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reumatismul - tratamente naturiste(rheumatism - natural treatments)

reumatismul - tratamente naturiste(rheumatism - natural treatments)

Rheumatism defines a number of different diseases characterized by musculoskeletal pain and of one or more joints in particular .... read more ...

For the treatment of rheumatism, especially before the start time wet and cold in November, it is recommended that eight days in a row overall patient to take baths which is used as an additive in a water bath extract prepared as follows:

2 handfuls chopped oat straw;

1 handful juniper berries.

Place in a bowl with 5 liters of water, boil and let simmer to boil for 45-60 minutes.

After the bath the body does not remove, wholesale dress bath robe and go to bed to sweat profusely ..... read more ...

REUMATISMUL defineste o serie de afectiuni diverse, caracterizate prin dureri ale aparatului locomotor si ale uneia sau mai multor ARTICULATII in particular....citeste mai departe...

Pentru tratamentul reumatismului,in special inainte de inceperea timpului umed si rece in luna noiembrie,se recomanda ca opt zile la rand pacientul sa faca bai generale la care se foloseste ca adaos in apa pentru baie un extract preparat in felul urmator:

2 pumni paie de ovaz tocate marunt;

1 pumn boabe de ienupar.

Se pun intr-un vas cu 5 l de apa,se pune la fiert si se lasa sa fiarba in clocot timp de 45-60 minute.

Dupa baie corpul nu se sterge,se imbraca un halat gros de baie si se trece la pat pentru a transpira abundent.....citeste mai departe...

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