ, dezinfectant, diuretic, emolient, hemostatic, hipocolesterolemiant, imunostimulator (in special pe segmentul reno-urinar, hepatic si cel genital), regenerator al tesuturilor, antiandrogenic, antiseptic, diuretic puternic, favorizeaza sfaramarea si eliminarea calculilor reno-urinari. PRETUL ESTE DE  16,25 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>> 

Ghimpe 40cps

Ghimpe 40cps
Recomandat in:afectiunile prostatei (adenom, prostatite, tumori ),litiaze renale,infectii urinare,hipertiroidism. PRETUL ESTE DE  10,12 LEI.CUMPARA ACUM AICI >>>