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yarrow herb

Yarrow herb
Growing: meets the meadows, glades, edges of woods, edges of road and railways, sandy soil relatively moist, sunny or shady.From plain until subalpine region.
Body plant used: blossoms, the aerial plant.
Harvest time: medicinal herb can be harvested during the flowering period from June to September.
Yarrow-Natural Treatments
In internal use, yarrow is used to stimulate appetite, to treat anorexia, treats bronchitis, cough, rhinitis, rhinosinusitis allergic allergies, as a sedative, to treat colic hepato-biliary in treating biliary dyskinesia, for bloating (flatulence ), in the treatment of cystitis, to regulate menstruation and removing pain caused by them, in metroanexitis, ascariasis healing, to treat gastric and duodenal cancer treatment of pelvic organs in strokes, diseases of the eye, against bleeding nose, in osteoporosis and for the treatment of stomach bleeding.

In external use medicinal herb is used to cure vascular disorders, cure eczema, burns, bruises, purulent wounds, ulcers, treatment of hemorrhoids, anal fissures, to cure abscess tooth in the treatment of asthma, against vaginal itching in inflammation ovary to treat leucorrhea and uterine prolapse. 
Tea (infusion) Yarrow:
Scald heaping teaspoon of plants quart of water and let little rest.
Yarrow tea has astringent properties that help treat runny nose or eyes moistening caused by mold, pollen or dust.
Against colds, flu and fever, yarrow tea promotes perspiration and lowers the temperature.
It is also useful in treating mild infections.
Yarrow tea improves digestion and help absorb nutrients from food.
Prevents flatulence and improves appetite.


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