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cancerul mamar-tratamente naturiste - breast cancer-natural treatments

cancerul mamar-tratamente naturiste - breast cancer-natural treatments
Breast cancer accounts for a quarter of the number of female cancer cases.
According to statistics, it is estimated that one in ten women have breast cancer.
Breast cancer is caused by abnormal processes occurring in genes involved in cell growth and survival.
A large proportion of breast cancers, not due to genetic factors.
The rate of survival depends on early detection of disease.
Malignant mammary tumor can occur at any age, but especially in women over 20 years.
In the early phase, can be detected by each woman individually.
It appears as a hard lump of irregular shape.
Self-control is crucial in the detection of possible breast cancer.
At menopause, the examination should be done throughout the month, but the timing is not significant.
Palpate your breasts regularly once a month.
Learn to know the characters of your breasts.
See your doctor without delay in case of any suspicious breast changes.
Herbal Treatments powder.
Some plants may be administered in the form of powder.
The powder is made from herbs, dried and ground with a coffee grinder.
Are held in the mouth for 10-15 minutes, during which time it will moisten well with saliva, then swallow.
Take 4 times a day, making it one of the most effective methods administered medicinal plants .... read more ...

CANCERUL MAMAR,reprezinta un sfert,din numarul de cazuri de cancer feminin.
Conform unor statistici,se estimeaza ca una din zece femei,are CANCER MAMAR.
CANCERUL de SAN,este provocat,de procese anormale ce survin la nivelul genelor implicate in cresterea si supravietuirea celulelor.
O mare parte dintre cazurile de CANCER MAMAR,nu se datoreaza factorilor genetici.
Rata supravietuirii,depinde de detectarea precoce a bolii.
Tumoarea maligna a mamelei,poate aparea la orice varsta, dar mai ales la femeile trecute de 20 de ani.
In faza timpurie,se poate depista de catre fiecare femeie in parte.
Apare ca un nodul dur,de forma neregulata.
Autocontrolul,este crucial in depistarea unui posibil CANCER MAMAR.
La menopauza, examinarea trebuie facuta tot lunar, dar momentul ales nu mai este semnificativ.
Palpati-va sanii cu regularitate o data pe luna.
Invatati sa cunoasteti caracterele normale ale sanilor dumneavoastra.
Consultati medicul fara intarziere,in cazul aparitiei unor modificari suspecte ale sanilor.
Tratamente cu prafuri din plante medicinale.
Unele plante se pot administra si sub forma de prafuri.
Praufurile se obtine din plante medicinale,uscate si macinate cu rasnita de cafea.
Se tin in gura timp de 10-15 minute, timp in care se va umezi bine cu saliva, apoi se inghit.
Se iau de 4 ori pe zi, fiind una dintre cele mai eficiente metode de administrate a plantelor medicinale....citeste mai departe...

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