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candidoza vaginala-tratamente naturiste - vaginal candidiasis-natural treatments

vaginal candidiasis-natural treatments

Vaginal candidiasis causes pain, erosion and a greenish vaginal discharge, smelly.
Candida albicans-vaginal candidiasis is a very common infectious disease among women, which is caused by a fungus (fungus) called candida albicans.
The disease is manifested by itching in the vagina and the vulva (vaginal entrance), redness and swelling of the vulva, the appearance of a white discharge with odor, pain during intercourse and sometimes stinging
sensation may occur in the genital area especially the washes.
Candida albicans is present in about 50% of the population without causing signs of illness, it can be located in the mouth, vagina or gastrointestinal tract.
Complex treatment with herbs.
It will use these herbs: thyme, yarrow, calendula, jasmine,wormwood, celandine.
It makes internal treatment with infusion of a mixture of herbs listed above as follows:
A teaspoon of chopped herbs and mixed in equal parts, 250 ml boiling water.
Allow to infuse for approx. 10 minutes.
Drink 3 cups a day.
For the same mixture of herbs, prepare a more concentrated infusion, using 2 tablespoons each 500 ml boiling water.
Cover for 15 minutes, then strain.
Are two vaginal washes.
One morning and evening.
It is one of the most effective natural treatments.
In addition, it is inserted into the vagina once every seven days from unpasteurized milk yogurt.
Place on a cotton ball and you, depending on the tolerance of 20 minutes or more, even all night.... read more ....

Candidoza vaginala  produce dureri, eroziuni si o secretie
vaginala verzuie, urat mirositoare.
Candidoza  albicans-candidoza vaginala este o boala
infectioasa foarte frecventa in randul femeilor, care este produsa de o ciuperca (fung) numita candida albicans.
Boala se manifesta prin senzatie de mancarime in interiorul vaginului si la niveiul vulvei (intrarea in vagin),roseata si inflamarea vulvei, aparitia unei secretii albicioase, cu miros neplacut,dureri in timpul actului sexual si uneori poate aparea o senzatie de intepatura in zona genitala, mai ales la spalari.
Candida albicans este prezenta la aproximativ 50% din populatie, fara a provoca semne de boala , ea putand fi localizata in cavitatea bucala,vagin sau in tractul intestinal.
Tratament complex cu plante medicinale.
Se vor folosi urmatoarele plante medicinale: cimbru, coada-soricelvilui,galbenele, iasomie, pelin, rostopasca.
Se face un tratament intern,cu infuzie dintr-un amestec din plantele medicinale prezentate mai sus astfel:
O lingurita din plante medicinale  maruntite si amestecate in parti egale,la 250 ml apa clocotita.
Se lasa la infuzat cca. 10 minute.
Se beau 3 cani pe zi.
Din acelasi amestec de plante medicinale,se prepara o infuzie mai concentrata,folosind 2 linguri la fiecare
500 ml apa clocotita.
Se acopera pentru 15 minute,apoi se strecoara.
Se fac 2 spalaturi vaginale.
Una dimineata si una seara.
Este unul dintre cele mai eficiente tratamente naturiste.
Suplimentar,se introduce in vagin o data la 7 zile iaurt din lapte nepasteurizat...citeste mai departe...

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