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astm-tratamente naturiste - asthma-natural treatments

asthma-natural treatments
Asthma, is a disease that is manifested clinically by a feeling of lack of air, difficult and prolonged exhalation.
Disease pathology may be allergic in nature, neurogenic or infectious.
During normal breathing air flow freely into and out of the lungs.
When asthma is not controlled, the airways are inflamed and swollen.
They are very sensitive to changes in the environment and asthma attacks can occur.
During this crisis asthmatic airway walls swell, the muscles around them contract and secrete mucus that clog the airways in large amounts,making breathing very difficult.
To treat asthma are used herbs with soothing, anti-allergic,antiseptic, expectorant, sedative general vasodilators such as:field thyme, thyme, horehound, oregano, chamomile, plantain,coltsfoot, fennel, sea grass, hyssop, sweet clover, motherwort, mistletoe,valerian, lavender, elder, mallow ... read more ...
astm-tratamente naturiste
Astmul, reprezinta o afectiune care se manifesta clinic prin senzatia lipsei de aer, cu expiratie dificila si prelungita.
Patologia bolii poate fi de natura alergica, neurogena sau infectioasa.
In timpul unei respiratii normale fluxul de aer intra si
iese liber din plamani.
Atunci cand astmul nu este controlat,caile respiratorii sunt inflamate si edematiate.
Ele devin foarte sensibile la schimbarile din mediul inconjurator si poate aparea criza astmatica.
In timpul acestei crize astmatice, peretii cailor respiratorii se edematiaza, muschii din jurul acestora se contracta, iar mucusul care se secreta in cantitate mare obtureaza caile respiratorii, facand respiratia
foarte dificila.
Pentru tratarea asmului sunt utilizate plantele medicinale cu actiuni calmante, antialergice, antiseptice, expectorante, sedative generale, vasodilatatoare cum ar fi:cimbrisor de camp,cimbru de cultura,unguras,sovarf,musetel,patlagina,podbal,fenicul,iarba mare,isop,odolean,sulfina,talpa gastei,vasc,valeriana,levantica,soc,nalba...citestemai departe...

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